November 03  prev
06:04 November 03

I imagine as somebody running a website like this, internet regulation is something that matters to you.

Net Neutrality: "Net Neutrality prevents Internet providers from blocking, speeding up or slowing down Web content based on its source, ownership or destination."

McCain is AGAINST this. He wants to allow the government and ISP to allow things like blocking (censoring) or slowing down web content for anyone visiting sites like yours. Obama strongly supports the free internet:

"Protect the Openness of the Internet: A key reason the Internet has been such a success is because it is the most open network in history. It needs to stay that way. Barack Obama st ....
05:43 November 03
The following were said by McCain''s advisers. Not pundits, blogs, email spam or news anchors. Their advisers--

"Her lack of fundamental understanding of some key issues was dramatic,"

"She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone," said this McCain adviser. "She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else."

"The source said it was probably the "hardest" to get her "up to speed than any candidate in history."

"Palin is ea whack job."

The people directly responsible for educating her on the topics and getting her elected are basically saying she has no idea what  ....
05:30 November 03
Cheney, along with Bush, just endorsed Obama. While seemingly insignificant, it begs the question:

Why would Bush and Cheney endorse McCain when McCain and Palin have campaigned as "mavericks" promoting "change" from last 8 years.

They aren't about to endorse an administration who is going to undo all their policies.

They know better.
03:42 November 03
The rest of the world would probably respect us more with an Obama presidency. You can see here that globally Obama trumps McCain hands down in terms of international preference.

The ECONOMIST POLL: "Obama sweeps the board"


BBC POLL: "All countries in BBC poll prefer Obama to McCain"



GALLUP POLL: " World Citizens Prefer Obama to McCain by More Than 3-to-1"

Alan, CA
03:31 November 03
Josh pick this guy i have helped you choose
you gotta pick this guy or else everything will take a turn for the worse in your life. you wont be able to eat any food because you didnt vote for this MAN.
have a good day x
naomie & josh, KY
03:27 November 03
This guy has 2 win yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
i am evil muahahahahahahahaaha xD
naomie & josh, KY
03:25 November 03
because it is the best
naomie & josh, KY
03:04 November 03
The rest of the world would probably respect us more with an Obama presidency. You can see here that globally Obama trumps McCain hands down in terms of international preference.

The ECONOMIST POLL: "Obama sweeps the board"


BBC POLL: "All countries in BBC poll prefer Obama to McCain"



GALLUP POLL: " World Citizens Prefer Obama to McCain by More Than 3-to-1"

Alan, CA
02:19 November 03
It seems today McCain prefers campaigning on the idea that Obama is a socialist rather than to actually address any issues. As an educated voter you should know that both McCain and Palin have spread the wealth. These are not opinions but indisputable facts. Get a clearer picture:

McCain has previously expressed his support for "spreading the wealth":


TIME MAGAZINE: "Seven years ago, as Brokaw pointed out, McCain himself was sounding redistributionist, complaining about President Bush's tax cuts. Campaigning against Bush in 2000, he said that "when you ... reach a certain level of comfort, there's nothing wrong with paying som ....
Matt, NY

November 02next  prev
17:40 November 02
Hey Josh,

This isn't necessarily in support of either candidate, but I've seen you ask a few questions about the housing crisis, and I came across a good article here:
As you can see, borrowers are certainly mentioned as contributing to the situation, but it's also evident that they're only one small piece of the bigger economic snafu.

And, into the politics I go...

Josh, I'm really glad that you found my previous post helpful, and I'm sort of flattered that Lance took the time to deconstruct some of my statements from his perspective. I feel like these boards have been h ....
Eleonore, MN
00:08 November 02
Palin demonstrates profound ignorance of basic civil liberties. Doesn't understand the first amendment:

"Palin told WMAL-AM that her criticism of Obama's associations, like those with 1960s radical Bill Ayers and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, should not be considered negative attacks. Rather, for reporters or columnists to suggest that it is going negative may constitute an attack that threatens a candidate's free speech rights under the Constitution, Palin said.


If anything, Palin has this exactly backwards, since one thing that the First Amendment does actually guarantee is a free press. Thus, when the press criticizes a political candidate and a Governor such as ....
Justine, NY

November 01next  prev
16:50 November 01
Hailey, Palin does not have a security clearance. She does not gsit inh on briefings. She has sent the troops out for floods.This according to the military person in charge of the Guards.

Common sense should tell you that if this was really a key role in Palin's role in Alaska the McCain campaign wouldn't have mentioned it.
Patrick, PA
02:09 November 01
The whole socialism issue is pretty funny. We just spent $850 billion on the economic bailout.

Share wealth with the risky investment bankers in Wall St? ...Sure

Share wealth with a family struggling with college loans?...No way, no how, not over my dead body socialism! communism! terrorism!

Sad thing is the people who are most against this plan often tend to be the one's who have the most to gain from it.
Greg, NV
01:54 November 01
How are socialist endorements (OH NO NOT CANADIANS !!) deemed scary but Al Qaeda's endorsement for McCain because their perception of him being a warmonger playing into their plans not scary?
JasonNYU, NY
01:52 November 01
Well I'm glad we're in agreement then...

To summarize:

Al Qaeda would prefer John McCain because they believe he will coax us into more wars and continue to kill our soldiers.

Yeah, I'm much more confident now /sarcasm
01:33 November 01
This seems worth repeating given some of the new posts on the other side, my previous post was buried in a barrage of spam.

Yes, Obama's does have a record of non-voting. Unfortunately such habits bad for all of us citizens, regardless of political party. As far as this debate is concerned however, it's worth noting McCain missed more votes than Obama, Hillary or Biden in the senate. He's actually missed more than any other senator including Senator Tim Johnson who suffered a brain hemorrhage.


JasonNYU, NY
01:27 November 01
Actually, according to the report Al Qaeda cited their endorsement for McCain because they believe he would continue the policies of George Bush (maybe they saw the "We'll stay in Iraq for a hundred years" of McCain's) where they can continue to coax us into more wars and kill more of our soldiers.

I don't need a translator thanks, the NYT article will do just fine. You seem to be interpreting this to fit your own belief rather than actually reading what they said.Maybe you need one?
01:23 November 01
*sorry, no edit feature :)

"I meant STOP the spread of Nazism and fascism."
01:23 November 01
Actually, the soldiers in World War II died in their attempts to spread Nazism and fascism. Not socialism or communism.

Talk about our soldiers dying in vain...
01:17 November 01
"Seriously, doesnt the fact the Communists, Socialists, Iran, and Cuba endorsing him make you fucking freak? "

Doesn't Al Qaeda endorsing McCain make you freak?

01:11 November 01
Dave, the Cold War wasn't an actual "war" fought by armed forces with american soldiers.

It was a period of a strained economic and diplomatic relationship between the USSR and the United States who could develop faster.

00:45 November 01
Itfs pretty easy to play the shady mysterious politician game a lot of people are doing with Obama [despite most of that information has in fact been released anyway]. Observe:

Palin has yet to release her medical records? What is she hiding?

John McCain hasn't –publicly- released his medical records? What is he hiding? [over 2700 doctors are calling on him to do so: http://therealmccain.com/docto... ]

Palin hasn't released her college transcripts yet. What is she hiding?

Palin hasn't addressed the conditons and reasoning for transferring six colleges in six years. What is she hiding? [Seriously, 6 schools? I don't care who you are, that's crazy]

McCain hasn't release an  ....
Victoria, CA
00:11 November 01
It's my understanding that these are simply automated spambots that spam the first text box on a page that it can find. If not however I do agree with you that purposeful intentions of doing it to this side of the board would probably just backfire in terms of your intentions. Lets keep it clean and civil folks.
00:06 November 01
As a frequent poster from the other side of this site I find it very disturbing that someone is spamming THIS side. You're not helping the Republican cause by being a prick if even that was your intention.

the free exchange of ideas is important to our society and I think that all of us can agree that although we disagree, it is important to hear all claims, all views, and all opinions regardless of our support for them.

Please stop spamming the Obama side... and that is not an invitation to start spamming the McCain side either.
Dave, NY

October 31next  prev
23:52 October 31
Could you please stop spamming this site with your garbage, i like seeing why people think this nigger should be voted into office and not in a noose.
15:37 October 31
LOL, sure Tom.

"McCain misses most votes of candidates

As of today, Obama has missed slightly fewer than 40 percent of his Senate votes since the beginning of 2007, while Clintonfs absentee rate is just under 30 percent.

But McCain has topped both candidates, missing a staggering 58 percent of his votes during the 110th Congress, according to the Washington Postfs congressional votes database. "

To put this in perspective, McCain has now missed more votes than Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota, who suffered a brain hemorrhage in December 2006 and was unable to return to the Senate until fall of last year. McCain has now missed nine votes more than Johnson.
JasonNYU, NY
15:29 October 31
Tom, you might want a clearer picture about "indifference"

John McCain: 407 votes missed (63.8%), 231 votes cast

Barack Obama: 290 votes missed (45.5%), 348 votes cast

Hillary Clinton: 206 votes missed (32.3%), 432 votes cast

J. Biden: 193 votes missed (30.3%), 445 votes cast
Liz, OH
12:58 October 31
I guess Palin is a socialist AND A HYPOCRITE?

"Fact Check: Palin's Alaska spreads its wealth

Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin summon antidemocratic images of a communist state to attack Democrat Barack Obama's tax plan and his comment about spreading the wealth around. But in her home state, Palin embraces Alaska's own version of doing just that."

12:29 October 31
Yes, a lot of people are indeed voting Obama after having been disenfranchised by the republican party and their republican president. I imagine the same would've happened if the democrats were in similar control.

The big issue though is not that Obama is getting votes because of Bush's failures, it's because McCain voted with Bush 90% to enact those failures.
Liz, OH

October 30next  prev
02:26 October 30
Who said Obama is "pure"? He's far from it. Just because I'm defending Obama in this particular instance doesn't mean I somehow think he's some supreme infallible being. That isn't a very "logical" conclusion, is it?

And I understand what his logic is, but some joe schmo's logic doesn't supersede the professional opinions of security clearance attorneys and a retired Army intelligence officer. If our economy and entire government was governed entirely by elementary logic we wouldn't exist right now. I think "logically" our state electorates should be legally bound to cast their presidential vote based on who the majority of people in the state vote for. That isn't the actual case though. />
As logical as you might believe something is, that doesn't make it reality. So stop dismissing "sources" and "evidence" based on your inklings, logic and beliefs. ....
02:00 October 30
Seriously? I don't love obama {gonna vote for him though} but all you guys should try answering questions from the other side rather than slinging accusations back and forth.

yes it bothers me that obama has all these connections to these people like castro and chavez and the iranian president. yes it bothers me that there are some, SOME publications that condemn his plans and thoughts and ideas.

but at least hes not bush.
ian, LA
01:40 October 30
Didn't you know? In terms of credibility:

Guy who read a chain email and makes up Wal-Mart analogies > Practicing security clearance attorneys and a retired Army intelligence officer
01:25 October 30
So, you have no source and you claim you don't need one. I'm supposed to take your "hunch" over what happens over prominent security clearance lawyers?

You dismiss lawyers opinions as lacking in credibility but somehow I'm supposed to accept yours as fact?

Sounds about right...not. Seriously, think about that. Your opinion is no more credible than the lawyers in the Politifact article.

Also, read that article again. It states that you do have to report such associations but it is not a disqualifier, especially if it's been made public. The idea that they would decline the commander in chief security clearance as a guard is paradoxical.

Having a hunch that something you  ....
Jim, MA
00:55 October 30
"I don't need a source."

Oh my mistake, how presumptuous of me. Wrong until proven otherwise right? That's a good stance to take on bogus chain emails..just accept them as fact.

"It doesn't bother you that he, in his own book, admits to hanging out with and associating with Marxist professors?"

No. This guilt by association things is ridiculous. I had a friend who had a drinking problem...does that mean I'm a drunk?

"The fact that all these crazy nutjobs are coming out in favor of him doesn't bother you? Seriously tell me. It doesn't bother you that communists and socialists and the Iranian leader is in full fledged SUPPORT of him?"

Oh, but  ....
00:15 October 30
You might consider getting a source to back up your allegations, Hal.


"blah" yourself. what a joke.
00:14 October 30
is anyone else beginning to think that anonymous is the same guy on both sides of this site?
greg, HI
00:13 October 30

You DEMAND proof that such a claim is false.

Yet you have NO proof that YOUR claim is TRUE!

I'm still waiting for you to find one credible source that will support this assertion about Obama's security clearance. Again, chain emails don't count.
Jim, MA

October 29next  prev
23:59 October 29
You attack PolitiFact, a well-know, nonbiased fact checking organization that has been cited by major publications like the Washington Post newspaper...but have no source of your own?

How unsurprising.
23:53 October 29
Okay, Hal, let's see YOUR HIGHLY "CREDIBLE" source. Sorry, but your chain emails and joe schmo blog/forum posts don't count.

You might want to pay attention to this Hal:

"It's worth noting that the president, no matter who he or she may be, automatically gets access to any classified information, and in fact has the authority to decide who else in the government gets access to it. Just by virtue of having been elected to the U.S. Senate, Obama already has access to a great deal of secret intelligence information."
Jim, MA
23:50 October 29

I'm sorry I couldn't include every single point. Half of those were about official college transcripts and papers...Palin and McCain haven't released those either.

Besides, he went to two ivy leagues and graduated with honors (magna cum laude). So if you're expecting to find something incriminating you're not. McCain however graduated at the bottom of his class and Palin went through 6 colleges before getting a BA in communications from a third tier university. What are THEY hiding?
23:36 October 29
"if he applied to the secret service or the fbi he'd be disqualified for having even the appearance of a relationship with a known terrorist"


helpjoshdecide.com has become "DebunkMythsAboutObama.com":

Jim, MA
20:37 October 29
In response to "Obama's Missing records":










None have been released, because none ever existed! He doesn't have published scholarly articles at UCh ....
18:27 October 29
Lou's understanding of the financial crisis is deeply flawed. First things first: saying that the repeal of Glass Stegall with the Gramm Leach Bliley Act caused the crisis is just wrong. Secondly, even if for some reason you believe it DID cause the crisis, you do realize that this bill's namesake is for John McCain's chief economic adviser, right? It's hard to point fingers and blame this solely on the democrats.


"The truth is, however, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act had little if anything to do with the current crisis. In fact, economists on both sides of the political spectrum have suggested that the act has probably ....
JasonNYU, NY
16:34 October 29
haha of course...schumer and clinton were to blame for the gramm act. All the dems were.

just not gramm...lol
Todd, OH
16:02 October 29
How am I "twisting" anything?

You evidenced the fact that "democrats were responsible" for the crisis citing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act. I pointed out that the man who the bill is named after is Phil Gramm...McCain's chief economic adviser. Was I wrong? Was that not Phil Gramm? Is he not McCain's economic adviser? Please explain what about my post was so misleading.
12:17 October 29
Not a paramount topic, but Obama is an advocate of net neutrality.

Jon, CA
10:34 October 29
I'm not ignoring anything Lou, you're just blathering on about stuff you don't know about.

The link you provided referred to the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act in the form of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Read your OWN cnn article and pay particular attention to this:

"The world changes, and Congress and the laws have to change with it," said Senate Banking Committee Chairman Phil Gramm (R-Texas), who has fought for years for the overhaul. Gramm said the bill would improve banking competition and stability. "

Who is Phil Gramm you ask?

Oh, wait...that's McCain's chief economic adviser!

Take it from Paul Krugrman...WINNER OF THE 2008 NOBEL PRIZE IN ECON ....
01:39 October 29
Lou, you said that the democratic congress was the cause of the financial meltdown. They formed in 2006, yet the best "evidence" you could muster up is a video from 2004 (during the REPUBLICAN congress). I have yet to see any proof of how the democrats gaining power in congress caused the subprime crisis, as you allege.

The mere fact that the democrats took over congress barely TWO years ago completely destroys any credence to your argument. This all did not not happen just in the last two years. The causes of this date much further back. Things like banking deregulation, subprime mortgages, predatory lending, shorting stocks, the fed's promotion of adjustable rate mortgages, the improper ....

October 28next  prev
16:21 October 28
The unemployment rate under Bush, Lou:

2000 (Clinton): 4.0%
2001 (Bush): 4.7%
2002: 5.8%
2003: 6.0%
2004: 5.5%
2005: 5.15
2006 4.6%
2007: 4.6%
2008 (YTD average): 5.5%

6/8 of the years he was in office, there was greater unemployment then when he started. Unemployment was only lower (by a mere .1 at that too) for 2 years in 2006 and 2007...only to segway into one of the worst financial pitfalls in history. Conversely, Clinton nearly halved the unemployment rate. Please stop bragging about Bush's "economy" and his unemployment rates.

16:02 October 28
Uh, Lou...The subprime crisis began when the housing bubble collapsed, not because the democrats had a slight majority in congress. If you're going to make an absurd allegation show us some evidence of specific legislation.
07:48 October 28
David, I wouldn't be arguing about the money Obama got from Freddie/Fannie when McCains top 20 donors include:

"1. Merrill Lynch $359,070
2. Citigroup Inc $296,151
3. Morgan Stanley $262,777
4. Goldman Sachs $228,695
5. JPMorgan Chase & Co $215,042
8. Credit Suisse Group $178,053
11. Wachovia Corp $159,107
13. UBS AG $147,465
14. Bank of America $143,026
19. Lehman Brothers $115,707
20. Bear Stearns $113,050"

All three major commercial banks (Citi, Chase, BOA)? CHECK. All five of the major Wall Street investment firms (Goldman Sachs, Merill Lynch, Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, M ....
Amy, OH
05:36 October 28
>>Obama's endorsement by world socialist and communist leaders, his ties to terrorist orgenizations

Oh, but what about Al Qaeda's endorsement for McCain?


Cindy, LA
05:11 October 28
"his ties to terrorist orgenizations"

What the heck kind of BS are you spouting? Pray tell, ENLIGHTEN us with what terrorist cell Obama is so closely tied to this time?
John, PA
04:18 October 28
I'm sorry, this is pathetic:

To Dave-

"And Obama being a man who knows what it's like to struggle in his life and face all sorts of adversity isn't a charade? Occidental, Columbia, Harvard?"

Yes, having a single mother, growing up on food stamps and welfare and managing to get scholarships to some of the most prestigious universities in the world...only to rise above all the trust fund kids to earn a spot as President of the Harvard Law Review is very much considered facing an uphill battle of adversity.

It's not like he had parents who donated tons of $$$ to the school and pulled major connections to get him in. He actually had to earn it.


October 27next  prev
20:37 October 27

"You think Obama paid for his arrogant personal emblem to be painted on his private jet out of his own pocket? Or do you think donor money went to that? "

This is ridiculous. Of course it's to be expected that presidential candidates will spend money on transportation, branding planes, dresses/suits etc. I fail to see how that justifies a Louis Vuitton handbag for an 8 year old girl. Buying a little girl couture handbags are NOT comparable to putting a presidential candidate's name on a bus or plane.

I wonder what Joe the Plumber things about little Piper carrying around a handbag that could be worth a month+ worth of paychecks. Obama sure is the elitist...[not quite]

" ....
20:24 October 27
It is time for a new perspective. The other side has had their chance to lead our country and you can draw your own conclusions on how things have gone. (hint: are we better off today than we were 8 years ago?)
Obama is best suited to mend our relationships around the world, so America is once again trusted and looked up to as a country not only of military might, but of compassion for those who are less fortunate.
Bob G, NM
12:37 October 27
Barack means lightning
charlie, CA
12:22 October 27
How much you would pay in taxes under Obama-


Who is more presidential-

Som, WA
10:35 October 27
This should (!) help you decide Josh...

Dear Red States:

If you manage to steal this election too we've decided we're leaving. We intend to form our own country, and we're taking the other Blue States with us. In case you aren't aware, that includes California, Hawaii, Oregon,
Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and all the Northeast. We believe this split will be beneficial to the nation, and especially to the people of the new country of New California.

To sum up briefly: You get Texas, Oklahoma and all the slave states. We get stem cell research and the best beaches. We get the Statue of Liberty. You get Dollywood. We get Intel and Micros ....
Mr Blue, CA

October 26next  prev
16:23 October 26
When Obama accepted the democratic party's nomination in Minneapolis last summer, his wife came on stage with him wearing purple. Purple. F'n purple in Minneapolis. Obama is the better candidate to run the show. Simply, he and his people have been smarter and better at every step of this election. I like the smarter and better people to run the show.
G.P., CA
15:12 October 26
Kay, nobody cares what a woman has to say in this country. Just be like all the women and place you vote for Palin and not some Nigger. Trust me if you vote for that nigger muslim piece of shit then your "voice" and your vote didnt mean shit. Shit is brown just like obama-Nigger.

13:59 October 26
As a woman, I think Obama's pro-choice plan is simple and brilliant. He will leave Roe v. Wade as it is, but more importantly, he will amp up education related to sexual health and make preventative measures like birth control easier to attain to reduce the instance of abortion.

As a man, this issue might not be as important to you but I hope you will consider a woman's right to choose in your decision.
Kay, TX
08:56 October 26
Ok, agreed. I have seen some fair arguments for the republicans on the other coloumn, but no one has has said anything about Sarah Palin and what would happen if she became the President? Are they choosing too ignore a scenario if that actually happens. And there's a chance it will.

Please. I need to know what ur thinking!!
L. Hernandez, MD
08:01 October 26
00:44 October 26
Here's a picture regarding my second point that I thought was worth seeing for yourself:

00:42 October 26
I noticed a lot of people in the column over have criticized the scrutiny of Palin's wardrobe costing $150,000. I'll explain why:

1) The McCain and Palin camp have been quick to criticize "elitistm" and "elitism" only to have the VP candidate preaching these small town/joe six pack/anti-elitist values go on a $72,000 shopping spree at Neiman Marcus. It's not really the shopping that people are so concerned about as it is the complete betrayal of their anti-elitist/"we represent the average joe" agenda.

2) It was using donor money. Would you be happy if you donated, $25, $100 or even more to your candidate of choice only to see Sarah Palin's 8 year old daughter carrying a Lo ....
00:10 October 26
To answer your earlier question Josh, much of these tax breaks and credits will come from 1) Closing corporate loopholes and making large corporations pay their fair share of taxes. This link will give you an idea of how much potential money from corporate taxes are being lost--

"Study says most corporations pay no U.S. income taxes"


Beyond the massive influx of money that closing these corporate tax loopholes could create, Obama also plans on stopping the $10 billion a year war in Iraq. Heck, Iraq is currently working with an economic SURPLUS. Naturally these two things, among others, will help make the tax b ....
Jim, MI

October 25next  prev
23:09 October 25
This might help
an, OR

October 24next  prev
22:23 October 24
Lori from AKQA\this site is a fake and you know it.

if you are really not using this site to make a buck...are you willing to say right here and right now that you will not put this site in your portfolio to get future work?

Sorry, but I don't see how this site adds anything new to the ongoing raging debate you can already find at millions of forums from the NY TImes to The American Spectator to The National Review, etc where you can ALREADY "hear what EVERYONE is thinking." All you've done is self-indulgently replicate what already exists on the internet.

Josh, if you really are real and not connected to AKQA\ instead of soliciting opinions, why not do some real research and t ....
zach, CA
19:21 October 24
Anyone unselfish should NEVER vote Republican, no matter who the candidates are. Maybe just my socialist mentality... either way if you need someone to choose for you, you shouldn't vote. I will be voting Obama, but I suggest that instead of wasting your precious time at the polls, you work at a better way to gain fame other than building a website that glorifies being an uninformed american.
Ashe, NC
04:23 October 24
I don't understand this whole outrage over Obama wanting to "spread the wealth around"

It was okay to pass the bailout and spread our wealth to cover the asses of investment bankers in Wall Street after their risky investments fell flat on their face? Somehow that's fine but spreading the wealth in the opposite direction so you can pay your rent, put food on your table or send your kids to college is now a crime of sorts?

Give me a break..

PS- ALL taxes are "spreading the wealth", some people tend to overlook this relevant little detail
Jim, MI
Too much has been read into Obama's comment of 'spreading the wealth around'. Lets forget about that.
I just don't understand how he plans to pay for all these tax rebates without expanding the giant hole in our deficit. Does anybody know? -Josh Gross

October 23next  prev
21:47 October 23
gI look at these people and can't quite believe that they exist. Are they professional actors? I wonder. Or are they simply laymen who want a lot of attention? To put them in perspective, I think of being on an airplane. The flight attendant comes down the aisle with her food cart and, eventually, parks it beside my seat. "Can I interest you in the chicken?" she asks. "Or would you prefer the platter of shit with bits of broken glass in it? To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment and then ask how the chicken is cooked."
David Sedaris, CA
I love david sedaris. And i enjoyed reading his comments about undecided voter. Hilarious, coming straight from the master of self-deprecation. I hope he actually decides to vote from his self-imposed exile in France. -Josh Gross
21:25 October 23
To Aubrey,

I couldent give shit less what obama's plan is to lead this country. And i couldnt give a shit less on what his or your heritage is. Obama is a negro, and every negro in my book is a nigger. so yes im gonna post because i like to let it be known that i dont like obama or niggers in general.
20:55 October 23
This is a reply to Kelly, CA
(from the McCain side)
I don't want to speak for Josh, but I can see why someone can find a seemingly frivolous post like:
'the rest of the world will respect us more' helpful. I'm from Singapore and we've always had a lot of respect for America until Bush took over. We look at the US as a progressive country (my my cosmopolitan friends from my small country can attest to that) but Bush's cowboy approach to foriegn policy has left us disillusioned.
A leader like Obama will help renew the internationalrespect for your coutry.
Nelson M from Singapore
20:44 October 23
sara palin. she's worse than walter mondale. and she spent a whopping 150k on her warddrobe. even the women voters don't want her.
No McPain, CO
20:40 October 23
Obama has a proven track record on public display of working to reach solutions that all sides can support, or at least accept as well-intended leadership.

One example in state senate, was death penalty reform. He supported the death penalty in exceptional circumstances, but wanted all interrogations to be videotaped. Initially viewed as highly controversial, Senator Obama listened to all sides of the debate, incorporated ideas from many individuals, and the result was a bill that passed the Senate 58-0, and was signed into law by a governor who originally opposed Senator Obama's bill.
B. Elliot, IL
18:45 October 23
For those of you who think it's "Impossible" to be undecided, here's a nice thoughtful post from another undecided voter.
Miranda, CA
Thanks, I couldn't have put it in better words. -Josh Gross
17:50 October 23
To Lance (and Josh), concerning a "free market"

McCain is not a proponent of a "free market." Nor are Republicans. It's impossible under the current political structure.
Andrew, CA
17:05 October 23

It's LORI Nygaard. Do I know you? You seem to know a lot about me...or think you do anyway! :) This site has nothing to do with AKQA. Or advertising. I happen to work at AKQA and I happen to work in advertising. It's my job. Josh, some other friends and I made it because we wanted to know why people are voting the way they are--an open forum, AND because Josh is undecided we thought it could help him to hear what EVERYONE is thinking. If you can give me some helpful hints on how to make $ off of it, let's talk!

Thanks so much for your concern about our site.
Lori Nygaard, CA
16:00 October 23
This is a response to a question- to all those others who didn't see said, question, please feel free to scroll down to my other post

Anonymous- In response to your question- There are a million ways aside from Ad revenue to profit from sites such as these as well as to eventually market other sites, create buzz, Public relations and promotions...

To further that thought, I think someone ought to ask Josh Why his site is registered to Laurie Nygard who lives in San Francisco and works for AKQA (A huge advertising agency)
Zach, CA
14:06 October 23
I don't really know either...It's like a waste of time...We elect Obama he gets shot.We elect McCain he has a heart attack its a lose lose but I don't think Sara Palin can lead this country so Obama for the win!
Nick, MA
13:45 October 23
Because women will threaten you with sex if you don't.

Bill, AR
11:52 October 23
Zach in CA,

how would you find this site to be for economic or political gain? i don't see any ads...please explain...
11:50 October 23
Let's just look at the way they've run their campaigns.
For someone who's "inexperienced," Obama has run the smoothest, best-organized, and most profitable campaign in US history.

Whereas at every turn, McCain has resorted to desperate gimmicks (Palin), exaggerations (the socialist crap), and outright slander (Ayers and terrorism connections) to try to pull votes from the fearful and ignorant.

Happily, this time it's not going to work.
Paul, WI
10:00 October 23
In reference to the comment posted below:

I am embarassed that you are a citizen in this country and can actually participate in the election.
Furthermore, that you are so proud to voice your opinion on a blog to get reactions out of people you don't know. I bet you are an outstanding citizen that contributes so much to our country. HA! If you are not here to state facts than you should not be "helping Josh Decide" becasue you aren't helping. You are only making ALL of us look ignorant. You wonder why our counrty is in the state that it is in. Are you afraid of what may happen if Senator Obama is elected president becasue of his skin color? I would be afraid if I were you posting comments like that. Sen ....
Aubrey, OH
06:19 October 23
To L,

The day i help a nigger get into office is when the Klan is running this country. I can dream..I can dream.
00:33 October 23
He looks like a nice lil bear cub and he's black yung thugs!!!
Louisa, TX
00:30 October 23
He's black!
Alex Akers, TX

October 22next  prev
23:41 October 22
Dear O NO in DC,

Thank you so much. You are so helping our cause! Next, why not make phone calls for Obama in swing states? We could use your help. Just go to barackobama.com

And thanks again!
21:46 October 22
CDOG, your a nigger
21:30 October 22

First off, this is a great forum. Objective discourse is what this is all about and this is a refreshing vehicle for that.

I am going to put it in my own words here;


I believe in objective politics. If you believe in self determination, then you just have to "know thyself" in order to make government reflect you, and not just some faceless ideal. If you know what YOU want, you have objectivity. Call it the virtue of selfishness, but also understand that a lot of people out there are JUST LIKE YOU. So it's ok to stop talking "we" and start talking about "I" (which is you)

With that as your motivating force, you can cut ....
Micaiah Johnson, CA
21:27 October 22
This site is a complete joke. Here are my thoughts- Whoever this Josh Character is, he should really learn how to do his own research and pick a candidate that stands for his beliefs and his opinions.

Is Josh going to let the masses sway his decision? If more people say Obama or Mcain isn't that based on their own personal ideology and hopefully, hopefully their own extensive amount of research on their own about the candidates and their parties?

Josh to me sounds like an incredibly irresponsible person who should come to his own conclusions, unless of course this site is just for economic or political gain, which more than likely it is.
Zach, CA
Perhaps you should read the "About" section at the top of the page.

Perhaps you should try to help me decide by explaining who you're going to vote for.

Or I guess you can keep posting unhelpful comments that are wasting valuable space on this site. -Josh Gross
18:52 October 22
I write this not to ignore any of the serious issues that Americans are facing everyday, but to focus more on the character I feel the leader who will bring up out of this challenging time should possess, the character I feel Barack Obama possesses through and through:

The leader of my country needs be someone of integrity and pride in himself and his beliefs, and a leader whose beliefs are in the best interests of the greater good, not the lucky few.

A leader who exudes grace under fire, who doesn't pander to cheap blows and loaded claims in an attempt to tarnish his character.

A leader who recognizes the importance of being upfront and honest, who doesn't talk in carefully scripted& ....
No L, CA
15:33 October 22
While not all Republicans are racists, all racists are definitely Republican. On whose side do you want to stand?
cdog, IL
15:21 October 22
People assume that McCain will help the economy... Based on what? His ties with the Savings and Loan scandal?
Josh, CA
15:19 October 22
Because we need people to believe in America again.
Karen West, AL
09:40 October 22
in reply to anonymous, the citizen of norway. i believe that the socialist/democratic system works better there because it is predominatly the same race and group of people. this tends to promote the"taking care of ones own" ideal. in america, we are so mixed and intergrouped that we have lost that sense of family, sameness, and the "glue" that binds a large group together. people here are more for themselves and their immediate family and/or small local group. as long as we come from such severe cultural differences, i do not believe it could work here. besides those facts, thats why this country was founded the way it was, so that we wouldn't live like that. for the people who don't ....
03:28 October 22
Here's what David Sedaris has to say about undecided voters:

Ellie, AZ
03:09 October 22
as a citizen of norway, often named "the best country in the world to live in" by the UN, i know that a social-democratic society is definitely the way to go. both of these guys are way too right-wing for me, but obama is certainly the lesser of two evils.

you should vote for obama because the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD WANTS YOU TO. mccain as president will extinguish the last grain of hope we had for your country redeeming itself.
01:53 October 22
No nigger is beautiful Paula
00:00 October 22
Just look at him. He's beautiful!
Paula, CA

October 21next  prev
17:56 October 21
If Colin Powell likes the dude, then how could you NOT vote for him?
Beckto, CT
17:35 October 21
Because we don't need a president who has such disrespect for his wife that he'll call her a cunt in public. To reporters.
Mary, MO
17:25 October 21
dude is pure sexy
obamalove, NE
I won't be surprised if this is how many people will pick the president. -Josh Gross
16:23 October 21
Hi Josh,

Thaks for reading through all these.

I'm sure you've heard the news already that the distinguished Colin Powell, a Republican who has served in 3 Republican administrations, has endorsed Barack Obama. He also has a lot of criticisms of McCain, two of which were that he had an erratic response and no real solutions to the economic crisis and his choice of Sarah Palin for VP-- someone he deems clearly not fit to be president.

It's really worth checking out his appearance on Meet the Press. He's eloquent, reasoned and spot on.

Roz, CA
15:38 October 21
He's a good citizen, and he never lies. He wants to lower taxes, and help people.
Daniel (6 Years Old), SC
That's really mature, Daniel, if you are indeed six. -Josh Gross
15:27 October 21
He seems to be the lesser of two evils.
Anonymous, FL
14:58 October 21
Because 33,390,141 Canadians wish it would be so.
Dave, CA
14:56 October 21
The reasons I support Barack Obama include both specific campaign platforms and his view of the progressive future our nation, and the world, deserves. Barack Obama wants to protect our nation from further failure in Iraq in addition to attacks on our soil without being a war monger and refusing to accept that our efforts may not be making progress. Economically, Obama has supported a comprehensive look at our tax system so that our businesses, families and international connections are all evaluated fairly and equally. By pledging to simplify the tax system for middle America, a lot of people will save time and money on preparing their taxes and in a time of trouble that will be much more efficient than making Bush's ....
Les, I like the optimism in your post. But how do you know that Obama has more knowledge on the energy crisis? How does he plan on simplifying the tax code (which would be a great thing to do)? -Josh Gross
14:44 October 21
14:09 October 21
Sarah Palin.
Brett, NJ
14:05 October 21
Cause what Richard, NY doesn't realize is that all the cost he went over are operating costs - cost of doing business. That is NOT profit. And what Obama tax's is your profits. the quote is "If you make over $250,000/yr".

Say you have a business that makes $10/ day. But you have to pay bills, rent, employees etc is $8. that means you make $2 a day profit - not 10 dollars, even though people may have spent $10 in your business.

So a business that pulls in $250k and a business that makes $250k are very difference.

Plus, I'll get A LOT back in April when my tax returns come in the mail.
Lee, GA
Thanks, I'll be sure to look into that. -Josh Gross
12:32 October 21
Because I'm tired of the world thinking we are ignorant, arrogant bullies. As much as McCain (and Bush) supporters like to dismiss the world view of America, we are part\a vital part\of the world and its economy. And the rest of the world favors Obama 4-1.
Paul, WI
09:20 October 21
Obama is going to change the world we live in! He is the Messiah! He is going to win, so don't waste your vote on McCain. Let's socialize the US, take away our 2nd amendment rights...let's vote for Obama!
Johnny Hussein Alybaba, NY
05:17 October 21
Also Josh, yet another piece of McCain/Palin hypocrisy: McCain has asked the UN Russian ambassador for a campaign donation. This is quite ironic given that this is the same man that has said "Russia deserves eharsh treatment'"

Besides, just being absolutely laughable to grovel for campaign cash to nations you're instigating military confrontation with, this is also illegal under campaign finance law. As you can imagine this is doing great for a world reputation as well, some European officials referring to McCain as "desperate."


Sam, NY
05:07 October 21
Answering your follow-up question here Josh. You asked:

"What earmarks are you referring to? I'm curious."

(In reference to my post, Sam from NY on 05:22 10/19)

From the San Francisco Gate, the bailout bill included:

-$2 million tax benefit for makers of wooden arrows for children

-$100 million tax break to benefit auto racetrack owners

-$192 million in rebates on excise taxes for the Puerto Rican and Virgin Islands rum industry

-$148 million in tax relief for U.S. wool fabric producer

-A $49 million tax benefit for fishermen and other plaintiffs who sued over the 1989 tanker Exxon Valdez spill.

You know...only the essenti ....
Sam, NY
Wow. That is scary stuff.

Thanks for following up. I'll be checking up on this. -Josh Gross
01:20 October 21
Well, genius, (to the guy below) whatever crazy wackaloonery you just espoused, you technically voted on the Obama side.

Party over here, y'all!
Mandy, TX

October 20next  prev
22:13 October 20
God damn nigger, why does this country we live in turn their backs on its own race. by the year 2042 the white race will become the minorities of the world. If you vote for barrack hussein obama your gonna speed the process up for this to happen, let alone this guy has terroist friends. FOR ALL WHITE PEOPLE VOTING OBAMA OPEN YOUR EYES AND THINK FOR YOUR CHILDRENS CHILDREN, DO YOU REALLY WANT THEM TO BE MINORITIES. I THINK NOT.
21:27 October 20
Hey Josh -
It looks like you've gotten some great answers from both sides, so I'll try to add something that is hopefully a little new.

Obama DOESN"T have the experience McCain has - which I feel is very refreshing. McCain is too close to Bush and Bush's ideals to make the drastic changes needed to strengthen the economy and slowly extricate the troops from Iraq. As a result, we will, after eight years, finally get support back from other nations (have you noticed? They love Obama). The United States is not the superpower we once were, and we need the trust and respect of other countries to accomplish anything international.

Good luck on your decision, Josh!
Sav, TX
18:23 October 20
He can hit an outside jumper.
Paul, VA
17:26 October 20
1) I make less than 250,000/ year, and he'll lower my taxes.

2) I strongly believe in a woman's right to choose.

3) I think his health care plan is better.

4) Joe Biden has great teeth. And has the qualifications and presence to make him a powerful leader if the need should arise.

5) Obama's speeches make me happy and really feel good about living in the United States of America.

6) I think he and Biden are way smarter than me, and I think that's an excellent trait in a leader.

7) I have friends who are set to deploy to Iraq, and I would like them to come home.

8) NCLB needs a gigantic revamp, and Obama says he's going to do it. McCain is planni ....
Amy, NY
especially, Point #8. Everything else sounded heartfelt. -Josh Gross
17:02 October 20
Even McCain admits the last 8 years have been bad, so why would you want it to continue? McCain has voted with Bush 98% of the time. We will have more of the same.

His running mate is a woman, shouldn't he be doing everything he can to raise the statues of women? Yet he believes "women's health" is limited to abortion. And he will do nothing to close the wage gap.
Heather M, MN
16:05 October 20
Hey Josh,

Itfs really cool that youfre doing this. Ifll try to present what I think as open-mindedly as possible.

From looking through comments, it looks like a lot of folks from both sides have given you some fact and policy-checking tools so you can make your own decision, which is totally great. One think I think is missing, which I hope I can talk about effectively, is looking at the underlying way that the candidates and their parties think about the issues, so you can see why candidates make certain decisions, and can predict where they might head towards, given the chance.

First off, I recommend reading a slim handbook by George Lakoff called gDonft Think of an ....
Eleonore, MN
15:21 October 20
For a new voice to help lead a new generation
Sarah, MA
15:11 October 20
McCain is, quite clearly, a racist.

When Colin Powell, a Republican, announced his support for Obama, McCain said he "wasn't surprised."

He "wasn't surprised" despite there being no indication of Powell endorsing either candidate?

Or he "wasn't surprised" because Colin Powell is black?

Tsk tsk.
14:32 October 20
McCain is weird and old. He also whistles when he pronounces the letter "s"
Russell, NJ
14:17 October 20
Read the Rolling Stone article about McCain.

...you'll understand.
kc, NC
14:08 October 20
Obama is consistent, stable has a plan compatible with the times we are in and is realistic. The economy is in the shitter, the last thing we need is four more years of anything closely related to "Bush". He has also based his campaign on his policies rather than desperate and negative attempts to win, in comparison with McCain. You can view Obama's take on things here -http://www.barackobama.com/iss... and you can view McCain's here -http://www.johnmccain.com/Info... Let's face it Josh, you have to decide which candidate is best for YOU. Good luck and best regards!
Lori, CA
I'm not convinced that the state of the economy is purely Bush's fault. (What about the House and Senate?)

Thank you for the links. -Josh Gross
13:41 October 20
Because Roe v. Wade, health care reform, the endless War in Iraq, human rights, and much, much more hang in the balance.
13:31 October 20
I think with practice he may be able to dunk.
chilli fries, CA
13:28 October 20
I'm voting for Obama because in him I see a man who knows what it means to work your tail off for everything you have and everything you've achieved. I see in him a man who knows education is everything in this world and that our education system is in dire need of reform. I see a man who actually looks at the information, investigates the issue, and considers the pros and cons before making a decision on where he stands. I see someone who actually listens to his constituents. I see someone who is intelligent, articulate, compassionate, driven, and sincere. I see someone who is trying to present an honest picture of what will be required to achieve the things we are asking him to achieve. I don't agree with him ....
Rachel, MA
13:20 October 20
Because the last person to post on McCain's side said "he better"

Anonymous, CA
10:53 October 20
McCain's class rank at a naval academy: 894 out of 899

Obama's class rank at Harvad Law: #1

Who would you rather have making complex decisions about economic policy?
Sarah, CO
10:42 October 20
Because the apocalypse will happen much, much sooner if McCain is elected. Also, our standing in the global community will not improve. Education will not improve, health care will not improve. McCain wants to enact an across the board "spending freeze." This would cut funding to social and other essential programs across the country, and hurt the common man.

Obama has a background in organizing, and has built a tremendous campaign from the ground up. McCain has resorted to slanderous attacks in his desperation to attain power, and Obama has maintained a calm, neutral stance. He has the attitude of a leader.

McCain has repeatedly, bigotedly used the words "arab" and  ....
melissa, MI
10:38 October 20
The world has been changing in dynamic ways. The pursuit of economies as well as arms is at an all time high (according to the media). It is my opinion that a person capable of seeing the problems of our nation in a multi-dimensional form is key, especially when compared to traditional and current political policies especially when they relate to foreign entities. If I had both of these men at my disposal to send as my representative, it would be Obama.

I am convinced that he will introduce a new way of approaching our most pressing problems. Everything else is subordinate: race, religion, political experience. Remember that this country protects many of these subordinate issues and is the basis of our freedom.
Rogelio, CA
(I don't trust the media) -Josh Gross
10:34 October 20
Josh, I would seriously urge you not to take advice from random people on the internet in order to decide who you're voting for. I've read through a lot of these comments. Some are well-written and helpful, but many are just opinions and distort some of the facts.

I know from your responses that you know that the silly comments about the so-called hottness factor of Palin and the "Obama is a Muslim" stuff doesn't matter. However, many of the comments about the candidates' policies, their tax proposals especially, are distorted and exaggerated.

Instead of reading this opinionated stuff, I would suggest looking into the information yourself. Factcheck.org is a great, non-partisan wa ....
Michelle, OH
Thanks for the link. And don't worry, I'm doing my own homework, in addition to reading everyone's comments. -Josh Gross
10:25 October 20
I was undecided until McCain chose Palin as VP. From everything I've seen, she is unqualified to serve as President and Obama overall is more close to my beliefs.
Grace, TX
09:50 October 20
His ideas are better, because he's smarter.

He's future-thinking and not caught up in the past.

He didn't agree with 90% of Bush's policies (McCain used to say he did, and is now trying to back-track).

He'll make ending the war in Iraq a priority.

World opinion polls suggest we'll gain some international credibility back just by showing we can elect a man like him. Our allies (and thus our level of influence on the world stage) will increase.

Because McCain still believes in trickle-down economics, which we've seen doesn't work -- the guys at the top keep the money.

To ensure that Sarah Palin won't be entrusted with the highest office in the land when John McC ....
denise, CA
09:49 October 20
hes not a crazy old man
katie, PA
09:14 October 20
Because we need someone in the White House that is not tied to corporate pay-offs and greed, and that understands the heart of this country ARE ALLl the people and not just the top 1%. We need jobs, and security for our old age, we need health care, we need to get along with the rest of the world, we need global peace, and we need to be known for our democracy and our sound reason, not our bullheadedness. We need to be innovative and start breaking away from oil, gas, and nuclear resources to start to use our natural resources. We need to care about our next generation and stop dumbing down education. We need to listen to others and not be so arrogant and stupid. WE NEED OBAMA!
Deborah, AZ
08:10 October 20
Because he won't bend you over and "drill baby drill."
08:09 October 20
Well if we leave aside the usual healthcare issues I think one of the most compelling reasons is everytime there is a democrat in the whitehouse the deficit decreases (or even goes into surplus) and everytime the republicans get in the deficit goes way up.
James, VT
08:03 October 20
Because he's about hope, not fear. McCain wants you to be afraid that we'll be attacked or that the whole country is going to come crashing down, etc... Obama doesn't try to scare you into voting for him.
erica, OH
07:59 October 20
We already voted for the team we'd want to have a beer with, and while they're very charming, they didn't quite make the cut. Time to vote for the people who would beat us at Scrabble.
Katie, NM
06:55 October 20
better health care, better ebergy policies, better supreme court nominations, lower taxes
ralph, NC
06:44 October 20
Because John McCain has a good chance of dying or at least becoming ill while in office, leaving an unexperienced gov. of a state with less people then the city of New York in charge of the whole country.
carly, OH
06:27 October 20
Because McCain supporters stole my Obama signs.
Steve, VA
04:48 October 20
bob, WA
04:07 October 20
Vote Obama because I'm not American and I can't!

Your decision affects citizens of all countries. Not to put the pressure on or anything...
01:09 October 20
It's amazing how America has made this into a race battle. The only reason that people will not vote for Obama is because of the colour of his skin. It's amazing that America can't become a citizen of the world and progress.
Andy, CA
00:04 October 20
Because people like Ted Nugent and Mike D in PA are voting for McCain.
Fred Jiffykins, CA

October 19next  prev
22:59 October 19
(P.S.) D. Yaeger of Minnesota said to go to a website to check the voting record. Keep in mind that McCain's starts in 1996 and Obama in 2005 so there will be a lot of differences.
Chrissy, WA
22:50 October 19
Nigger Nigger Baby Killer, Dont vote for this muslim piece of shit monkey. God damn Coon. Just be right and vote WHITE.
Ted Nugent, CO
22:50 October 19
I've been hanging on this site for two days trying to put my words in most concise way.
General Powell said it beautifully.
He remains calm and steadfast during pressure.
Obama is a leader and would do the best job representing the USA.
From what I have seen corporations, lobbyists, congress men and more run our country. President acts as a spokesman and runs the military. So who do you feel would most likely get us peace?

I feel many Middle Eastern leaders would not be willing to negotiate with McCain when he looks and feels like Bush. Also the "Bomb Iran" joke was bad taste.
Chrissy, WA
22:44 October 19
The picture in the bottom-right corner of this collage should explain "Why Obama?"

William Bryan, CA
22:25 October 19
not really a "why" exactly, but it's an interesting read. taken from "succulent" posted to gawker comments on the 16th.

Ponder the following:

What if the Obamas had paraded five children across the stage,
including a three month old infant and an unwed, pregnant teenage daughter?

What if John McCain was a former president of the Harvard Law Review?

What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class?

What if McCain had only married once, and Obama was a divorcee?

What if Obama was the candidate who left his first wife after a severe
car accident, when she no longer measured up to his st ....
kate, IL
22:10 October 19
Because he has a well earned college degree - did not finish like 4th from last in his class.

Does not have anything to prove like McCain, who is just trying to "up-one" on his father and grandfather.

Has good solid policies that I believe are for the better of the entire nation, not just one group.

Is well polished, calm, and very well spoken.
Michelle, WA
22:10 October 19
because he is knee grow
coon, OH
22:04 October 19
Vote for Obama, because he knows how to use e-mail. John McCain is 'learning,'
Will, KY
22:01 October 19
obama promises change. he understands constitutional law and i believe he will undo what bush has illegally done. obama has demonstrated he has the ability to breing people together. seeks common ground.
bob david, WA
21:41 October 19
Because McCain is traitor to to the people of the united states. He had his and his fellow prisoner of war testimonies sealed so no one would see he was not tortured. He gave the North Vietnamese military information
on bombing runs and flight patterns of the US military effectively stopping the bombing of Hanoi and caused pilots to be killed or captured because the NVA knew the
flight paths being used.

Satan, WA
21:34 October 19
If you haven't made up your mind then you are a dumbass who can't think for yourself. Obama is the new direction, the future and the guy who doesn't have 7 houses, but 1...meaning he can't afford to lose half. So I think the difference is clear. Know the facts and think for yourself.
Aaron, CA
Very eloquent. Do you happen to have any other facts? Maybe some useful ones? Just curious. Thanks. -Josh Gross
21:32 October 19
because Hillary Clinton told me to vote for Obama ok and I do whatever Hillary ask me to and also because I was born a democrat and catholic and I will die democrat and catholic.
monicaar1, CA
21:19 October 19
If you're still undecided you're a dumbass who shouldn't vote.
Dino, OR
21:14 October 19

My father is an attorney for a small oil business, who could use the ability to drill more offshore and in protected areas... however, it would also result in millions of cases being slammed against every company who does it.
Do you really want to see the court system even more clogged up with more oil men, and their less than urgent cases?
Obama's clean energy policies are music to me and my father, and the men he works with.
More funding for green energy could also result in small companies increasing their revenue due to spending less on heating, gas, etc which grow more and mroe expensive.
Lisa, TN
Isn't Obama "considering" drilling in Alaska as well? -Josh Gross
21:13 October 19
I don't want to risk Sarah Palin in the white house.

McCain is a war-monger.

Getting out of this war could easily fund all the tax cuts and then some.

McCain's education agenda is downright scary.

My choice has more to do with being afraid of McCain than loving Obama.
Eileen, OR
21:09 October 19
Because he believes in equal rights, he doesn't push his religious beliefs on everyone, he's smarter, he cares about everyday people, he won't take away women's rights, he's not another Bush, he's different, he's not a war monger, he knows how many houses he owns, HE DOESN'T HAVE A BUNCH OF INBRED RACIST SUPPORTERS(see Osama reference on the right), he has good intentions, he's a great speaker, NO Palin .

Jen, AZ
21:07 October 19
Josh, I think it's terribly neat you're willing to listen to everyone's opinions, and learn more about the candidates before making a decision.
I think I might have gone to school with you, too, which is a bit silly!

My opinion of Obama is pretty standard.
His policies make sense to me, and I love how the campaign has made some new synonyms- Obama & Change.

A democrat as president will definitely change things, but for the better.
The economy is down the tube, and Obama has plans to fix that, while McCains tells us how he would have done something differently than Bush to avoid this.
We need to know how to solve it, which Obama will do.
Carly, OH
21:06 October 19
Hi, Mr. Gross,

In the last debate, Sen. McCain reminded the world that he is not Pres. Bush, and asked why Sen. Obama didn't run against Pres. Bush four years ago. I'm wondering why Sen. McCain didn't run against Pres. Bush four years ago. If a third party had more power in 2004, the Republican Party may have been forced to do so.

The two political parties pulling on your ears have often parked their pedagogies so close to the fence that it's difficult to tell them apart anymore. We need to give power to third parties in the U.S., so that all ideologies can be more easily distinguished.

Some people do so by voting Green or Libertarian. I believe that these are meaningless votes ....
Mark, CA
21:00 October 19
Obama supports the rights of women!
We deserve to feel safe, and like we have the right to learn.
I want my daughter to know about sex, about the dangers that she could encounter, and I do not agree with the McCain/Palin 'pay for your own rape kit' idea.
Obama will also eliminate the death penalty, a good idea, due to the US being one of the last few major countries still enforcing punishments with it.
Carolina, AZ
20:58 October 19
Why not?
But no, really, Josh, I pity you.
Having to sift through all of this- most of it unhelpful.
So I'll throw you a bone, or however you want to put it.

I'm voting for Obama for change.
I'm voting for Obama because of his policies, especially on foreign policy, energy issues and of course the economy (which is in such a bad state).

I have nothing against McCain.
I'm thankful that he fought for this country, and that he feels he can help us- but I don't think he can.
And frankly, Palin is woefully inexperienced and naive, trying to come off like she's standing on solid ground while it's crumbling beneath the heels she hikes in.

Obama will  ....
Charlotte, NY
20:57 October 19
Josh you wont be taxed on your health insurance, you are going to try your best to eliminate green house gasses and find an alternative power source. You know that's the answer to eliminating foreign purchasing.

Josh the answer to living well Isnt war. The real reson for that war is because of one man's greed over oil
(bush and his little buddys have ownership in those companies)
Adam, MN
20:47 October 19
Because he likes anyone named Josh.
Texas for Obama, TX
19:48 October 19

all the info you need is right there
Anonymous, IL
19:41 October 19
If I can see you naked I will vote for you josh!
kelemen tibor, CA
19:32 October 19
if you're impervious to obama's greatness in general, how about this? vote barack because he isn't encouraging acts of violence against members of the other party. or, er, let me reword that--mccain isn't repudiating the threats of violence made against members of the other party. mccain's camp has stooped so low as to put his opponent's life, and the life of his family, in danger by pounding into the ground that obama's association with ayers = obama is a terrorist. obama has been completely forthcoming about his relationship to ayers, but people only hear what they want to hear. i know mccain is not personally going out there and saying "let's get rid of obama!" but he's certainly not telling the people w ....
liz, IN
18:49 October 19
Because once you go black ;)
kimmie, FL
17:42 October 19
McCain voted 90% of the times with Bush, and now look at the mess America's in; do we want another 4 years of Bush-like policies ?

America isn't liked by the rest world, Obama would appease that, as he's an inspiration to all.

Having a president like Obama can only spur innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among young people : keep the American dream alive!

Let's put more money into education, let's invest in our future, let's solve this expensive healthcare mess, let's worry about the environment, let's believe in the change!
Vianney, NJ
17:27 October 19
Because he is the lesser of two evils (the greater being McCain).
Savannah, IN
16:31 October 19
It's amazing how America has made this into a race battle. The only reason that people will not vote for Obama is because of the colour of his skin. It's amazing that America can't become a citizen of the world and progress.
Andy, CA
16:29 October 19
Because America will make a global fool of itself (again) if its people choose McCain/Palin. Even their own party would vote for Obama!
16:06 October 19
Palin is f-in hot! And lets face it - we definitely need an upgrade from our previous VP..
Sean, NY
15:17 October 19
We have a huge pile of problems in this country (and in the world). No one person can fix them all, no matter how great that person is. But I have seen that Obama inspires people, and I believe that he can change the tone. As a country, we have a history of doing so many amazing things, and we can solve a lot of problems if we work hard.

I think we became apathetic (with good reason), and we need to snap out of it and become informed citizens again. I truly believe that Obama can transform us in that way, and there is nothing that we Americans cannot do if we come together with collective energy and common purpose.

I am 46 years old, and never in my lifetime have I seen people so interes ....
Lisa, MN
14:18 October 19
Obama has a better handle on the issues that affect the average person. He has better values and ideas when it comes to foreign policy. He has the temperament to lead and to face down challenges.

Obama will end the war in Iraq, pursue sane energy policy, and work hard to turn this economy around for the average person.

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them."
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
Richard, MA
14:16 October 19
I don't love either of the candidates but i am for Obama because i think he will do the least damage to our country. Too bad I'm not old enough to vote.
Michelle, GA
13:45 October 19
Yout should vote for Obama because well I can't (I'm not old enough). And McCain would just make our country worse.
Sienna, CO
13:12 October 19
We need a smart rational mind in the White House,we don't need a closed-minded stubborn president like we have right now
Dre, AL
12:47 October 19
enuruuwd http://echmcama.com rxyxlnsf xuhasyzc <a href="http://hxajujan.com">c... [URL=http://wsazndzf.com]buqcnznq[/URL]
dkcrjuuj, IA
12:11 October 19
Hit shits rainbows and pees pixie sparkles.
Brad, PA
11:07 October 19
Because he'll make our country a place to believe in again.
Ross, CA
09:13 October 19
Why Obama? Because he wants to lead our nation into something better than what it has been led into for the lasy 8 years. McCain is in this race because, well, someone has to be on the Republican ticket.
Kim, TX
09:07 October 19
Don't forget, Josh:

No one, no one, not ONE of us, ever, anywhere, at all, is "pro-abortion".

Again: NO ONE is "pro-abortion".

If the issue of abortion is important to you, then let's all agree that we need to have fewer unwanted pregnancies. That means better education. That means science. That means working WITH religious programming, and not against it.

Not one of us is "pro-abortion". NO ONE.
Charley, TX
09:03 October 19
Its time we had a smart person leading the country. Someone calm, cool, collected, ready to THINK through a crisis and not just react based on their gut. The last debated demonstrated Obama would be the one to do that.
Jen, MI
07:37 October 19
Because he's just so much better.
Marta, NY
07:13 October 19
It's a gamble with either candidate, but put your money on Obama. Things could go very well with him as our president, but right now anything looks good.
colin powell, MD
07:01 October 19
It's a no-brain-er after "W" destroyed this country in the 8 years he was in office(and you can't tell me that election wasn't rigged). Its these old white rich Republican ass holes -rich get rich poor get poorer(if that's possible).Makes me want to leave the country.He knows what its like to work for what you want & not have it handed it to him on a freakin' silver platter.So is it even an option to have another republican in office again? Look at their(all of them) track record! Learn from the mistakes!
Missie Martinchek, PA
05:48 October 19
John McCain anally raped my dad.
Fred Claws, PA
05:38 October 19
McCain/Palin's views on women's rights are completely horrific. The fact that that is even a question is shocking. I know that you aren't a female but I'd venture to say that you have close friends and family members that are...how scary is it to think that they would lose control over their bodies and themselves? That some stranger who wants to force us to have the same religious beliefs as them (in a country where our ability to believe DIFFERENT things is what makes us great) is going to dictate what I do with my body and my life. That is the opposite of freedom.

Because the possibility that McCain could pass away and that INSANE, UNQUALIFIED woman could become our president is one of the scariest things I've ever thought  ....
Emi, NY
05:22 October 19
One of the main contentions that McCain supporters use to support their choice is by attacking Obama for wanting to "redistribute" wealth saying McCain wouldn't do that.

Yet McCain helped create and subsequently passed the $700 billion bailout plan that used all our taxpayers money to bail out Wall Street.

So not only did he "distribute" the wealth in a reverse-Robin Hood manner of stealing from the poor and giving to the rich, but the bill was also full of these infamous "pork barrel earmarks" that he time and time again claims he would *never* support.

Basically, he's already "redistributed wealth", just in the past few weeks no less. He also didn't see ....
Sam, NY
What earmarks are you referring to? I'm curious. -Josh Gross
03:12 October 19
Because on top of being smart, he is funny and charming:

Alex, WA
00:57 October 19
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msxuovmm, IN

October 18next  prev
22:41 October 18
lets retype this....if he had 2 horns growing off the top of his flat head and that smile grinning from ear to ear he wud look just like the devil...now where did i put that pitch fork at ?
Anonymous, SC
22:39 October 18
make that smile
Anonymous, SC
22:38 October 18
Why >?...if he had 2 horns growing off the top of that flat head and that mile grinning from ear to ear he would like just like satan
Anonymous, SC
22:01 October 18
he's cute
mariaaaaa, AK
21:59 October 18
Have you not seen him? His smile could seriously solve all of the world's problems..

Okay, just kidding. I just think that we don't need another Bush in office, and as cheesy as it sounds, we do need change.
Katie, MN
19:56 October 18
he owns, y'all
Andrew Kornfeld, NY
19:18 October 18
The reason you should vote for Obama over McCain is a personal decision. I really can't tell you if my reasons would be applicable to you or not. I for one support Obama mainly for his stance on equality and family planning. Obama supports civil unions for homosexual couples as well as the Michael Sheppard Act and legislation to add homosexuals to the protected classes under the Employee Nondiscrimination Act. He is also pro-choice and would nominate less conservative judges into the Supreme Court... something McCain would never do. If you want Roe v. Wade and Lawrence v. Texas to go flying out the window then McCain is your man. If not, I would go with Obama.
Ian W, TX
17:59 October 18
because sarah palin just seems like a terrible person.
shannon hallett (canada)
17:55 October 18
Gretchen, NJ
17:08 October 18
1. Obama supports a woman's right to choose what happens to her own body.

McCain (and especially Palin) believe that the government should make that decision for her. (apparently opposition to "big government" only applies when it's convenient to them)

2. McCain supports the death penalty (and yet he is anti-abortion rights). If that's not hypocrisy I don't know what is.

Obama does not support the death penalty (we are the only industrialized country that still has it, btw).

3. If McCain is elected, Palin, let's remember, will be very close to the presidency; McCain is the oldest presidential candidate ever in American history and has one of the most deadly forms of ....
Jill, OH
16:53 October 18
Because he offers oral sex.
Elena, NJ
16:15 October 18
If you make less than $250,000 a year, your taxes will go down significantly under an Obama administration. He will not continue the failed "trickle-down" economic policies that were put into place at the beginning of the Bush administration that were one of the indirect causes of this economic recession.

His health care plan makes SO MUCH more sense than McCain's.

He is intelligent, charismatic, and eloquent. While I don't doubt that McCain is intelligent, he is woefully ignorant on key issues that matter a lot when you intend to run the country.

On cultural and social issues, Obama's views and priorities are much closer to most Americans' than McCain's.

His  ....
Erin, MA
These are all very "feel good" reasons to vote for Obama. But do you have any facts? -Josh Gross
16:14 October 18
Because McCain has a blinking problem.
Kim, GA
15:34 October 18
Because he is black.
Jerome, NC
15:19 October 18
because, damn it
joe, WA
14:42 October 18
Because Hillary didn't win the nomination.
Pam, MD
14:06 October 18
Obama is the epitome of what this country needs. He is known for his calm demeanor as opposed for McCain who is known for his bad temper. Also, in these rough economic times and eight straight years of a bad presidency, it is time for a democratic change, yes I said "CHANGE", in the right direction.
Becky, FL
13:49 October 18
He represents the possibility of America forming a healthy relationship with the rest of the planet, rather than being someone who presents agression as the means to solve problems. He also appears to be in touch with the concerns of a broader selection of the electorate than his opponent - this speaks for itself.
13:41 October 18
Sara, CA
13:37 October 18
Because if he dies, his VP won't screw things up horribly for us all.
Kirsten, TX
12:58 October 18
You can tell where people are in life by those they surround themselves with. A quick trip to YouTube and googling "McCain rally" will bring up a video that pretty much says it all - where McCain supports are afraid of an "Arab" like Obama. McCain has run a hate campaign, and thus his supporters have been the ignorant, the racist, and the misguided. Obama has run an honorable campaign - practically spotless, especially in comparison with any other president to run (EVER). He could've easily taken the Palin shot when the media found out about her pregnant unwed daughter, but he didn't. I'm a "nature of the times" voter - neither Democrat nor Republican. I think sometimes it is time for  ....
Piper, CA
12:55 October 18
Two words: Sarah Palin
Samara, PA
12:27 October 18
Because after the last 8 years, we could really use an inspiring leader. Someone who will be a voice for the average American citizen as opposed to the upper 10%.

Because every American deserves adequate health care coverage, because education needs to be made more of a priority, because LGBT couples deserve the same rights as all other married couples, because we need to maintain a separation of church and state, because we need to protect the environment before it's too late, because our troops need to come home (especially considering the amount on money being spent on the war in Iraq - a huge factor in the current economic crisis).

Because the US used to be respected on the world stage and I ....
Amy, NV
11:43 October 18

Undecided people baffle me more than McCain supporters!!!!
Yogi Bear, CA
11:38 October 18
McCain Can stick it! He will ruin us all.

Wipe that smirk of your face you creep ball!
Trunkie, CA
11:37 October 18
Bottom up approach for a fair, effective, and efficient society!

Solid foundation across the nation!
Shlomie that smile, CA
10:52 October 18
He won't die in office leaving a half-retarded lying moose wrangler in charge.
McCain has melanoma, NY
10:05 October 18
I've never really cared about issues. I go with my gut. My gut has had it's fill of republicans. It's time for dessert.
Donkeys are cool, IL
10:01 October 18
Because our standing in the world sucks, we're mired in two wars with a possible third on the horizon, our economy is shit, we've let domestic terrorism go in our rush to kill all the A-rabs, the government is listening to ALL your phone calls and watching what you say on the internet and in your email, the middle-class homeless is growing, there'll be more hurricanes in the next four years, there'll be at least one Supreme Court opening, and America's infrastructure has disintegrated under the Republicans for the last eight years. I don't know about you, but that's enough for me...and there's plenty more, I just don't have time to write it all.
09:30 October 18
No matter how you decide to vote on Nov 4th, please PLEASE check the facts these people are throwing at you before you do. There's some outrageous stuff in these posts. Good luck!
09:09 October 18
I've never really cared about issues. I go with my gut. My gut has had it's fill of republicans. It's time for dessert.
Donkeys are cool, IL
08:25 October 18
I hate republicans
Jennifer, NC
08:25 October 18
Obama is the first politicians who has made me want to be an American. It institutes American pride and a congruency amongst all American's that has been missing in our society of "me me me"
08:21 October 18
Because McCain's a douchebag.
Lenaa, FL
07:49 October 18
Putting aside everything else for a moment: Sarah Palin is nowhere near experienced enough to become "just a heartbeat" away from the Office of the President. I firmly believe that she was chosen only because she was a woman since I see no merit in her "achievements" that would make her the obvious choice for the first woman VP. The thought of her being in office frankly scares me, and I think it would be a crushing blow to women everywhere. We need a woman in office because she can do the job correctly, not just because she is a woman. That's why Obama (not to mention a thousand other reasons.)
Cloverrae, CA
07:36 October 18
Do you want 8 more years of Republican "leadership" flushing this country down the drain?
Stormgiant, TX
07:21 October 18
Lizzy, IL
06:18 October 18
Check out this AP report:
Analysis: McCain jumps around in bid to stop Obama
By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer Beth Fouhy, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – The misadventures of Joe the Plumber were just the latest stumble for Republican John McCain as he veers from one idea to another in a thus-far elusive quest to slow Barack Obama's momentum.

Joe Wurzelbacher was supposed to be the Republican presidential candidate's ace in the hole \ an average, working-class Joe whose dreams of something better might be thwarted by Obama's plans. The Ohio plumber challenged Obama's tax policies and got the Democratic presidential nominee to say he wanted to "spread the wealth around."  ....
Jay, MA
06:15 October 18
I think anyone would agree that McCain's campaign is a bit erratic. It seems to be full of gimmicks too: "Joe the unlicensed, tax owing, not-really-a-plumber", Sarah "Abused her Power" Palin aka "Caribou Barbie", suspending his campaign (but not his viscous TV attack ads) and vowing not to return to the trail until the economic mess is fixed - that worked, didn't it?
So let me as you this, if he runs his campaign like this, what makes you think he would run the government any differently?
Jay, MA
03:05 October 18
If not for your own sake, then for the rest of the world. Please. Do it for us.
Karin, Sweden
02:13 October 18
obayma a idiot dont not tovote for idiot
stonick, TN
01:33 October 18
Because he's a nigger.
Markwon, AL
01:19 October 18
Josh, You should definitely vote with your heart. My heart tells me to vote for Obama. He is a good man with high morals and a very good plan for our country. He cares about people who need help the most and he cares about our Earth and environment for future generations. I could not think of a better man for the job. I can't wait for him to win and take office. Boy do we need him! Good luck Josh, I love your site!
Jennifer Fitzgibbons, MO
01:12 October 18
Because everyone else in the rest of the world said so.
00:54 October 18
Don't you want to be proud of your leader again???
Scooter, WA
00:51 October 18
If you don't then you're racist.
Magical Negro, WA

October 17next  prev
22:56 October 17
Hi, Josh.
Obama is most certainly the man for you. Reasons: If you are making under $200,000 a year, you will receive a tax cut under Obama's plan (you can calculate your savings here: http://alchemytoday.com/obamat...). In terms of health care, under Obama, you will have the option of getting the same health care plan as members of the U.S. Senate enjoy--you also still get to pick your doctor. Health care will be payed for by increasing taxes on those who make over $250,000 a year, from 36% to 39.5%. The way that this able to pay for Obama's health care plan is because the wealthiest 1% of America has as much capitol as the bottom 50%, so the extra 3.5% in taxes will provide a lot of revenue while no ....
Elise, CA
22:51 October 17
As future president Obama or McCain will have to make tough decisions and America expects these decisions to be made rationally.

One aspect of comparing the candidates (other than their promised policies and past experience in the government) is a their first "real" decision on the road to President. This was the decision to choose who should be the VP on their respective tickets.

OBAMA chose Joe Biden.
--> Biden has experience in Foreign Policy, and has a passport
---> Biden has spoken to foreign leaders
--> Biden has experience in the Senate
--> Biden has come from a small town and relates to "joe-six pack"

McCain chose Sarah Palin.
--> Pali ....
MayNay, TX
22:23 October 17
Tax plans:

Since when has America become so anti-tax? We have freedom here BECAUSE OF taxes. How do you think anything gets paid for. And, um, hello our government just wrote a $700 billion dollar check. McCain supporters complaining that Obama's tax plan is increasing taxes is totally false (and also unintelligent). Although, it maybe true for most McCain supporters, because your taxes will only increase if you make more than $250,000 under Obama's plan.
Nellie, FL
22:07 October 17
Let's dissect:
To me, McCain WAS a generally respected man, yet in the course of his campaign he has been taken over by his advisors. The people running McCain's campaign have a scary history in the dirty politics of Bush and lobbying for big oil companies, and hey are also the same people that helped Bush defeat him in 2000. Never mind the policies and plans of Obama or McCain, but first looking at a person's morals and dignity under pressure can tell you a lot about them. Obama is continuing to run an honest, straightforward campaign aimed at the REAL issues facing America, like the economy, energy, and healthcare. Look at the subject of McCain's ads and rallies. They are constantly fueled by FALSE fea ....
Amanda, FL
22:04 October 17
hey josh can i get your autograph please
obama, IN
21:12 October 17
one big reason, that i don't think has been said yet, would be foreign relations. how much more respect would we get when other countries see that, not only is our president black, but his name is Barack Hussein Obama. It will show that we are a diverse people, not just made up of old white guys with names like george and bill.
kira, AZ
Who cares about how foreign his name sounds ... Why do you think his stance on foreign policy is better than McCain's? -Josh Gross
21:02 October 17
Barack Obama is the only candidate who can get the job done on energy policy. Not only does he support the continuation of domestic drilling efforts, he also has a consistent record of voting for incentives to expand renewable energy generation sources, which can add thousands of new well-paid jobs to the United States workforce in these uncertain economic times. He also has a voting record that supports energy efficiency measures, green building standards and entrepreneurs who are working towards clean technology solutions. Joe the Plumber could even incorporate some of the water saving technologies that Barack Obama supports into his business plan.

John McCain, on the other hand, seems to be very confused ....
Katharine, TX
20:43 October 17
he's different.
Stephanie, MD
20:37 October 17
Because i feel it is important to not vote for a man that was endorsed by the worst president

P.S I have boobs and will show you them if you vote Obama
Boobs, IN
20:26 October 17
Because as long as you earn under $250k a year, your taxes won't be raised. In fact, you'll get slightly lower taxes.

Also, because McCain seems to get angry easily.
Becky, PA
20:15 October 17
Why not?
A friend, MA
20:14 October 17
Because I will be very sad if McCain wins. Really sad. And you don't want to make me sad, do you?
Katya, FL
20:07 October 17
It's time for hope and change. we need to focus on healthcare,education and housing for all.
Renee, CA
19:27 October 17
Gee, lets see, this is SUCH a tough decision:

1) Bin Laden determined to attack in U.S.....Bush determined to sit on his hands
2) Weapons of mass destruction, greeted as liberators, you know how all that turned out
3) Abu Ghraib
4) Katrina
5) Economic disaster, headed for the worst recession in decades
6) The loss of respect from almost all of our world allies
7) Neglect at Walter Reed Hospital
8) Outing a CIA agent
9) Warrantless wiretapping
10) Denying global warming

and on and on and on and on...too many more to mention...but yes, by all means, please send ANOTHER member of the Republican Party to the White House. You do realize that a party S ....
Josh, DE
19:27 October 17
Because we need a future.
Shaniqua, CA
19:19 October 17
Because my balls are on fire, motherfucker.
Padwon, CA
19:18 October 17
Because we need a change. The last 8 years have destroyed the American image at home and abroad. If we want the rest of the world to not hate us, we need to elect someone who is educated, intelligent, and with a plan of hope for America.

McCain voting 95% with Bush and the Republican party doesn't seem like a maverick to me. Palin was chosen as VP based on her ability to stir up the attention in the Republican party, not because of any experience or leadership qualities.

Besides, if I have to hear the word "Maverick" one more time I will off myself.
AleeA12, CO
19:15 October 17
If you haven't decided yet - you probably shouldn't vote.
If you have decided, you should tell me what you based your decision on. -Josh Gross
19:14 October 17
Have you read the posts you are receiving in the McCain column?!
Sad, CA
Some good. Some bad. Some helpful. Some not.

I thought this comment from Noita Pitsnoc on Citadel, OH (18:52 October 17) made an important point: -Josh Gross
19:11 October 17
Julien Stockwell, KS
18:50 October 17
Barack Obama is not legally a U.S. Natural-born citizen according to the law on the books at the time of his birth, which falls between gDecember 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986? . Presidential office requires a natural-born citizen if the child was not born to two U.S. Citizen parents, which of course is what exempts John McCain though he was born in the Panama Canal. US Law very clearly stipulates: gcIf only one parent was a U.S. Citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.h Barack Obamafs father was not a U.S. Citizen and Obamafs mother was only 18 when Obama was born, which means though s ....
Dan, NV
18:43 October 17
Dude, I could go on forever. I wrote a huge paragraph and then before I posted, I realized you really aren't finding this helpful anyway. You need to trust your own gut, seriously. I know I'm voting because I just don't trust McCain and I certainly don't trust Palin. I think Obama will have a strong political cabinet and I have more hope for our future when I add president to his name.
Erin, CA
Please, go on forever. See if you can convince me...

"The need for change" or "he's not another Bush" don't help much. I'm interested in the issues, and why you think Obama's proposed solutions are better than McCain's.

Not only is this site extremely helpful for me, its made a number of people I know stop to think about their own decisions. -Josh Gross
18:42 October 17
Because I briefly met Barack Obama five months ago at a rally, and got the chance to meet him again last Friday at Genoa Park in Columbus. He remembered my name.
Kara, OH
18:26 October 17
He has a more qualified running mate. He is not old. He wants to be president to help the country not just to be president. Besides McCain has tons and tons of money from his wife's family, so he could never understand the average person's problems and needs. And McCain has been entirely unhelpful in every economic crisis he has been involved in.
C., WA
18:23 October 17
de coolest
Tiney, MI
18:22 October 17
Because McCain is essentially the next incarnation of Bush and if you aren't happy with the way things have been going, voting for McCain is not going to change it. Times change, and anticipating what's good for our nation is not synonymous with inexperience.

Plus, if McCain wins, he'll probably kick it and then Palin will be President and we'll all have to PAY FOR OUR OWN RAPE KITS while we watch her shoot our newborn pet wolves from a helicopter.
Mandie, TX
18:22 October 17
Because McCain is essentially the next incarnation of Bush and if you aren't happy with the way things have been going, voting for McCain is not going to change it. Times change, and anticipating what's good for our nation is not synonymous with inexperience.

Plus, if McCain wins, he'll probably kick it and then Palin will be President and we'll all have to PAY FOR OUR OWN RAPE KITS while we watch her shoot our newborn pet wolves from a helicopter.
18:14 October 17
Because we need Palin to return to Alaska so we can IMPEACH her!
Iceman, AK
18:07 October 17
Because John McCain kicked my grandpa in the nuts!
Bob Saget, NV
17:59 October 17
Where do I even begin?

Obama at least he gives us the HOPE for at least chance of PEACE, for upholding THE CONSTITUTION, and for restoring America's REPUTATION and MORAL STANDING in the world.

In a word: Optimism.
Zoe, CA
17:51 October 17
Neither. Ron Paul 08!
Ron, TX
17:42 October 17
I would just read all the arguments over there -----> and see how asinine they are and want to be the opposite of that stupidity.
Gina, AR
17:40 October 17
He's not an old stupid cooter who wouldn't even know HOW on earth to find this web site if his life depended on it. He's still in the dark ages.
Indiana Jones, IN
17:28 October 17
Because I'm the best man for the job. lulz DUH!
Barack Obama, IL
17:27 October 17
cause Sarah Palin is McCain's running mate. Watch the Katie Couric interview. She is a retarded deal breaker.
Obama08, CA
17:16 October 17
He has a more progressive clean energy plan, and his proposals for transitioning America from a fossil-fuel dependent nation to a clean, independent nation seem most reasonable and easiest to achieve. He plans to do this by giving tax breaks to businesses who create clean energy, reducing tax breaks for oil companies seeking to keep the status quo, and increasing funding for the education that will keep this research domestic.

By reducing our oil importation and pioneering clean energy, we reduce our trade deficit and debt to middle eastern nations, create new jobs, and set an example in the world.

It's going to be very difficult, as our oil-dependent habits will be difficult to break&# ....
Alex, MO
17:00 October 17
Obama's platform provides for the middle class and he holds common sense views on women's rights, worker's rights and health care. It's vitally important that we turn this country around, and Obama is the man to do it.
Susan, CA
16:56 October 17
why not? They both suck, take the slightly less sucky one.
fred, MI
16:35 October 17
If you care about women, children, health care, not going further into a recession (and then depression), human rights, and being pulled out of the economic and political mire that we have been placed into thanks to George Bush, vote for Obama.

If you're cool with the way things are heading, I guess McCain would be your choice. An equivalent choice would be suicide.
Rachel, SC
16:20 October 17
1. Because Sarah Palin could actually be President if (heaven-forbid) John McCain (who's had 4 bouts with cancer and refuses to release his medical records) dies in office.
2. Because the McCain campaign stopped being about ideas a long time ago. Now, it's about bringing out the worst in America -- what divides us. (The last time American citizens were accused en-masse of being anti-American was during the Red Scare.)
Finally, 3. Because Barack got where he is by saying out loud what he thinks and what he wants to do in the white house. McCain got there (as even his supporters admit) by pandering to the religious right (why isn't joe lieberman his running mate) and by pandering to faux-fiscal conservatives. The prob ....
Matt, NY
16:15 October 17
I'm canadian, so i can't vote in your election......but you can!
16:10 October 17
Ok actually don't do what Bob Loblaw said. He was wrong.
ex Bob Loblaw fan
16:08 October 17
fan of Bob Loblaw
15:59 October 17
I have more...hehe...

Because in this supposed 'free' country, where all religions, nationalities, and weirdos can live, you can't have someone in charge who isn't accepting of others.
You can totally be Christian and sign a law that allows gay rights, women the right to CHOOSE if they are ready to bring a person into this world and not just dump them into the Foster care system.

Muslims didn't bomb the country. People who don't like America bombed America. Stop stereotyping people in a country that allows you to serve the way you choose.
So-called Christians brought slaves here and then determined by law that they weren't human beings, but property. People raped, beat, kille ....
Bianca Dani., AL
15:50 October 17
Ron, CA
15:45 October 17
Let's keep in mind, on election day, it's the undecideds who are going to determine the outcome of the election. So let's be as persuasive as we can. Just because you are firm believers in your candidates doesn't mean others are.

So lets provide Josh our rational arguments for picking a candidate..

And while some of us may think undecideds are stupid, some of the piecemeal comments on both sides make me realize that we as Americans in general don't have a lot going on upstairs either.

Frankly, I'm a little afraid now.
scared shitless, CA
Completely agree ... Thanks. -Josh Gross
15:44 October 17
If you care about the less fortunate then Obama is the guy.
In these economic times, when taxes have to be raised, imo, to fund what this country is always complaining about like healthcare, medical research, loans, frickin' FEMA trailers after hurricanes, He has a great plan. You cannot take the exact same percentage from everyone. Isn't the cost of living in New York for a rich guy the same as for a poor one? So taking 30% of 1 million bucks, then only 22% of the dude who makes 50,000 bucks sounds pretty fair. Rich dude, you still are rich!!! Poor dude will never get to send his kids to college if he didn't have a tax break. Rich dude, you can send me, poor dude and poor dude's kids to  ....
Bianca Dani., AL
15:41 October 17
Because I said so.
Joe the plumber, OH
15:41 October 17
What Adam said:

Instead of asking people who you should vote for, maybe you should just get in your car, drive to K-Mart or Wal-Mart or anyplace in your state that sells handguns, buy one, buy some bullets, drive out to a field and blow your brains out.

Only someone with the intelligence of a doormat doesn't know who to vote for at this point. "Oh, please people, tell me who to vote for! I'm a frikkin' moron! I don't watch television save for UFC and I can't read! I have no social skills or abilities of my own! I am a blank slate to which other slightly less stupid people can write their opinions on."

Plese Josh, just do us a favor and don't vote at all. If you're to ....
Bob Loblaw
See my comment to Adam's post below. -Josh Gross
15:25 October 17
15:24 October 17
Isn't it pretty clear that the reason for this web site is why this country is sinking into hole? Take a look dude, you have pro-McCain people writing in the Obama column and vice-versa. You going to trust any of these idiots if they can't follow a simple direction like choosing a column?
Elitist snob, NY
15:13 October 17
Canada is America's hat.
re: Adam
15:11 October 17
Instead of asking people who you should vote for, maybe you should just get in your car, drive to K-Mart or Wal-Mart or anyplace in your state that sells handguns, buy one, buy some bullets, drive out to a field and blow your brains out.

Only someone with the intelligence of a doormat doesn't know who to vote for at this point. "Oh, please people, tell me who to vote for! I'm a frikkin' moron! I don't watch television save for UFC and I can't read! I have no social skills or abilities of my own! I am a blank slate to which other slightly less stupid people can write their opinions on."

Plese Josh, just do us a favor and don't vote at all. If you're too pathetically incompetant ....
Adam from Canada
I don't think how early or late a person makes a voting decision is an indication of his or her intelligence.

I haven't made a decision yet because I think I still have a lot to learn about the candidates and the issues. This site gives people the opportunity to try and help me learn by sharing their opinions.

So far there have been a lot of helpful and insightful comments posted. Obviously, yours is not one of them.

Try clicking the "About" link on the top of the page to get a better idea of who I am and what this site is for. Then try posting a helpful comment.

Cheers. -Josh Gross
15:04 October 17
He's for HOPE and CHANGE and other vague generalities! It will be awesome when people figure out what his tax plan actually does to marginal tax rates. And a near or possibly filibuster-proof senate, we are *so* close to our Utopian future! Also, he's the ONE.
Anonymous, OR
15:04 October 17
he is clearly the one who is going to bring about a helpful change in our country.
cynthia, CA
15:02 October 17
Because he is a smart, compassionate, and calm man. The president doesn't (or shouldn't) actually write legislation. He sets the tone. You can really see Obama listening to people and thinking about what they say. He's criticized as "elitist", but he is elite, and I to feel like my leader is more well-equipped to lead than I am, so the GOP can put away that folksy stuff.

Conversely, McCain is stubborn and by all accounts has a horrible temper. And policy-wise, his potential Supreme Court appointments could severely imbalance the Court for years to come.
Creighton, CO
14:55 October 17
Vote for Obama because I . . er . . I mean John McCain doesn't really want to be president anymore . . .
John M., AZ
14:53 October 17
His greatest strength would be his humility. His greatest weakness is that it's possible he is too awesome
Rums, AZ
14:52 October 17
John Mcain Killed My Grandpa. Thats why!!!
Jon, NY
14:48 October 17
Sarah Palin
todd palin, AK
14:46 October 17
I think the most important issue is woman's rights, I mean I get your a guy and guys probably don't care about it but think of it like this what if your sister or your mother was raped and she found out she was pregnant, wouldn't it, shouldn't it be her right to decide to abort the pregnancy...this is a huge issue that is thrown into the background and it is one that clearly separates both sides I don't think personally that it is a decision that some old guys should have to make. And think about it right now how many people go to Mexico for cheap procedures what if abortions were outlawed, more and more women would subject themselves to more dangerous procedures in foreign countries. Nobody wants to carry around a physical  ....
Tiffany Hall, TX
14:44 October 17
1. His Economic policies will help the 80% of Americans who have been jilted by Trickle-down economic theories since Reagan

2. Woman should have the right to make informed medical desicions with their doctors without government restrictions

3. He insists on an end date for the war

4. The whole rest of the world will stop laughing at us

5. Palin doesn't have the knowledge or capabilities to be second-in-command and her nomination is an insult to every educated woman in this country

6. Piss off racists
Amanda, WA
14:42 October 17
we don't need another bush
rel, CA
14:37 October 17
All of the reasons below -- PLUS this: What if McCain died?! Ohmygod it's too horrible for words... discuss amongst yourselves...
Krystal J., OR
14:31 October 17
He wants to make a good-faith effort to reverse the trend of increasing economic inequality in this country while still preserving economic incentives for entrepreneurs and small businesses. McCain has indicated that he would most likely continue with Bush's policy of giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, hoping that this somehow translates to gains for everyone down the line. In short, Obama wants supports reasonable, fair reforms for the good of all. McCain really really hopes, despite all evidence to the contrary, that trickle-down economics actually works.
Matt V, IA
14:30 October 17
As for me, I'm voting for Obama because women's issues are very important to me (being one of them) and I am very strongly pro-choice and pro-sexual education (not abstinence education, which does NOT work). I am extremely impressed by Barack Obama's planning -- he says some wild idealistic things, like about health care, but he's genuinely thinking ahead. He published a science plan. A science plan! A plan for how he intends to foster participation in the sciences and education in our children and innovation throughout America. (Source: http://sefora.org/2008/09/26/o... )

He gives me hope. But if you're not so easily sold, then you should read, and you should decide. C ....
Kay, CO
14:30 October 17
Because McCain is scary.
sss, TX
14:28 October 17
Because by the look of your haircut and beard, you're not wealthy enough to vote Republican.
Ed Arias, NY
Hahahahaha. -Josh Gross
14:27 October 17
Aint no party like an Obama party cause an Obama party don't stop.
Steve Wilson, ME
14:27 October 17
It's time for a change and Obama is the only candidate that is going to give us the type of change we need!
Dave, CA
14:26 October 17
Ask yourself the following questions:
In addition to seeing these candidates as the future president/leader, you should also be able to say yes easily to the following questions:
1. Would you hire Obama as your CEO? as your Sr. Strategist?
2. Would you hire Biden as your CEO? as your Sr. Strategist?

now answer the same questions:
3. Would you hire McCain as your CEO? as your Sr. Strategist?
4. Would you hire Pallen as your CEO? as your Sr. Strategist?

This is about leadership and respect - from home and abroad.

I have yet to hear Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina say they would have hired McCain or Pallen when they were CEO of eBay and HP.

Hope this helps.
Anna L., CA
14:25 October 17
Because you seem like the kind of guy that doesn't want to be drafted into the military. McCain agreed with a supporter who said that the Iraq war could not be continued without reinstating the draft.

That, and McCain is against net nutrality and Obama is for it. A vote for McCain is a vote for killing your internet revenue.
Dirk Bentley, CA
14:25 October 17
Do it for your Canadian friends.
14:24 October 17
You are a douche.
Greg, GA
14:23 October 17
Because the other guy is old.
He could be like, your Grandpa.
He'd have a heart attack in the middle of being president and whatnot. Plus, black guys are cooler.
Allisonwonderland, WA
14:19 October 17
You should vote for Obama because he is young and cool and he is confident in what he believes. He believes that people should get free health care. he believes we should get out of Iraq. Plus he is going to save the economy because he is getting rid of governmental programs that aren't needed. Oh yeah and it's better than what is happening,in terms of what party is ruling the country right now .
Bob, MA
14:18 October 17
I don't know what your criteria is for voting, but I can tell you mine.
I can't vote for someone who believes that we should teach Intelligent Design or Creationism in schools. Separation of Church and State. The opposition may say "Evolution is just a theory!" or "we should teach both!" Just a theory...evolution is a theory that is supported all over the world due to research and testing. Since a very very large portion of biology is dependent on evolution, teaching both would require loads of extra curriculum. It's just not plausible.

I also cannot vote for someone who is strictly pro-life even in cases of abortions from rape or incest. Palin is simply uneducated and just tries to act cute to  ....
No Lipstick on Pitbull, CA
14:17 October 17
There is absolutely no reason to be undecided at this point. Everything you need to know about the candidates (voting records, stated policy positions, nonpartisan analysis of positions) is readily available.

Get involved and do your own research. Then volunteer or donate to your chosen candidate.

Also remember that there are many other important races and issues that will be on your ballot. Get educated about those as well.

You have a voice in decisions that shape the future and mean life or death for thousands, if not millions, of people. Those before us have died to give us this voice. Honor them by taking your right and responsibility seriously.
Kristopher L Anderson, FL
14:16 October 17
cause bitch!
Thyena, FL
14:13 October 17
He's young, and fresh, and has good new idea's to reverse all the damage of past years.

Also, with McCain, you're looking at potentially having the DUMBEST woman running the country. Watch any interviews with her and you'll see her answer to everything is about her kids or hockey or Russia.

Obama is change we can believe in.
Caroline A, TX
14:12 October 17
Because he will lower your taxes and not cause the spontaneous combustion of our planet as we know it. He is also smarter and has a better running mate. You know McCain is old and will probably die in office. That means that Sarah Palin could possibly be president one day. For the sake of humanity this cannot happen.
Gina, CT
14:10 October 17
While there are several reasons I'd pick Obama over McCain, 2 are the most prominent to me right now (and quicker to write about!)

1. The rest of the world REALLY really wants Obama. Look at these poll numbers from the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/worl... The Bush Administration has completely destroyed our rep with the rest of the world and an Obama presidency is the first step in repairing our image on a global scale.

2. Despite McCain having a woman on his ticket, Obama is the most pro-woman candidate. I realize that you are a guy, but chances are that you have some important women in your life whether they be your wife, girlfriend, mother, si ....
Becca, MT
14:10 October 17
Obama has proved himself to be level-headed, whereas McCain has been extremely erratic in the weeks. Obama also has shown that he is going to lower taxes on ~80% of the American population. Even if he says 95%, 80% is still substantial. Also, if experience is a question, just think that people like Simon Bolivar and Teddy Roosevelt were able to enact extreme political changes with less experience than Obama has.
David, VA
14:04 October 17
Because John McCain, a 72 year old cancer survivor, picked Sarah Palin as VP. Sarah Palin has yet to hold a press conference, which Joe Plumber now beats her in that tally.
Trent, TX
14:04 October 17
Obama > McCain.
Kat, NJ
14:02 October 17
123456 POKEMON!
Who ya gonna vote for?
Who ya gonna vote for?

Because Neil Cicireiga told me so while dancing on the tubes of you. that's clearly why.

Also, it's quite clear to me that if science and medicine are going to make further advances in this country voting for Obama would only be a boone to that advancement versus McCain whose conservative (i.e. religious) views impede him in making decisions upon important bills that help in stem cell research or keeping science in the science classrooms and theology out of them (they belong in religion classes, not biology).

Don't worry, Bill Murray.
Mary, MI
14:02 October 17
Because you probably make less than $250,000, and your taxes WILL be cut. On Obama's website, there's a tax calculator. You put in your income and some other stats, and it tells you how much Obama's tax plan will benefit you, and how much McCain's will. It's a BLATANT number reason to vote for Obama, something you simply cannot refute.
Jennifer, TX
13:59 October 17
Because I don't want to be forced to carry babies that I don't want to term so that Old Man River and Daisy Adair can use it to show what a "complete" family they are.

Because gay people aren't second-class citizens.

Because global warming is man-made.

Because welfare parents aren't lazy.

Because the war is wasteful and the money can go elsewhere.

Because people who make less money deserve more tax breaks, not the other way around.

Because everyone deserves healthcare, even the unemployed.

Because education in this country is sorely lacking.

Because religion should not dictate the laws of an entire nation.

Because racists sho ....
Leelers, NY
13:59 October 17
Obama thinks.
McCain reacts.
Obama is the future.
McCain is the past.
Obama is reason.
McCain is grudge, revenge and anger.
Obama grasps the big picture.
McCain is out of touch with the current world situation.
Obama expands borders.
McCain defends borders.
Obama respects women.
McCain clearly doesn't.
Obama reflects.
McCain repels.
Hilary M, CA
13:58 October 17
Over the course of this campaign, Senator Obama has been able to keep himself calm, cool and collected. Unlike his challenger, who has lost his cool one too many times, Sen. Obama has been fairly even-keel. Wouldn't you rather have someone in the White House who isn't going to make rash decisions and instead, weigh both sides of the issue(s) and determine what is best for the country? After all the this time, Mr. Obama is acting like a true adult, taking responsibility for and explaining his actions and not cracking under the pressure. That's pretty impressive, don't you think?
Liz, VA
13:57 October 17
I think he will actually bring change to this country. Yes, Democrats may not preach about tax cuts like Republicans do, but it seems to me that all the tax cuts go to the wrong people.

Voting Barack in office will also give the outside world a reason to look at us differently. International opinion of the US is not nearly as positive as it once was. We need to be taken seriously again.

And who needs a hockey mom in office. I am a woman and I am not questioning her credentials because she's female. I question them because I think she was chosen by McCain for all the wrong reasons.

Good luck deciding!
Amy, IL
13:57 October 17
John McCain doesn't take the economic crisis seriously enough. He was recently quoted (within the last six months or so, but before the bailout talk started) as saying that we are no where near recession. He is completely out of touch with what is going on with this generation or the middle to lower class. Barack Obama grew up in an area that has been hit hard in the last 20 years economically. He knows what we need to ko.
Katie, OH
13:57 October 17
The Republican economic strategy is to create huge debts that weaken the Government and allow privatization of many federally regulated industries. A vote for McCain is a continuation of that strategy, and the growth of companies like Blackwater, Haliburton, and others who are waiting to feed off the governments carcass. The oil companies have been enormously successful and have earned record profits, and thus far, none of that success has made it back into the economy.
Besides the economy, McCain is a fine candidate, but one from a different era. It's like electing your Grandad to be president. The man didn't even know how to use the Internet. With all due respect, do we have the luxury of waiting for  ....
Michael Morris, CA
13:57 October 17
Obama and McCain are both qualified candidates who would do a good job--the difference is just your personal views about different political issues. Sarah Palin, however, is dangerous. Being the Mayor of a tiny town in Alaska for ten years and then being Governor of I believe the third smallest state by population in America does not qualify her to run a country. One of her initial selling points was that she fought government corruption in Alaska, but that could not be farther from the truth. A committee just found that she abused her power by firing an employee for very personal reasons. She has taken dangerous steps towards erasing the boundary between church and state. And come on, she actually thinks being close to Russ ....
Madeleine, NY
13:56 October 17
Because Republicans are the devil.
Rog, ME
13:53 October 17
just because Obama is more likable, is more trustworthy, more convincing that he will actually change the way Gov. is and help the middle and poor. Whereas McCain is just the opposite, looks deceiving, is not likable by any standards, heck, even the Republicans don't like him but he is all they got!
Jay, TX
13:51 October 17
Because thats it.
Trax, NJ
13:46 October 17
I am technically classified in the Middle Class, and so are most all of the people in my community. I realize that McCain wants to help the Middle Class, and if I were selfish, I would vote for him because I want to help myself. However, even though I am in an economic struggle like I have never been before, I can afford food, a bed, and a roof over my head. So, I am not really the one that needs it. Obama wants to help the poor and a lot of poverty stricken citizens cannot even provide themselves with necessities like food, a bed, and a shelter. One thing I am upset about is that neither candidates support gay marriage, and I was really rooting for Obama to convince the American public to vote fo ....
Alice, GA
13:45 October 17
Because he is 10 times cooler than McCain and his Vice president isn't a dumb hockey mom, trophy wife, political wannabe from Alaska. Definately vote Obama. Not just for these reasons. It is time for a change. McCain has all the same views as Bush. He supports the war in Iraq and wants to continue drilling for oil in foreign countries which will raise gas princes for the millionth time in the past five years. McCain is a self serving douchebag and doesn't need to be president. We can't afford to have him in office. If I were you, I'de vote for Obama. Of course the decision is all yours, these are just my opinions. Hope I helped!
Katie, VA
13:43 October 17
Because as the great-granddaughter, granddaughter, daughter, and sister of current and former American soldiers, I can unequivocally say that John McCain's POW status and stories, while honorable and inspiring, do NOT a president make. He does not want to protect the Constitution as he stated he would when he became an officer of this country.

Because anyone who would align themselves with a woman--neigh, a human being-- like Sarah Palin,

Who charges women for their own rape kits
Who injects her radically Christian views into every part of her policy
Who would slander a man as a terrorist to bait voters
Who condemns sexism and then uses it to APPEAL TO VOTERS during stump ....
Jess, CA
13:41 October 17
Morgan, CO
13:39 October 17
He's hot, his wife is cute, his kids are adorable, and I'll mow your lawn if you do. (take that how ever you want)
Beckto, CT
13:34 October 17
McCain is a mean old guy who called his wife the "C" word in front of the press. He can't win on the issues, so he just talks about Obama. Besides that, any time he gets tired (and that would never happen as president, right?) he starts getting confused, misnames locations, forgets who our allies are. He would would have been viable 8 years ago ....
13:32 October 17
While I may not agree with everything that Obama will or will not do in office, I think you should vote for Obama only because he advocates for women's rights. If it was up to McCain, Roe v. Wade would be repealed and every state would have varying laws on abortion. This certainly wouldn't reduce the # of abortions or save children's lives, it would just cause a multitude of problems.
13:27 October 17
A vote for McCain equals a vote for damning any kids or future generations. Choose someone who thinks ahead, not someone who thinks about when he has to take his pills and drink his Ensure.
Eric, OH
13:25 October 17
Because nobody should vote for McCain, he is NOT the future!
Andy Busk, MI
13:24 October 17
He's level headed, and more interested in restoring your lost Constitutional rights than McCain is.

Also, Biden supports not charging rape victims for their own exams... unlike Mrs. Palin.
Chuck, PA
13:23 October 17
13:22 October 17
Because he believes in the right to choose- there is a high possibility that if McCain were to be elected, during his term, the majority of Supreme Court Justices would be conservatives, a couple appointed by McCain himself, in an effort to overturn the supposedly euntouchablef original decision.

Because a portion of the foreclosure problem is the uninsured canft pay for their medical bills. Because there are thousands of employed people who have worked everyday of their lives and are unable to get health insurance, particularly for pre-existing conditions.

Because he understands that tradition fiscal decisions arenft going to fix anything.
Samantha, KY
13:18 October 17
Unless if you're independently wealthy, Obama makes more sense for financial reasons. Lower taxes for almost everyone are an obvious benefit. Obama has a more reasonable approach towards our health care system than does McCain - not perfect but at least he doesn't assume that everyone can afford insurance to start with. Those who are self-employed or work for small businesses that don't provide insurance should know that McCain's proposed tax credit doesn't give you the means to buy insurance - it just offsets a portion of the cost that you've paid.
Melanie, NC
13:16 October 17
McCain is racist. Do you want someone like this running the country?

Lou, DC
13:15 October 17
If you aren't racist or ignorant, or stupid in general, you should vote for him.
Gwen, CA
13:15 October 17
According to The Daily Show, you're either chronically insecure, don't get enough attention, or just stupid.

Also, Obama is smart.
Jack, NC
13:15 October 17
Because quite simply its time to have a President smarter than most of us. Obama was head of the Harvard Law Review!!! How many of us can actually understand the articles in it, yet alone be able to dissect and edit them. For too long, we've wanted someone like us in office - we see where that got us - lets actually vote for the smart guy this time.
Patrick, NY
13:14 October 17
Because everytime I do, ACORN gives me another 40 oz
of King Cobra!

(5) this week alone Cracker!

Vote Early and Often!!!!
NIg-nute-Toon the III, OH
13:14 October 17
Because he believes in equality for ALL.
Remy, CA
13:13 October 17
Obama is intelligent, calm and determined, with the best interest of the country at heart.
Sara, WI
13:13 October 17
The question isn't "Why McCain?". It's "Why Palin?". And that's the problem.

Let's face it, McCain is old. The presidency is an extremely stressful job that ages presidents, and McCain doesn't have any extra years to give. He has already battled cancer and there is a possibility he will die during his term. That leaves us with Sarah Palin as president.

Here's why Palin is bad for this country.

Palin tried to remove books from her local library because she said she disagreed with them. She also said she hadn't, in fact, read them. This is the sort of igrnorant, closemindedness this country does NOT need. In a time where Americans are looked at as ignorant, war mon ....
Deana, MA
13:12 October 17
I plan on voting for Obama because I can not get behind anyone who is pro-life. It is my body, and my life. How dare someone else try to make a decision for me that effects me in such a personal way.
Laura, NY
13:11 October 17
'cause my mommy told me to vote for him.
bill, NV
13:09 October 17
I'm choosing to vote for Obama because I make under 250,000 a year and am looking forward to a tax break ;-)
13:09 October 17
Because this election is about real change. We need a leader who can not only clean up the mess of the past eight years, but someone who will put America's reputation back on top, someone who will bring our troops home safely, someone who will help the middle-class and fix our economy, someone who is a true leader, and Barack Obama is that leader.
Jeff, NY
13:09 October 17
McCain and Palin like to present themselves as "just ordinary folks" - indeed, they pride themselves on it.

Since when do we want ordinary folks running the White House? Since when is that a GOOD thing?
Emma, CO
13:08 October 17
Would YOU feel comfortable having your Grandfather, who calls you 7 different names before getting to you your actual name, or just gives up and says "hey, boy" or "hey, son" run the country? think about oh and then when McCain kicks the bucket would you feel comfortable with Sarah Palin running (or as she would say "runnin' "), who makes Paris Hilton seem slightly literate? your choice, Josh. =]
Shannon, CA
13:08 October 17
Cause he has a BBD.
13:07 October 17

the venom that is being spewed by the likes of sam from KY and Crazeecarl in WA (pro mccain) is frightening. there are many folks on this page, on both sides of the ticket, with intelligent remarks and healthy debate. racist remarks do nothing for the mccain cause – they actually encourage more for votes obama. these idiots aren't republicans. and they certainly aren't democrats. i'd hardly classify them as americans. they are shameful disgraces and god help us i hope they stay home on nov 04.
jen, VA
13:06 October 17
you suck!
mj, OK
13:03 October 17
John McCain voted for the war in Iraq, which was easily the biggest decision that our legislators made this decade. He didn't see/refused to see/accepted the fabrication that Iraq had no WMDs and helped lead us into a battle that caused the death of over 4000 American troops.

This decision cannot be rewarded. He is unfit to lead because of his bad judgement.
Matthew, IL
13:00 October 17
Two words: Sarah Palin.
John, AZ
13:00 October 17
Because in the one common presidential decision that both men have had to make--the choice for Vice President--Obama chose someone who was qualified to be President rather than someone who was qualified to energize the base.
Matt, NC
12:59 October 17
At this point, Obama is the only possible candidate who can help save America's reputation. McCain may have attacked Obama for going to Germany and giving the speech in Berlin because this is an "American" election. But it is NOT an American election. It is a global election.

When America votes, the world watches. And the global consensus seems to be that Obama is the right choice to once again make America a super power.

Besides, if McCain dies in office (which isn't so far-fetched), do you really want to be lead by Sarah Palin????
12:57 October 17
McCain supporter Theresa can't even spell "moral"
Marj, NY
12:54 October 17
McCain\ Palin Supporters are racist
Em, VA
12:53 October 17
Barack Obama has a clear view of the way the world perceives America, and wants to change the negative impact the Bush Administration has made on our country.

John McCain can't even conceive e-mail, let alone fixing the budget and our current economic crisis.

McCain has voted for and supported Bush's disastrous policies for too many years to say that he's "different."

The Republican party has run this country into the ground, and it is time for some fresh blood to make a few changes in Washington.

I do belive Barack Obama is the man for that job. His tax plan would actually lower taxes for 95% of Americans, and only those who make over $250,000 a year would see an inc ....
Sam, TX
12:46 October 17
For the first time in this country, Obama will make affordable heath care available to all. No one will be turned down based on a pre-existing condition. If you know anyone who has ever not had insurance, or was not able to get insurance because of a disease or inherited condition they could do nothing to prevent, you know how scary it can be to watch your friends and family not be able to get the medical attention they need. Obama's health care plan makes heath care a basic human right, as it should be.
Susan, OH
12:46 October 17
As for the heathcare - McCain's plan is so flawed. His $5,000 credit won't cover anything. He has also failed to mention it will be TAXED. So that $5,000 you have? Yeah that will turn into a couple hundred dollars. He has also failed to mention he wont regulate the insurance companies. So they can jack up their deductibles and decline anyone if they have a mole.
My good friend was just diagnosed with cervical cancer. She has to get a hysterectomy next month. She's 42. Her work provides her with insurance but, the deductible is $5,000. This is all predicated on the hopes that they don't decide this is a "Pre Existing" condition. No one should have to choose between taking care of their heath or if they are goin ....
Katie, CA
12:46 October 17
Obama is the face of the future and of change. McCain is simply more of of the same.
12:46 October 17
sarah palin. nuf said.
swiss, CA
12:39 October 17
Neither Candidate is a Hero; they're Politicians.

But do you really want to hear/see more of Palin?
Another Gross, CA
12:34 October 17
McCain and Palin want to overthrow Roe vs. Wade. Palin has even stated she would like to also make it illegal even in cases of INCEST and RAPE. Obama supports a woman's right to choose. And while I know you are a man, what about the women in your life? What if one of them were raped? What if they couldn't make that decision on their own? McCain/Palin will take that away from her.
Katie, CA
12:33 October 17
You'll save LOTS of money, get free healthcare, and live in a country that's not totally despised by the rest of the world anymore.
moneyries, NY
12:31 October 17
12:29 October 17
McCain is a hot headed liar and his economic policy is horrible. and what about the first amendment? C'mon, have you not watched the debates?!
12:29 October 17
go fuck yourself
jonah, OH
12:05 October 17
Obama seems like pretty cool-headed guy compared to McCain. I think, given all the shit that's flying around, we really need a president who doesn't panic, who is decisive, but not rash. My impression of Obama, thus far, is that he's that type of guy.
David Perry, CA
12:04 October 17
One word: Bush.
Larry, VA
11:47 October 17
If you think that a woman should have the right make decisions about her own body in consultation with a practicing physician, her significant other, and her own conscience and beliefs, then you should vote for Obama.

If you think the government should be involved in these decisions, then vote for McCain and pray that you never get a faulty condom.
Jessica, NV
11:40 October 17
I think he's a better leader. One of the complaints brought up about Obama is that he doesn't have the long history of Washington experience that so many presidential candidates exhibit. But he just ran - and won - one of the toughest primary campaigns in Democratic party's history, and came out still holding to his message of cleaning up politiics. One of the toughest things a president will do in his term is get elected. I think Obama has shown what he may lack in years of experience, he more than makes up for in natural leadership. We're choosing a leader, so I think he's a better choice.
Kenny Snowball, OH
11:36 October 17
Obama states his plans with clarity and with poise. McCain has yet to clearly and succinctly his plans for a very important issue - the economy.
dc, NY
11:23 October 17
Here's one good reason. If you make less than a quarter of a million dollars, you'll almost certainly receive a tax cut with Obama. Even my republican husband was swayed somewhat by this calculator.

Rachel, OH
11:14 October 17
Because he can keep a cool head under pressure and not make irrational, quick decisions. He's also NOT a Republican. ( - :
ObamaMama, IL
11:09 October 17
Even if McCain doesn't die and leave Sarah Palin president, his choice of her as his VP pick has already hurt his reputation globally.

Dem, CA
11:04 October 17
The Democrats didn't create the lie "Trickle Down Theory" which recently has proven to mean Steal from America and then be rewarded more.......
Vote Democrat, the least of the evils.......
Bob, CO
10:59 October 17
Simple, VP picks. Prior to the Vice Presidential picks, I was leaning more toward McCain. I have always respected McCain (I also come from a military family). However, his selection of Palin has as VP has just befuddled me. She is a wacko, is uneducated, uninformed and talks like the police chief in "Fargo." I simply could not see her as president, if something happened to McCain. It also makes me question his decision making process. There absolutely had to be better choices than this woman who is clearly way out of her league. For the record, I'm not a big fan of Biden either, but I believe that he could at least do the job without completely embarrassing our Country.
Jim, CA
10:55 October 17
He is a better speaker and leader.
He is smarter.
He agrees with me that we should have focused on the war in Afghanistan, and not gone in to Iraq because the 9/11 terrorists were trained and planned in Afghanistan and Iraq had nothing to do with it. Obama represents the future and McCain the past.
Shmuel, FL
10:52 October 17

A lot of the people who are voting for McCain say on this site that they are angry that Obama (in a solidly democratic fashion) would tax the upper class and people who have "worked hard for their money" and that in reality, that doesn't solve any financial problems. HOWEVER, when Bill Clinton left office, there was a budget surplus and unemployment had been reduced to 4%. Since we've had a Republican in the White House for 8 years, the national unemployment average is up to 6.1% in 9/08 (Dept. of Labor Statistics) and the national debt has hit an all time high of $455 billion (http://www.latimes.com/news/po...).

You can see which ....
Anonymous, CA
10:51 October 17
because he has blue lips, and you know what that menas, he has a blue D*ck...Ha Ha Ha
Mike, DC
10:42 October 17
Cuz he's smart and hopefully he can get the job done!
Paul, CA
10:41 October 17
In 3 debates, you have never head McCain mention the middle class. Based on his plan, you will end up paying more taxes, while he takes care of his friends in the upper eschlon.
Chet Miller, TX
10:38 October 17
Our country is not the great land it used to be. Thanks to Bush/Cheney and their regime, we are seen as a joke in the international community. Not to mention the largest financial crisis since the great depression which came from their economic policies. Our dollar is worth less than many currencies, a startling fact that would have been inconceivable 8 years ago.

As much as we like to separate ourselves from the rest of the world, we cannot do this. China owns us and Russia is becoming increasingly aggressive. We rely on not only our government but the government of our allies to bring peace and prosperity to our citizens.

The current state of affairs came about due to a war-mongering president and  ....
10:20 October 17
I absolutely love the racial slurs, insults, and terrorist comments about Obama. They do a fantastic job of exposing the blind, stubborn ignorance of many McCain supporters. And, as we know from the "Kill him" rally, McCain has said nothing to stop it. In fact, he encourages this type of groupthink.
So please- keep the comments coming. Josh needs to know the kind of ranks he'll be joining if he votes for McCain.
Lindsay H, IL
09:40 October 17
The republicans somehow have many people convinced that they don't want a member of the "elite" in the White House, and instead should want someone who's just "regular folks". Personally, I want the smartest personal possible (and certainly someone way smarter than myself) running things, the more phd's from top elitist schools the better.
kd, CA
09:40 October 17
The team he has put together to help get us out of the financial crisis is made up of some of the best/most influential people in the financial industry.

His plan for affordable healthcare for everyone is huge.

He inspires people, which is something we have not seen in a president in a long time.
Ted, CA
09:36 October 17
If you look at the comments from the McCain side (and the candidates themselves) you'll see that they're just playing back their party's carefully scripted platform, rather than providing any real insight or solutions.
Kevin, CA
09:18 October 17
Pailin in office is scary. I wish we could see the cabinet nominees of both parties.... I'd like to vote for the entire package. My vote is more anti-Pail than pro-Obama.
Tony, IL
09:06 October 17
Because the republican nominee is a bug in a McCain suit. Remember MIB?
pilgrim, PA
08:51 October 17
skzm in OK,

Please read what I just wrote to Sam in KY. It applies to you too.

Do you live under a rock?

And another thing, since when does having some class and eloquence = "uppity"? Are you scared of a President who's smarter than you? And uses bigger words than you?

I doubt you're "mid class" because you have NO CLASS.
08:45 October 17
Sam in KY:

People like you scare me. The fact that there are more like you really scares me! In this day and age with so much information at your fingertips how, please tell me how, can you be so damn ignorant? I try to stand up for uneducated people like you but you make it so hard.

If you want to find out about Obama's relatives, read his book. You would find out his father isn't even alive for one thing.

You're too dumb to vote. Shouldn't be allowed to. Do America a favor and stay home on Nov. 4
08:38 October 17
Fuck that upity 60% arab 20% white and 20% negro lying barney fife lookn asshole who is going to fuck us real mid class wokers. Fact.
skzm, OK
08:34 October 17
He isn't Bush, Palin or McCain.

McCain keeps talking about how he "goes against his own party" and Obama hasn't. There is a reason for that; His party is always wrong. But what McCain has done is support Bush 90% of the time.

Bush, the guy who brought you the following: Enron, $140 oil, 9/11, 5 years and several billions in Iraq, largest decline in stock market history, no bid Iraq contracts, the lowest value of the dollar since the great depression, record foreclosure rates, Intelligent Design, proposed putting social security in the now failing stock market, No Bin Laden, No Child Left Behind, record health care costs, largest shift in wealth ow ....
Toad, IL
08:22 October 17
Obama vs. McCain = A Wash
Biden vs. Palin = BIDEN!

It's a big ball of chaos as it is, what would I call it if Palin ran this country? Sure hope we never have to find out.
Amabo, DC
08:19 October 17
Because McCain's cancer prognosis is questionable and we can not have Sarah Palin running the country with her good buddies from Alaska.
Diane Fassino, MA
07:39 October 17
Fuck McCain thats why!!!
joe-joe, MA
07:18 October 17
I'm not going to try an convince you. I think both Obama & McCain have run ads and spewed rhetoric that doesn't represent either.

I use to be a huge McCain fan until he started pandering to the Republican base too much. At one point he seemed more neutral than anything, but now instead of using his head he is using his advisors.

I will be voting for Obama simply because he isn't saying he's going to to change the country. He's trying to make the people realize this is our country and it is the people that make the change, not the politicians.

As for the experience debate, neither have been president, so until one is I think this question is just a question being used on both sides to cloud t ....
Tim, WI
06:30 October 17
Just read all the misinformation, hate and fear in the other column. The conservative right have "governed" this way for far to long. Josh, we're not a nation of idiots, and I believe a majority of intelligent and informed Americans will support Obama because he represents the best of who we are as a nation.
I want better, NY
04:35 October 17
What this country needs now is a true american patriot. RON PAUL !!!
04:25 October 17
The only argument necessary: Palin and witchcraft
Snitzengrube, CT
02:45 October 17
I'll be there, CA
01:56 October 17
McCain is like a million years old.
ed, CA
01:27 October 17
Those who are afraid of USA becoming like Canada or Cuba because of free health care ought to travel to at least 2 more countries before deciding who they will vote for.
Amanda, MN
01:18 October 17
Every aspect of a traumatized person's life is affected by a natural re-enactment mechanism that leads people to do crazy stuff. It's a simple fact of the human condition.

Don't let McCain take become president of the US, please.
Alex, NY
00:35 October 17
Because McCain is a scary Robot.
Dan, MD
00:11 October 17
PRESIDENT PALIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jimbo, IN

October 16next  prev
23:56 October 16
Higher taxes, more government intervention, socialism, poor judgment, untested leadership.
John M., OH
23:34 October 16
He's a dip shit.
Bambie, WA
23:31 October 16
He's willing to think through ideological differences to reach practical compromises. McCain circa 2000 did this too. McCain circa 2008 has NOT done this b/c he needed to pander to a base to get a nomination and win their support in the general election. What happens when those people come "to collect"? Bye bye legalized abortion, hello wire hangers. Forget sensible tax reform. Forget reasonable, collaborative international policy. Not a huge fan of Obama, per se, but I am a huge fan of realistic, practical, populist governing.

Other things:
1) "Marxist economists" are theorists who talk about the rooting of social differences in revenue disparity. Marxism" actually has  ....
Moderate Gay Guy, IL
22:06 October 16
he's not gramppy
holden, IL
22:04 October 16
he is the man
ed, MA
21:55 October 16
You undecided voters scare the shit out of me. How can you not have an opinion about anything that's going on in the United States right now? Obama and McCain's policies are so different, if you haven't found something you care about what can I tell you really?

If anything, vote Obama to protect the health and wellbeing of women in this country. You have a mother, maybe sisters? Maybe a girlfriend? McCain is a misogynistic idiot and he wants to take away our rights to health, pay equality and well being.

There are so many reasons why Obama is a better choice for this country. I sincerely hope that you'll do some of your own research and think about what each candidate stands for so you can be an educa ....
L., CA
21:34 October 16
better health care
ma, IL
21:29 October 16
Three words:
McCain picked Palin.
Tom, NJ
21:26 October 16
70% of our national debt was created by just 3 republicans
McCain is no maverick he's a sidekick for a loser managed by the same losers who marketed Bush as a conservative
Palin is a bigger boob than Bush 1 heartbeat of a 72 yr old cancer survivors heart away from being president

I'd rather set my hair on fire than vote republican
Heywood Jablowme, MN
21:22 October 16
McCain: Legacy Admission to the Naval Academy. Ends up graduating 894 out of a class of 899.
Palin: 5 'safety schools' and six years to get her BA in journalism - failed as a sports reporter.

We just had 8 years under a C-student, can we really afford to trust the helm to two D-students?

Obama: Graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE from Harvard Law. Editor or the Harvard Law Review.

With the state of McCain's health, the odds are heavily stacked against him living out the next four years. Palin put a small town $20M in debt to erect a pet project: A hockey center.
Her next big accomplishment was taking $300M in federal funds to build a 'bridge to nowhere'. Bridge canceled, but kept the money.>Regarding her 'executive experience': Most of Alaska is wilderness and uninhabited. Most of the roads aren't even paved.
To show some comparisons: She manages a state that is flush with cash from oil royalties and has less than 700,000 people. There are more children enrolled in the New York City public schools and they are operating under an extremely constrained budget. I would say the Superintendent of Schools in NYC is far more equipped to be president than Palin.

It's not about 'experience' it's about competency.

McCain and Pailn are completely incompetent to run the government.

The Republican party has with increased frequency eschewed people with advanced education, vilified intelligence, and glorifies people with low intelligence, poor education and low potential.

The new Republican heroes: Joe Sixpack (alcoholic?), "Hockey moms", pregnant teenagers, retarded babies, and drop-out dads. ....
Jay, MA
20:44 October 16
I see a pro McCain post pointing to the UK National Health Care system as a reason to vote against Obama. I am a UK citizen that has been living in the US for the past 4 years. Frankly, the health care system in the US has been a major headache for me since day one. The cost for my asthma medication is approx 30 times higher in the US. Dental costs in the US are grossly out of control. They are capped in the UK at approx 175 GBP. In the US I have paid >$1000 for one procedure, literally having to choose a dental procedure over a holiday. When changing jobs in the US I have had different medial insurance on each occasion, meaning I had to tell each new doctor my entire medical history. In the UK I had one family doctor all my ....
Jake, CA
20:36 October 16
i really liked mccain 8 years ago, back when he was more interesting to listen to than al gore and a true conservative, but i think he's a grumpy shadow of the man he was. he's changed himself so much during this election, it feels like he's really just taking one last desperate stab at being president before he dies.

i don't trust the "maverick" choices he's made during this campaign. palin, voting against his own torture bill, etc.

i don't trust someone that can come across so angry during a basic debate--the future president's going to be dealing with many less easy-going people than obama.

i don't believe in tax cuts for the rich, period. it takes a lot of advantages to ....
xtina, CA
20:33 October 16
well, plenty of reasons (lower taxes for 95% of americans, better healthcare, priorities on energy for the future) but here's another one:

a vote for mccain is a vote for palin. and a vote for palin is a SCARY place for americans.

do you have a sister?
a mother?
a girlfriend?
a wife?

god forbid, if she gets raped, palin clearly thinks the right thing to do is give the rape victim no option but to have the rapists' child. ummm, wow. no thanks. that is absolutely horrific, just based on principle.

i don't think mccain is a bad man. but i do think he is out of touch, too elite (how many houses and cars do YOU own?) to understand the real struggles o ....
joojy, VA
19:38 October 16
anything, even a, maybe Marxist , democrat beats what the last 8 yrs have brought us.
stanbee, CA
19:05 October 16
"Joe the plumber"? The McCain campaign has decided to use this guy as his mascot for why he is looking out for the good of the average American person? What they fail to mention is that Joe the plumber is trying to buy a business with a net revenue of over $275,000 a year . . . . .if this guy is in the position to buy a business with that much revenue in the middle of a depression - he is not a struggling American! McCain was born into wealth and doesn't understand what the true meaning of working to accomplish the American dream is. Obama came from the lower-middle class and truly understands those who are struggling to get to a position where they don't have to live pay check to paycheck. Joe the Plumber has accomplished tha ....
amber, CA
18:45 October 16
I was unsure about who to vote for this time around. Up until 8 years ago I was a registered republican. In 2000 I wanted McCain as the republican candidate for president and when Bush was nominated I threw my vote away by voting for a third party candidate. As a result Bush won the election(?) and we were treated to 4 years of lousy leadership. In 2004 I thought there was no way America would vote him in again but I was wrong, Even though I voted for Kerry, Bush won again. It's not that I liked Kerry but, come on! Now, 4 years later the old man, McCain has finally made it to within the possibility of winning the election but he hasn't won my vote of confidence. He chose a woman as VP just to attract some ex-Hillary vot ....
Ethan, CA
18:42 October 16
First, the mechanisms are complex, but what Republican economic polices have done, in the Reagan /Bush years and again in the Bush II years, is redistribute wealth upward. When CEOs get paid millions, pay practically no taxes due to loopholes, and get golden parachutes when their company fails, that's not the magic market in action, that's class warfare politics. Wages for people with college degrees have been stagnant since the 1970s; they've dropped for people who didn't finish high school. Literally, if you make less than seven figures, voting Republican is against your economic interests.

The stock market in the last two generations has done better under Democratic presidents.
< ....
Matt Lenoe, NY
18:34 October 16
because even if I didn't know these two guys from adam, I would say that at least Obama has the decency to treat his running opponent with respect. You don't see him snickering while mcain is talking. Or talking down to him in any way.
eddie, CA
18:28 October 16
There are a lot of people that feel they are owed your extra money. Just the money you are saving in the bank and for retirement.If you dont spend all your money then paying more in taxes is the patriotic thing to do .Spreading of wealth might only mean a few hundred more each month for some poor person standing in the parking lot of Home Depot.
thank you comrade.
Larry, CA
But I don't think the government has the right to take my money to give to these people who feel they're owed it ... That should be a personal choice, not a government order. -Josh Gross
18:24 October 16
I'm not a redneck or a religious freak.
same, CA
18:21 October 16
Obama is willing to give touchy nations like Iran, N. Korea, Venezuela and others the time of day when it comes to foreign policy and negotiations.

We as Americans are in this mess together. Us Americans are in this mess with the rest of the world. How will sticking your head in the sand a refusing to talk to terrorists progress into anything more than an unending war with more Americans and foreigners dead?

Obama will lower taxes for you and me, along with 95% of other Americans. It will be such a shame when millionaires are forced to give up another 3 percent.

We are almost at the point where we have little to lose and much to gain. Let's not forget that I'd rather have Biden than Palin as  ....
Nick Harris, CA
18:20 October 16
I don't make more than $250K a year.
Annie, CA
16:49 October 16
Andrew, CA
15:37 October 16
My parents are getting older and already can't afford operations they need because they don't have health insurance. I don't know how your parents are doing - I hope well - but you and me look like about the same age.
I learned from their mistakes and I know I'll be able to take care of myself - and with Obama's plan I'll still be able to buy whatever health insurance I want if I'm not satisfied with the socialized system. Plus, I'll have peace of mind knowing that my parents' bill won't fall on me. They would rather suffer than have that happen and I would rather pay than have them suffer - so I'm voting for choice for me, coverage for them.
anonymous, NM
15:23 October 16
why isn't your name joe, like every other midwestern, undecided voter?
schmogel, IL

What ever happened to Joe Six Pack?

I couldn't believe how arrogant McCain sounded last night in the debate every time he mentioned lowly, hard-working Joe Plumber. I don't think he and Joe Plumber have the same problems. -Josh Gross
14:00 October 16
Obama, because Sarah Palin is not his running mate. I don't trust someone to be second in command that believes in speaking in tongues, that dinosaurs and humans co-existed, that the end times will happen in there life time. Now, is it just me or does it scare you that the person expecting for the end times in her life time will be in a place of power to make sure it happens.

If your like me and have a hard time believing anything any politician says then I say VOTE Obama because at least he represents the idea and direction this country should go in. One of change, hope, inclusion and the belief that maybe we can fix this mess that Bush and everyone else in Washington DC created. I kind of believe that a ....
FREE Levi Johnston, CA
13:45 October 16
A stable Middle East will have ripple effects and create a more stable world. I truly believe Obama would bring a new approach to finally achieving a real and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
My Israeli cousin sent me this short film of retired Israeli generals discussing their hopes for an Obama presidency.

Roz, CA
Thanks for the link. -Josh Gross
13:40 October 16
It is clear that both candidates have some unreasonable ideas. But it is also clear that one man is looking out for you and me, while the other is looking out for Halliburton and Merrill Lynch. One party, it seems, wants to help other people and one wants to help themselves.

Best of Luck with your decision. Either way, VOTE! It's the most fun you can have without beer!
Jill, NV
12:53 October 16
Remember that Cuba and Canada are not the sole examples of free healthcare. Our country is lightyears behind the rest of the Western world when it comes to healthcare -- we are the ONLY wealthy, industrialized nation without universal healthcare. With our economic state, more Americans are without insurance than ever before.

With Obama's universal healthcare proposal, you would still have the option to stay with your private provider -- no penalties. But, if you are one of the millions of Americans without healthcare, you would now have the option to be protected.

Also remember that in the US we require that all citizens have access to healthcare, regardless of their ability to  ....
SarahN, MN
12:39 October 16
Because Obama is the Right Choice.
Josh, CA
12:08 October 16
It's great that you've decided that you will vote (unless, after all this feedback you've solicited you still decide not to). Now that you've decided to vote, here are two frames of reference that make the case to vote for Obama:

- If you care about yourself / immediate family and friends most: Obama's healthcare plan will be funded initially by deficit-spending, but over the next 20-30 years will provide long-term costs savings. This gives immediate healthcare to your old family/friends, and cheaper healthcare to yourself in the future.

- If you care about the country as a whole: This is a globalized world. Countries cannot afford to remain aloof and overly righteous. Game theory, chaos theory, ....
Andrew, MA
11:59 October 16
The gay agenda.

Why else? Not long ago, "colored" people had to drink from their own fountain, use their own rest rooms, sit in the back of the bus, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

It's about time to open the closet door...permanently.
Brutus Maximus, CT
11:47 October 16
John McCain and Palin will do everything in their power to take away a womans right to choose.
I love babies, TX
11:40 October 16
So that you and I can travel the world with some respect. In addition, the chance of Palin becomming president should scare the heck out of anyone in their right mind.
Do the right thing., AL
I'm sure the McCain campaign was hoping to get some votes by adding Palin to the ticket - seems like it was their answer to Obama's message of change. It's interesting to see how many people, Democrats and Republicans, are actually angry/horrified by their decision. -Josh Gross
11:23 October 16
I thought liberal elites were somewhat open-minded...And you call JOSH dumb.
11:18 October 16
Are you seriously undecided at this point? If you still can't tell the difference between these two then you're too dumb to vote. Please don't. Move. To the south, preferably. Trust me, you'll be welcome.
Liberal Elite, CA
Very classy.

Unfortunately, you're furthering the liberal stereotypes any conservative has ever tried to instill in me. -Josh Gross
11:54 October 16
He's calm, collected and presidential. Far more importantly, he's youthful and can relate to the needs of a growing, changing America, instead of relying on what's been established by his predecessors.
11:52 October 16
I respect both candidates, and either will be a step up from GWB. But I am voting for Barack Obama because I think those who make more than $250,000 a year can afford to pay more taxes. Because the war needs to end. Because a spending freeze makes NO sense when so many people in the country are so in need. Visit his website and download his Blueprint for Change. He has his policies outlined very clearly, and you can decide whether you agree.

Also, when John McCain dies in office (which he will--we've seen how much the Presidency ages a normal person, let alone a 72-year-old physically disabled man with a history of cancer), do you really trust Sarah Palin to lead this nation in one of its most vulnera ....
Anonymous, MN
But what about the deficit? I understand that sometimes you have to spend money to get to a better place (I borrowed a lot of money in student loans, and now I've got the job I want) - but there has to be some sort of limit, right?

I'll be sure to check out the Blueprint for Change. Thanks for the tip. -Josh Gross
11:48 October 16
Neither. Vote Third Party. Make a true statement that you don't like either choice.
3rd Parties for Peeps, MI
Anyone in particular you'd recommend? -Josh Gross
11:43 October 16
I am a small business owner. I own a tax business and do more than 1,000 tax returns every year. The idea that Obama is going raise most people's taxes more than McCain is absolutely absurd and false. It is my opinion that because I prepare taxes for a living I do have some insight here. You need to really pay attention when you look at this. Do not fall for the trap that raising taxes on the rich will hurt you. It is absolutely false.

Oh, and by the way, "Joe Plumber" - there is no way you are buying a business that is going to make $250,000 a year. You may be looking to buy a business that has SALES of $250,000. One small technicality - YOU DON"T PAY INCOME TAXES (WHICH IS WHAT MCCA ....
Tony, MI
11:12 October 16
because hes like robin hood. he wants to take from the rich and give to the poor. He will follow the example of the great economic force of Cuba. I just can't believe that some people dont understand that hurting the big guy always helps the little guy, russia has proved this time and time again.

I also like how he is such a master of manipulation. He has everyone so snowed that he is for gay marriage when as far back as 2006 he has said " i believe that (gay marriage) is a State decision, but i believe marriage is between a man and a women". got to love the spin.

I also like his protectionist/isolationist ideas of not letting companies leave the US. China proved that this works...oh wait it did ....
Karl Marx, HI
10:42 October 16
To Anon in MI:
Obama's mother isn't Hawaiian. She was born in Kansas and raised Barack (whose father is from Kenya) in Hawaii.
10:25 October 16
Because our country is falling apart.
Because the Republican party is notorious for standing behind...NO ONE! Oh unless you have a lot of money!
Because our education system is failing us right now and McCain doesn't believe there is a need for elementary education or for Teachers to be certified. Let the military teach our kids (without degrees). How will that work with NoChildLeftBehind? The school doesn't get funding unless the students can take apart and put back together their guns quickly enough!!!

Why is it everyone says Obama is African American? His mother was Hawiian!!!

We should know by now that the republicans obviously need a break from this country.

Palin is an airheaded &quo ....
Anonymous, MI
09:27 October 16
Because McCain would never understand the greatness of a website such as this....nor would he know how to find it.
Tyler, IN
08:41 October 16
You make more than 250K a year? Answer's fairly obvious. Plus we'll gain respect in the world community and you can get gay married.
Beckmania, TX
08:30 October 16
Once again it comes down to the lesser of two evils. Not that Obama is evil, but I don't agree with all of his policies, just most of them. McCain on the other hand wants to continue the legacy of he who shall not be named. He is a warmonger. That is obvious and evident. Not to mention he really doesn't know much about the economy, considering he has stated so himself. My favorite line from the Town Hall "debate" really puts McCain in perspective. "I know where Bin Ladin is. I know it and I'm gonna find him." Really?! That's a mighty big secret to be keeping for all these years. Do you really want possibly eight more years of this fear-instilling tyranny?
Nicolas H, CA
07:39 October 16
Why can't we all just get along?

I notice that those of us on the left use the word "feel" a lot. Who cares if he has no experience or he associates with terrorists and racists? He looks good and sounds good! And doggone it it feels good to vote for a minority.

Read Rolling Stone or Frontline for un-biased facts!

Just because the other guy spent six years as a POW a long way from home doesn't mean that our guy didn't fight just as hard getting into good schools and travelling around the world afterword.

We on the left (coast) need to stick together! Literally!
F. Packer, CA
Rolling Stone unbiased? Not too sure about that. And lets not trivialize McCain's military service - although I don't think his service makes him more qualified than Obama for the presidency. -Josh Gross
07:35 October 16
i meant 'castrated'. christ on a cracker, i'm tired. but i'm still voting obama.
tallulah, NE
07:27 October 16
I am not voting for Obama. VETO 2008!
UnconcernedCitizen.com, DC
05:48 October 16
Over the years, America has voted based on the party, without understanding the candidates true feelings on the real issues.

For me, personally, the real issues are the ending of the war in Iraq, the state of our economy, and moving toward a cleaner, safer environment in which our kids will live in the future.

My Father has always lived by the creed 'things in moderation'. I think our country can take heed in this philosophy.

For me, Obama best exemplifies this creed.
Nick, MI
04:51 October 16
Because Pailin could be the devil (unconfirmed). And Obama is presidential (pre-Bush), McCain looks like just like another Bush....
01:40 October 16
An Obama win offers a new generation of political leadership - a possible political/historical inflection point. If he overdoes the "I am my brother's keeper thing" his win will have done more to freshen up the Republican attitudes than if McCain served.
republican, CA
00:59 October 16
The policies of the last 8 years have been disastrous. Our economy is in a shambles. Obama has surrounded himself with an amazing team of economic advisers. Some are Republicans and some are Democrats, but they are all phenomenal and he has an effective plan to get us out of this mess.
That's just one example. Mostly, I'm impressed with his intelligence and thoughtfulness. I feel like he is really trying to solve our country's issues.
Roz, CA
00:34 October 16
Come on, look at the man.
Collin, AL
00:09 October 16
We need to get out of this war thatfs costing us 10 billion a month. Obama will do that.

Economies thrive on the success of the middle class. With Obama in office, this will happen and all classes will enjoy the effects.

America has become a punchline. Obamafs intelligence, confidence and grace will help correct that.

We canft afford 4 more years of McSame.
Ben, CA

October 15next
23:45 October 15
Scott, CA
23:33 October 15
Most of all because I believe that he is a centered, thinking, well-educated person, and that he hasn't sold his soul to politics. And when I saw well-educated, I don't mean that he has a snobby college background. (Even W. has that.) I mean that he's willing to use his brain as well as his heart to weigh facts, circumstances and possible outcomes. He's capable of analysis. Which is sorely lacking in our political and daily culture. Why we think that shooting from the hip, "being a Maverick" is preferable, I'll never know. I digress. RIght now in the world, there's too much at stake to have someone in office who can't weigh a lot of complex material. A hothead would not be a good thing. Someone who  ....
charlotte, OR
23:31 October 15
• affordable health care
• a sustainable energy policy
• ending an expensive military occupation (Iraq)
Kevin, CA
22:59 October 15
Because Obama has an agenda. He doesn't waste his time claiming he does, he spends his time explaining his idea. He is a strong speaker, a strong figure, and while everything he plans may not be possible, he believes in the idea behind it. He makes me believe that every word he says, he believes it to be true. He has character, class, and cares about more than himself.

His plans come with a price (may increase taxes), but it is up to us as Americans to decide if they are worth it. One of the issues is education. I am for higher funding for schools and school reform. Obama believes in stronger education at early ages and to make college more affordable to those willing to work for it. I believe it ....
Jason B, CA
22:22 October 15
cause America needs him.
tito, CO
21:30 October 15
I am independent, and Ifm voting for Barack Obama because of his intelligence, judgment and smart solutions to the problems like healthcare and education. For example, I like that education is so important to him and that he wants to make it easier for students to pay for college so that more young Americans can have a chance at higher schooling.

The last eight years have been frustrating and enough is enough. Itfs time for something new. And to me McCain isnft something new. I think Obama genuinely wants to help American people and isnft out to win the presidency just to win. McCain choosing unqualified Sarah Palin as VP makes me think he would do anything to win, and it scares the hell out of me that he ca ....
Lori N, MI
21:05 October 15
Because rewarding big business is what got us into this mess. We need a leader who understands that our nation is fueled by tax-payer dollars. That's how roads get fixed, schools and hospitals get built, and even how prisons are funded! Slashing spending is not the answer - more intelligent and guided spending is. I'd rather pay more in taxes and have healthcare and an education any day.
kait, CA
19:54 October 15
Because thoughtful, measured, nuanced consideration and response to complex issues is appropriate. Posturing, fist shaking, war mongering and black and white responses to issues that are NOT simple is inappropriate and irresponsible.

Because a 'maverick' choice of a WILDLY unprepared vice presidential candidate is unbelievably foolhardy and dangerous, even when one is young and in good health. John McCain is neither.

Those are just two of the reasons. Send Josh my way and I'll buy him a beer and tell him about 300 more.
Jill Hartman, CA
19:54 October 15
I echo Dionne in CA in urging you to watch Frontline from last night on the candidates. Also very worthwhile is Rollingstone's lengthy piece on McCain. I wasn't really frightened of him till reading that well researched piece.

Also, my husband, another fabulously good looking Josh G. is voting for Obama.
I'll check out the Frontline ... Thanks. -Josh Gross
19:13 October 15
1) Obama presents himself as thoughtful, calm, cool and collected - not erratic, not bitter, not impatient, not judgemental. In all his speeches, have you ever heard him sound angry, condescending or just plain fed up?

2) Obama focuses on the majority - not minority. For example, his focus on helping the middle class versus the wealthiest 10% of the population.

3) Obama thinks differently because he looks at both sides of an argument. He's pro-choice AND wants to work to reduce the number of abortions in this country. Whatever your beliefs are, we can all agree that reducing the number of abortions is a good thing.

4) Obama's is a uniter, not a divider. If Democr ....
Dionne, CA
19:11 October 15
he danced with Ellen.
Lori, CA
19:10 October 15
You should write-in Batman for your vote because both of these candidates are awful. If we get enough people, this might just work.

My name is Alfred Pennyworth (The Butler) and I approve this message.
Alfred Pennyworth, MN
19:09 October 15
he danced with Ellen.
Lori, CA
19:02 October 15
Because he makes more sense.
Jack, CA
18:53 October 15
Because he's not traumatized
anon, NY
18:53 October 15
Because America is in desperate need of feeling inspired and that things will get better and the perception right now is that Obama can do that. Things are working as is, and McCain is to reminescent about how things have been. Plus Obama can also help change the perception of America to foreign countries even without experience in foreign relations...
b, CA
18:38 October 15
he is black
18:30 October 15
If you are in any way responsible for allowing Sarah Palin to be one heartbeat away from the presidency....I will make my friends who are capable of kicking your ass kick your ass.

I'm still voting Nader.
Lionel, CA
18:27 October 15
McCain/Palin are anti-choice, anti-abortion, whatever semantics you want to use. Whether you're for or against, that is a decision that is no one's business but a woman's. It's not a bad haircut; it's a tremendous, life-altering occurrence. I certainly don't want to be around when incest/rape victims are told that they have to carry the horrendous experience inside them for 9 months. I'll go one step further. How about, instead of banning abortions, we just make it a state and federal law that ALL men have to be circumcised. If partners decide that they want a baby, it's a simple procedure to un-do. Why is that any crazier an idea? It's far easier than bearing and raising a child for 18 years. If they do b ....
tallulah, CA
18:25 October 15
You'd like to be able to retire one day.
Adam, WA
18:25 October 15
I'm not so afraid of McCain as I am of Palin. So I'm voting for Obama.
Nate, CA
18:20 October 15
Vote for Obama. McCain lacks the character and temperament to be president. And Palin is simply a disgrace.

read this:

Michelle, WA
18:17 October 15
A true visionary!
Sheila, CA
Prove it. -Josh Gross
18:14 October 15
McCain is worthless. Just read this:

Jason, WA
18:10 October 15
McCain has abandoned too many of his core principles, and the republican party no longer stands for what they used to. They used to be about small government and personal liberties and privacy. Now that the religious right has gotten them into power, mccain is forced to pander to them. Palin is the obvious example of this. She brings no economic expertise, international expertise or really even domestic expertise. She was chosen solely because she is religious and pro-life. Things that McCain could barely even stomach to say of himself eight years ago. In short, mccain would have been a better president than bush. But that ship sailed 8 years ago. He's now resorted to kissing the butts of those he once despised, and is  ....
18:06 October 15
For me, I just don't think the Republican ticket has anything to offer. What can they point to that has gone well under them?

Also, I come from a town of 12,000 in rural Oregon. My mayor is great, but if she became governor of our state, I'd want her to have more than 22 months in that position before taking on the Veep job. I think if you asked anyone from a town of 10,000 or less, if their mayor could e ready for that job in 22 months, they'd say no way.

I'm a health care voter. I don't think I can afford to grow old in this country under the current system. I'm going to try to emigrate if we don't get a better system. I know too many folks who had "good insurance" that are  ....
Karen Cradler, OR
18:06 October 15
McCain spends the majority of his time bashing Obama's actions, rather than taking proactive steps to further his own platform. I am voting for a president who runs a campaign based on hope and a belief in the true greatness of America rather than one who relies on the mis-education of America and who propagates fear for his opponent to distract from his own similarities to the current president . Luckily for us, many of his attacks of Obama fall flat and get documented.

Eli, CA
I agree that Obama's campaign seems so much more hopeful and optimistic, and attacks from any side get annoying ... but shouldn't we be basing our decisions on more than campaign strategies? -Josh Gross
17:48 October 15
Is there another reasonable candidate in the run?
D., CA
17:44 October 15
i am an ex-military, registered republican who works as an artist in san francisco and has worked with Rock The Vote for seven years. therefore i've seen both sides and am familiar with the issues. i'm voting for obama for a few reasons, but i feel they're extremely important. mccain will not end the war in iraq, but push it to other countries while further tarnishing our global reputation - he is not shy about admitting to this. obama understands the importance of diplomacy before use of force and will further veteran's rights whereas mccain has consistently voted against them. although obama is religious, i feel he will separate his faith from his role as president whereas i feel mccain will not. as a devout atheist, i ....
jeremiah, CA
Thanks for the insight. -Josh Gross
17:37 October 15
McCain's voice makes you sleepy whereas Obama has a riveting cadence. Think about who you want to listen to for the next 4 years.
Canadian, CA
Um, I'm worried about a lot more than cadence... -Josh Gross
17:32 October 15
Because it's time to have a president who thinks before he speaks, and is able to engage with the rest of the world, rather than someone who the rest of the world will just deride for another 4 years...
James, CA
17:19 October 15

McCain's health care plan will cost me $7,000.

Also, highly likely he will overturn Roe v Wade. Palin made rape victims pay for their own rape kits in Alaska. Palin does not believe in abortion in cases of rape or incest. Believes war in Iraq was a task from God....
Rachel, CA
17:19 October 15
Hi MOM!!!
steve, FL
17:18 October 15
Obama represents a more realistic and honest viewpoint. McCain is a great man. And was a great candidate 8 years ago. But the fact of the matter is that McCain has pandered to the right wing. Just look at his choice in Palin. They have NOTHING in common. McCain and Obama, truthfully, have more in common than McCain and Palin.

McCain just has to lean right as he searches for those who won't vote for Obama.
David, AZ
Palin does feel more like a marketing gimmick rather than a running mate -Josh Gross
17:16 October 15
Tuesday, McCain is unveiling his new proposals, going back to the well of tax cuts for the rich. McCain will announce plans to gcut the capital gains tax on stock profits in half, from 15 percent now on stocks held a year or longer to 7.5 percent — a $10 billion proposal.h The Wonk Roomfs James Kvaal noted the impact of cutting capital gains:

Households earning less than $50,000 a year collected a mere 2.5 percent of capital gains in 2005, according to the Tax Policy Center. Families earning more than $1 million a year collected 59 percent of capital gains. Moreover, most middle-class families with capital gains hold their investments in retirement accounts shielded against capital gains taxes.
Katie, CA
Interesting... -Josh Gross
17:03 October 15
Do you REALLY want Palin as your president when McCain croaks? (and let's face it, he probably will; he's old as hell)
That's what I thought..., OH
17:02 October 15
I am a diabetic and work freelance because there aren't any fulltime jobs in my industry with the economy. To get insurance I would have to pay $1500 a month. I can't do that. So, I have to spend my days hoping that nothing bad happens to me and hope that Barak Obama gets elected. Also, since I make less than $250,000 I will pay less taxes under Obama than McCain by $2,000 a year. I am a lifelong republican and I have seen enough of their rule.
Matt C, NY
17:01 October 15
Mrch2, CA
16:51 October 15
Mrch2, CA
16:44 October 15
Fuck McCain
Julian, CA
16:43 October 15
Obama is (and always has been) in favor of regulating the economy. Deregulation (supported and pushed by people like McCain) is what got us into this financial mess in the first place. Obama will make sure we learn something from the crisis, and change the way the economy has been working, instead of covering it up and moving on.
Allison, CA
Aren't all of the people who took out loans for houses they couldn't afford a big part of the problem too? -Josh Gross
16:38 October 15
He gets it.
mrch, ID
More detail please. -Josh Gross
15:29 October 15
America is ready for a black president!
Poseidon, ID
11:09 October 15
The rest of the world will respect us more.
Toby, AL

November 03  prev
03:26 November 03
he is the worst
naomie & josh, KY

November 02next  prev
01:04 November 02
the NOI prophesied the final muhommed (a muslim) would come into the world from the union of a white female and black male based on their interpretation of the story of Mary Magdelin and Jesus Christ; being white and black respective. Obama fulfills this.

Obama hails from chicago whose zipcode is 60606 (do you see the three sixes ?)

Obama would be a "black" president in the "white" house (satan is described as black in attribute and who seeks to take over the white mansion known as heaven).

Obama's first name is JEWISH! which means blessed [baruch].

Obama is MUSLIM
Baylee-Ann, TX
01:04 November 02
John McCain may not be the answer to America's problems. In fact I will state here plainly that I do not believe he is.

The man was shot down in Vietnam after 22 successful bombin missions. He was taken as a POW and eventually it was discovered that his father was an Admiral in the US service he was offered out as an exchange prisoner. McCain refused. He said that if he left then everyone else in the camp should be released too. This was denied. And McCain spent several more years as a POW.
Roger, MN

November 01next  prev
11:56 November 01
Question: What is America 's first line of missile interceptor defense that protects the entire United States ?
Answer: 49th Missile Defense Battalion of Alaska National Guard.

Question: What is the ONLY National Guard unit on permanent active duty?
Answer: 49th Missile Defense Battalion of Alaska National Guard

Question: Who is the Commander in Chief of the 49th Missile Defense Battalion of Alaska National Guard?
Answer: Governor Sarah Palin, Alaska

Question: What U.S. governor is routinely briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counter terrorism?
Answer: Governor Sarah Palin, Alaska

Question: What U.S. governor has a highe ....
Hailey, AK
02:52 November 01
how do u think George washington would think if he saw a guy that looked like one of his slaves in office of the president.
02:47 November 01
fuck if I vote for some ape ass nigger
02:02 November 01

Brian, GA
01:46 November 01

"Actually, according to the report Al Qaeda cited their endorsement for McCain because they believe he would continue the policies of George Bush (maybe they saw the "We'll stay in Iraq for a hundred years" of McCain's) where they can continue to coax us into more wars and kill more of our soldiers"

Soooo exactly what Lori said. Thanks for supporting it.
Julian, MA
01:22 November 01
Al Qaeda endorsing McCain is simply a political move based upon many factors. A. Obama wants to pull the troops out. Which is good for Al Qaeda. B. McCain wants to bring our troops home in victory which is bad for Al Qaeda.

Need a translator for this?
Lori, CA
01:20 November 01
Emma -

Granted it was not an actual "war." But certainly thousands of people died in WW2 and Vietnam/Kora to prevent the spread of socialism and communism. Toss Cuba and the Bay of Pigs invasion there if you want to.
Dave, NY
00:45 November 01
Thousands upon THOUSANDS of people died to prevent socialism and communism from spreading across the world. our own country tried a form of socialim and it did not work in our early years.

Please feel free to dishonor the memory of EVERYONE who died during WW2 and the Cold War to prevent the shadow of socialism from casting itself upon our country.
Dave, NY
00:41 November 01
Seriously, doesnt the fact the Communists, Socialists, Iran, and Cuba endorsing him make you fucking freak?
Holly Giles, KS
00:29 November 01
Obama spent 20 years in Rev. Wrights church. He performed his marriage and baptized his children.

Rev. Wright is a racist, white-hating, hate monger who thinks the US Government created the AIDS virus to keep the black man down.

Obama claims that in 20 years he NEVER EVER had any inkling that Rev. Wright felt that way? Conveniently we have several videos of Rev. Wright at various times or another spouting his seperatist hate mongering.

I can't fathom spending 20 years in a church and not having any, ANY clue that this is the way the man felt. Obama spent 20 years in this church and only when he became a presidential candidate did he decide to distance himself from Rev. Wright. That scares me. Sc ....
Richard, TN
00:21 November 01
The man has taken a position of non-position on several issues. He has chosen NOT to vote, or merely vote "Present" over 100 times. I can forgive and forget the votes that were abstained from while he was campaigning. I understand that Hillary, Biden, and McCain have also probably missed votes during the past year or so. Hell, they've probably missed more than a few in their terms in congress

However, these actions are not unfounded or without history. Controversial votes when Obama was a STATE senator for Illinois were avoided by voting "present" 107 times or claiming later that he erred by pressing the wrong button and didn't really mean to take that position.

Really? The clai ....
Billy, NY

October 31next  prev
23:46 October 31
It scares me, honestly, that Obama has a child youth group thats basically devoted to praising him, that there's a children's book out there about him that essentially makes him out to be the Messiah that the Right has been playfully calling him.

Just wait until the dollars start getting printed with his face on them.

Luanne, OH
23:38 October 31
* In my previous post "over" should read "under." My mistake.

I think it's very suspect that Obama has decreed that taxes wouldn't rise for those making UNDER 250K... and then it was 200K.. and then Biden said 150K... And then it's back to 250K... So which is it if it always changes? VERY suspect to me. And unsettling. Simply put:: I do not trust the man
Julie, CT
23:37 October 31
I think it's very suspect that Obama has decreed that taxes wouldn't rise for those making over 250K... and then it was 200K.. and then Biden said 150K... And then it's back to 250K... So which is it if it always changes? VERY suspect to me. And unsettling. Simply put:: I do not trust the man
Julie, CT
23:28 October 31
I really think that the whole "Obama not voting thing" should be a BIG issue to people. That's not leadership, that's indecisiveness to me. I don't see how that's NOT an issue to some people. That bothers the hell out of me. I'd rather a politician vote in disagreement with me then not take a stand at all.
Gregory, UT
14:21 October 31
"" it's because McCain voted with Bush 90% to enact those failures.
Liz, OH """

******* and how did Obama oppose Bush ? Answer is that he did not. out of 145 days in the senate, he voted 'present' ( or not voting ) 130+ times.

That's change all right, it's called 'indifference'.

Check his ( lack of a ) record...

Tom, NY
07:05 October 31
"yes it bothers me that obama has all these connections to these people like castro and chavez and the iranian president. yes it bothers me that there are some, SOME publications that condemn his plans and thoughts and ideas.

but at least hes not bush. "

*********** This is why most people are voting for Obama..., not policy or record, strength or character.., but, because he's not Bush.

how apathetic...
Tim, NY
07:01 October 31
During this election year let's be reminded of these words:

* You cannot help the poor, by destroying the rich.

* You cannot strengthen the weak, by weakening the strong.

* You cannot bring about prosperity, by discouraging thrift.

* You cannot lift the wage earner up, by pulling the wage payer down.

* You cannot further the brotherhood of man, by inciting class hatred.

* You cannot build character and courage, by taking away men's initiative and independence.

* You cannot help men permanently, by doing for them what they could and should, do for themselves .

Do you recognize the author?

It was Ab ....
James, NY

October 30next  prev
02:03 October 30
dude its called "logic." the guy said "if I went to a job interview with walmart and said hey i hate retail" the wouldn't hire me.

u should HOPE that if a guy went to the fbi and said "yeah I've hung out with terrorists" that they wouldnt hire that guy either.

You should HOPE AND PRAY they don't hire that guy.

Siiiiighhh. Go ahead. Tell me how Obama is pure and sweet and im basing it on nothing. just do it
rick, MA
00:42 October 30
I don't need a source. If I appplied for a job at Wal-Mart and told them I hated retail they wouldn't hire me.

If I applied for a job with the FBI and told them I served on a board or council or comitee with a known terrorist they wouldn't hire me. I should HOPE, PRAY that they wouldn't hire me.

Seriously. I would like to know. Every day, every week, every month there's a new allegation about Obama being involved with this guy or that guy, this organization or that organization. DOESNT THAT BOTHER YOU?

The fact that all these crazy nutjobs are coming out in favor of him doesn't bother you? Seriously tell me. It doesn't bother you that communists and socialists and the Iranian leader is in fu ....
Hal, UT
00:04 October 30
Blah. Blah. Blah.

No self-respecting agency would hire a man who had suspected ties to foreign leaders of questionable character. Whether or not those ties were real, embellished, or false. So quote whomever you want to quote but I'll quote YOUR article again which states:

"An FBI spokesman said the bureau would not comment on whether any individual would pass a background check, and the Secret Service did not return numerous calls on the matter."

So, in other words, the FBI and Secret Service did not comment on this. End of Story.
Hal, UT

October 29next  prev
23:44 October 29
Nice bunch of BS Jim. From your "Source:"

"An FBI spokesman said the bureau would not comment on whether any individual would pass a background check, and the Secret Service did not return numerous calls on the matter."

"So we asked "outside experts."

Yeah, given all of Obama's endorsements, supposed connections and associations, his admitted association with Marixst professors, his very public statements about sitting down with Iran and, ya know, just talking it all out, etc, etc, etc.

I'm SUUUUURE That the FBI and the Secret Service would aboslutely accept him no questions asked. God forbid we even QUESTION that.
Hal, UT
23:38 October 29
Take it from a bar owne, or even a bartender. they'll let you know how it is. Buybacks are good, making your customers happy and coming back are good, but if you give away the store, if you're more concerned with making everyone happy and giving them whatever they want then you'll be out of business lickity split.

Imagine, if you will, that you're the owner of a bar. And all the patrons of the bar like you and frequent your establishment and are generally good customers.

So one night, as a favor to your customers, you say "Hey everyone. DRINKS ARE ON ME! NOBODY PAYS!"

Well everyone will cheer you on, sing your praises, get loaded and say "boy that guy is ....
Billy, NY
23:15 October 29
wether or not obama knew william ayers or any of the other connections hes accused of having doesn't matter.

if he applied to the secret service or the fbi he'd be disqualified for having even the appearance of a relationship with a known terrorist, not to mention the fact that he has communist and terrorist leaders support him like fidel castro, hugo chaves, Louis Farrakhan, Ahmadinejad, The Socialist Party USA, and The Communist Party USA. I know a politician cant really choose who decides to step up and say "I like this guy," but you have to really look at these people and say "Why do they LIKE Obama?" If he's all about American values and making America great and fighting terro ....
Brandon, RI
22:48 October 29
Yeah you posted 6 "responses" to 10 problems and most of those dont solve or address the issue that was brought up
gray, MA
22:47 October 29
Wow Anonymous. You really only need to click on ANY of the links you provided to see that they're either damaging to your point or don't address the subject you claim they do whatsoever.
Mark, NH
19:49 October 29
Obama's Missing records.....

Occidental College records -- Not released

Columbia College records -- Not released

Columbia Thesis paper -- not available, locked down by faculty

Harvard College records -- Not released, locked down by faculty

Selective Service Registration -- Not released

Medical records -- Not released

Illinois State Senate schedule -- 'not available'

Law practice client list -- Not released

Certified Copy of original Birth certificate - - Not released

Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released
11 ....
13:24 October 29
**** Failed ? Hardly. You only twist. If you READ this, you will understand that it was Clinton who pushed
for the LOCAL COMMUNITY loans ( i.e. the Sub Prime loans ). The Dem's would only back the measure if it contained the sub-prime ( community ) legislation.

" Gramm, an outspoken conservative who opposes the rules, last year managed to kill a similar bill that would have overhauled the community lending laws. The White House insisted that banks be required to have a strong track record in local loan-making as a condition for being allowed to expand into other financial activities. "

***** Who brokered the agreement..?? ( look below..)

"It was sweaty, it w ....
Lou, NY
07:28 October 29
You can choose to ignore what you wish. The housing crisis began because of CLINTON.


He signed into law the legislation which gave regular banks ( savings banks ) the ability
to join investment banks in the stock market. The Democrats - ( Dodd, Reid, Franks, ) are the
one's who blocked attempts to regulate Fannie and Freddie ( which the video shows, along with

No where does it state that the Democratic Congress is responsible for the Housing crisis, however, the Democrats in general.., are. The Dem congress was brought in to effect change and has done nothing, except watch ....
Lou, NY

October 28next  prev
20:50 October 28
""Uh, Lou...The subprime crisis began when the housing bubble collapsed, not because the democrats had a slight majority in congress. If you're going to make an absurd allegation show us some evidence of specific legislation. ""

*****Here you go....

Republicans calling for reform, Democrats saying ' all is well '

Lou, NY
20:46 October 28
Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago?

Body count:
In the last six months:
292 killed (murdered) in Chicago ;
221 killed in Iraq .

Chicago.... Who Runs it:
Senators: Barack Obama & Dick Durbin
Rep: Jesse Jackson Jr.,
Illinois Gov: Rod Blogojevich,
Illinois House leader Mike Madigan,
Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike),
Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor Richard J. Daley)

.....our leadership in Illinois .....all Democrats. Thank you for the
combat zone in Chicago. Of course, they're all blaming each other!

Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any!
State pension fund $44 Billion  ....
Jim, NY
18:28 October 28

I'm sure that if we had a chance to sit down with Mr. Obama and have a beer with him we would come away with a very positive impression of him. He appears to have a sense of humor, he's a family man, can talk on any number of topics and he loves basketball. Not a bad combination.

Unfortunately, I happen to disagree with him on most of today's pertinent issues.

His recent comment to a voter about "redistributing the wealth" seems to imply that it was done improperly the first time and now he's going to do it correctly.

I simply believe it is not the job of government to take one's wealth and give it to another. They should certainly encourage me to do this voluntarily ....
Mike - Springboro, OH
15:16 October 28
Sources Say Sarkozy Finds Obama's Iran Policy eArrogant,f eUtterly Immaturef
October 28, 2008 11:39 AM

The respected Israeli newspaper Ha'artez reports that according to a "senior Israeli government source, the reports reaching Israel indicate that Sarkozy views the Democratic candidate's stance on Iran as 'utterly immature' and comprised of 'formulations empty of all content.'" - ABC News

Kathy, KS
10:01 October 28
7 1/2 Years of George Bush


George Bush has been in office for 7 1/2 years.

The first six the economy was fine.

A little over one year ago:
1) Consumer confidence stood at a 2 1/2 year high;
2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon;
3) the unemployment rate was 4.5%.
4) the DOW JONES hit a record high--14,000 +
5) American's were buying new cars,taking cruises, vacations overseas, living large!...

But American's wanted 'CHANGE'! So, in 2006 they voted in a Democratic Congress and yes--we got 'CHANGE' all ri ....
Lou, NY
07:19 October 28
Aragon, NY

October 27next  prev
22:41 October 27
Anonymous -

And Obama being a man who knows what it's like to struggle in his life and face all sorts of adversity isn't a charade? Occidental, Columbia, Harvard?

Oh, I forgot. His mother was a single parent. I guess that settles everything. If anything Palin has the same middle class roots as Obama does

But make no mistake and face the facts, Anonymous, they're ALL upper class. The second they're elected to office they became part of that world. Obama's not walking around in a Wal-Mart suit any more than McCain or Palin or Biden is. And I dare say that Palin could afford to buy her daughter a gold-plated pant suit if she wanted to BEFORE any donation money or RNC funds went her way.
Dave, NY
07:43 October 27

"2) It was using donor money. Would you be happy if you donated, $25, $100 or even more to your candidate of choice only to see Sarah Palin's 8 year old daughter carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag?"

You think Obama paid for his arrogant personal emblem to be painted on his private jet out of his own pocket? Or do you think donor money went to that? By your justification donor money should only be used for things directly related to campaigning, i.e. advertisements. But that money is used in a variety of ways, including clothing, lodging, food, etc. All of it pertain to the functioning of the campaign as a whole. Don't think for a second that if the Obama campaign thought b ....
Dave, NY
05:21 October 27
I would like to respond to L. Hernandez's question on Sarah Palin and her ability to run this country: I was shocked when McCain announced a woman as a running mate. I mean, "What is wrong with the GOP?" But, then I read and read and read more about her. What everyone seems to not hear anything about any more is that Sarah Palin took on Big Oil and won for her state. This is BIG. No one takes on Big Oil. This is the Good Ole Boys' Club at a perfect level. The fact that she was able to get oil money for the residents of Alaska and cut taxes by using her natural resources wisely impresses me to no end. If something happened to McCain (which it won't - the man has genes that don't quit), Sarah Palin could easily do the jo ....
05:13 October 27
Josh, I don't think either candidate is going to "fix" America. Only the America people can stand up and "fix" America. I too don't "Love" either candidate but I am voting McCain because I think he loves America more than Obama does. Obama has been involved in a lot of crooked Chicago politics and those ties don't sever overnight. Even Joe Biden has said that we are going to have a foreign affairs crisis if Obama is elected. I think McCain has more experience and will be more representative of all people in the choices he will help to make. Decide to vote McCain and move on to deciding who you are voting for to represent you in Congress; this is much more important than who you will vote for to be the next ....
02:53 October 27
Couldnt agree more with you about Palin, Dave.
Nice input

October 26next  prev
20:41 October 26
I don't know if Josh is still checking this page but if anyone would like to talk about this issue or any other issue regarding the election please feel free to e-mail me at Westguy1003@gmail.com

L. Hernandez-

Palin doesnft bother me because the Vice President doesnft really do much but travel around the world attending state functions and hobnobbing with world leaders whenever a country has a birthday or a head of state dies or something like that. Other than that they cast the deciding vote when the senate has a tie once every 40 years.

The Argument that McCain is going to DIE is such a lame one. As President hefll have access to the greatest, fastest healthcare in the world if he should ever need  ....
Dave, NY
Thanks Dave, I'm still checking this page. And I still find your comments insightful.

I don't think the VP has any power. So I'm not worried. And personally, I'm not willing to speculate on anybody's death but L. Hernandez does raise a questions that's probably on a lot of people's minds. -Josh Gross -Josh Gross
20:37 October 26
L. Hernandez
Let me ask you something, Are you comfortable with having a nigger run this country if you vote democrat.
I would much much more like haveing a women (shes pretty hot too) run this country than have a nigger muslim. Think about that.
Also think about what Biden said. "I can gurantee that if Obama(Nigger) is elected the other countries of this world will attack and test Obama(Nigger) to see how/what he will do.
Vote Republican people, save yourselves.
17:54 October 26
Hi I'm posting question again on the McCain side because maybe they're not reading the obama column:

Are you comfortable with Sarah Palin becoming the president of America if anything were to happen to McCain?

Your answer may affect my decision.
L. Hernandez, MD
07:58 October 26
In a New York Times article on December 20, it was reported that Obama often voted just gpresenth in the Illinois Senate. They write:
gIn 1999, Barack Obama was faced with a difficult vote in the Illinois legislature — to support a bill that would let some juveniles be tried as adults, a position that risked drawing fire from African-Americans, or to oppose it, possibly undermining his image as a tough-on-crime moderate. In the end, Mr. Obama chose neither to vote for nor against the bill. He voted gpresent,h effectively sidestepping the issue, an option he invoked nearly 130 times as a state senator.h
Interesting. So he skipped out on 130 votes as an Illinois state senator and nearly  ....
ktracy, NY

October 24next  prev
11:41 October 24
And who cares about Palin and her supposd 150K Wardrobe?

You think Biden and Obama are shopping at Wal-Mart? They're weathy politicians! And if the GOP paid for Palin to have some nice clothes, who cares? It's all window dressing for the campaign! Don't believe for a second that the Obama campaign hasn't done similar things or WOULDNT if they thought it would help.

Please... as political "Scandals" go, this is just ridiculous.
Jerry, NY
11:33 October 24
Well it was nice owning my restaurant for 25 years. If Obama is elected and implements the plans he wants to implement I will have to close my doors.

A lot has been made of his tax increases and if they will affect small businesses or not.

They will.

What he doesn't tell you is that businesses "earning 250K" also includes the salaries of employees. So if you have 10 employees making 25K/year then your taxes increase.

I will have to close down, theres no doubt about it. I've already begun preparing for the worst. I hope America makes the right decision and doesn't vote in this socialist mongrel who will destroy the infrastructure of America.

If we do, however, vo ....
Justin, NY
10:55 October 24
Who do you want answering the phone at 3am?

Chris, VA
05:31 October 24
Looks like all the rich people are supporting MCain. So where is Obama raising all that campaign money from???
confused, DE
03:12 October 24
I really cannot fathom how anyone in their right mind WOULD vote for Obama. He's a blatant socialist. He wants to spread the wealth around, which basically means (And I don't give a S. What he SAYS he meant) that he wants to take money from hard working people and give it to lazy unemployed people. He has 1000 connections to dubious folks, terrorists, etc... He has communists and socialists calling for his election and singing his praises... Really? What more do you need? Is America so stupid? Do you crazy lefty dems have such a hard on for electing the first black president that you don't care who he is or what he stands for?

I am so incredibly scared for this country if we elect this man.

He took more m ....
Lisa, CA
01:35 October 24
I simply can't vote for Obama knowing that he supports abortion up to the 9th month. This process known as "saline abortion" is really truly barbaric. Although I am pro-abortion, I cannot support anybody who believes this practice necessary in 2008..

Obama also voted 4 times against a policy which would protect babies who survived these attempted abortions. He pretends to care for the little man, those who don't have enough voice behind them, how about a crying infant left to die because they survived an abortion?

He obviously doesn't support human rights if he would allow a helpless breathing infant to die.
Michelle, MA

October 23next  prev
17:19 October 23
My husband and I own 2 businesses and work 15 hours a day just to getby. If Obama wins, he will put us out of business because my husbandand I are honest Americans and pay ALL our taxes. We cannot pay apenny more or afford to be fined for not being able to give ouremployees health care. We need patrons with secure pockets to makeour businesses thrive and NOT socialism (look it up- it means what itmeans). We live in NY and know a lot of small business people whofeel the same way. We are all killing ourselves just to get by. Weneed tax breaks NOT raising our taxes. If not, we will considerleaving it all and move out of our country. How would that help oureconomy?
Joanne, NY
14:00 October 23
" 11:09 October 15
The rest of the world will respect us more.
Toby, AL


I would like to know how you found this "helpful." World respect is NOT what this election is about, it's about what's best for OUR OWN country and who is more fit to run it.
Kelly, CA
Our country, our country's security, trade and progress is also tied to our relationship with other nations. Earning their respect can't hurt, and they seem to have a clear preference. That's the only reason I found it helpful. -Josh Gross
12:26 October 23
Sarah Palin's hot.
Dan, OH
11:01 October 23
Anyone can talk about "change" and make promises. But what matters is the ability to act and make things happen. I believe McCain has the experience and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and help our country out. Obama talks a good talk, but that shouldn't mask his lack of experience.
Liz, KS
10:58 October 23
Cause Obama is inexperienced. He's only been a state senator for 18 months!!! McCain is old, so you know he's good.
Rachel, KS
yes but unfortunately, experience can also mean applying the same old solutions to the same old problems. -Josh Gross
10:18 October 23
THANKS to Joe the Plumber, we now know for sure that Barack Obama wants to "spread the wealth around." But the Democratic candidate still hasn't come clean on just how much of a European-style socialist he is.

Look at the "tax cut" he says he'll give to 95 percent of Americans. In fact, this is simply a government check he'd hand out - including to millions who don't pay income taxes, since each year 38 percent of Americans already get a full refund.

In other words, his "rebate" is a welfare plan, plain and simple.

When called on this, Obama's answer is that those 38 percent still pay payroll taxes, so he's rebating part of those payments. But that ....
Lance, NY
10:17 October 23

But, down the line, these programs face a financial crisis even worse than the housing mess that we're in now. They need literally trillions more dollars (above what they're set to take in) to meet their current obligations. By federal law, absent those new funds, every retiree will automatically have his or her benefits cut.

If Obama means to rebate those payroll taxes from the Social Security/Medicare funds, he's accelerating the bankruptcy of those programs. If not, he's still transferring money from people who pay income taxes to those who don't.

There's more: Either way, Obama is effectively changing these cores of American retirement from social insurance pro ....
Lance, NY
10:15 October 23

No wonder Obama is so popular is Europe: The Europeans finally found an American who thinks like they do. (And they won't mind in the least when we start suffering the sky-high unemployment and lack of economic growth that socialism has given them.)

Of course, Obama knows that the term "socialist" would kill his plan, so he calls it a "refund" instead. But there's no way it's not socialist; he's either:

* Giving a "refund" on taxes people never paid to start with,

* Moving us drastically closer to the day Social Security and Medicare go bankrupt, requiring a massive bailout by other sources of taxation,

* Or outright tu ....
Lance, NY
Thanks for pointing out this analyisis...Although I never thought of Europe as socialist. -Josh Gross
10:08 October 23
Infact, I am embarassed by comments on both sides. Read thier plan's educate yourselves. Josh I commend you. This is allowing all of us to see why we vote for who we vote for and if there are any real reasons behind them. I think the people that are hurting the most in this country are the ones that are posting the ignorant comments and should maybe research a little themselves. Maybe the educated individual, that pays taxes, that runs a business, or has a career should have more of a say than a person that sits at home and collects on all of the programs our Country has in place to support thier ignorance and pure laziness. Don't get me wrong some people need assistance but others abuse it. TOO MUCH CORRUPTION!
06:23 October 23
Destiny, dont right stupid stuff on the republican board, let alone your spelling. Be sure to post that crap on the democrats side.
Jake, IL
00:39 October 23
Cuz I hate sluts and so duz he and I luv babies cuz they gonna luv u forever not like no one else! freedom of choice aint nothin! i mean like jesus our lord did live!
Destiny, KY

October 22next  prev
21:27 October 22
This site is a complete joke. Here are my thoughts- Whoever this Josh Character is, he should really learn how to do his own research and pick a candidate that stands for his beliefs and his opinions.

Is Josh going to let the masses sway his decision? If more people say Obama or Mcain isn't that based on their own personal ideology and hopefully, hopefully their own extensive amount of research on their own about the candidates and their parties?

Josh to me sounds like an incredibly irresponsible person who should come to his own conclusions, unless of course this site is just for economic or political gain, which more than likely it is.
Zach, CA
18:24 October 22
While not all Democrats are IDIOTS, but all IDIOTS are Democrats! BITE ME!
17:35 October 22
I don't know if you have seen this web site yet to figure out who you most allign with. Try it and see. Maybe it will help you decide.

Tim, OH
17:33 October 22
Obama worked with terrorist
Senator helped fund organization that rejects 'racist' Israel's existence
By Aaron Klein
© 2008 WorldNetDaily


JERUSALEM – The board of a nonprofit organization on which Sen. Barack Obama served as a paid director alongside a confessed domestic terrorist granted funding to a controversial Arab group that mourns the establishment of Israel as a "catastrophe" and supports intense immigration reform, including providing drivers licenses and education to illegal aliens.

The co-founder of the Arab group in question, Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi, also has held a fundrais ....
Dave, NY
11:05 October 22
People assume Obama will help the economy. Based on what? That's not a hypothetical, I'm serious. How will his ideological stances about the redistribution of wealth HELP? Won't it minimize the drive to succeed even further? If I'm a successful business person, why in the world would I want to do business in America under an Obama administration? Because the socialist-leaning tendancies he has tells me this: if I earn too much, if I'm too successful, well... we gotta "spread the wealth." Which means I'd spread my jobs to other countries, where doing business is cheaper. Definitely NOT good for America.

I guess the answer is this: Do you think we should reward the hardest working citizens by l ....
Casey, WA
08:23 October 22
Ok.., let us deconstruct a post from the other side which you
found helpful.

Eleonore's post regarding the economy.

1. ""Economically, I get very nervous about the neo-conservative ideal that big business and the market can do no wrong. That kind of ideal allowed such scandals as Enron, the California energy crisis, Tyco, and WorldCom to happen, and who knows what else is going on out there. ""

**** The free market is a principle, an idealology. It is not responsible for scandals. PEOPLE are
responsible for scandals; those who abuse their position, no matter what variant of economic
scheme is used. ( free market, socialis ....
Lance, NY
Extremely helpful. And by helpful, I mean that I think you have brought up some very important points that could help me form my decision, pending my own research and consideration. -Josh Gross
01:55 October 22
Because McCain listens to August Burns Red.
That there sells me.
Logan, PA

October 21next  prev
22:13 October 21
Health care...if you go Obama we will end up with socialized medicine. Going to the DMV is bad enough...now imagine that for your next trip to the doctor...that's enough to send you to the ER right now!
mary, CA
21:29 October 21
Answering your follow-up question here Josh. You asked:

"What earmarks are you referring to? I'm curious."

(In reference to my post, Sam from NY on 05:22 10/19)

From the San Francisco Gate, the bailout bill included:

-$2 million tax benefit for makers of wooden arrows for children

-$100 million tax break to benefit auto racetrack owners

-$192 million in rebates on excise taxes for the Puerto Rican and Virgin Islands rum industry

-$148 million in tax relief for U.S. wool fabric producer

-A $49 million tax benefit for fishermen and other plaintiffs who sued over the 1989 tanker Exxon Valdez spill.

You know...only the essentia ....
Trisha, KS
21:25 October 21
Official Title of Legislation: HR 5140 "Economic Stimulus Plan"

HR 5140: To provide economic stimulus through recovery rebates to individuals, incentives for business investment, and an increase in conforming and FHA loan limits.


- Allows a tax credit in 2008 of an amount equal to an individual's net income tax liability or $600 (or $1,200 for a joint return), whichever is less (Sec. 101).

- Allows at least a $300 tax credit (or a $600 credit for a joint return) for taxpayers who have a qualified income of at least $3,000 (Sec. 101).

- Defines "qualified income" as earned income, social security benefits for senior ....
Dave, NY
21:09 October 21
Obama, who has no military service record, has shown via his political history in Illinois, that he is a nearly perfect Progressive-Democrat.

While in the Illinois State Senate, Obama is named Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee. His distinguished works include passing bill to assist children and adults who cannot afford health insurance; increasing funding for AIDS prevention and care; a law requiring police to videotape interrogations for crimes punishable by the death penalty; a law requiring insurance companies to cover routine mammograms; legislation to curb racial profiling.

Obama supports homosexual marriage, racial preferences, banning all guns, flag-burning, soci ....
Dave, NY
21:01 October 21
Baseline Obama's "General Candidate Questionnaire" was completed during his first run for the Illinois State Senate makes for some interesting reading.

Among his responses are the following:

"I have been a financial support of...Alice Palmer" -- Alice Palmer was a board member of the US Peace Council, identified by the FBI as a front organization of the Communist Party USA. She attended the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and came away favorably impressed by the Soviet system.

...state why you feel you should be endorsed... -- "...long-standing commitment to social justice issues." -- Social Justice: Code for Communism

Please outline...cr ....
Dave, NY
20:56 October 21
Obama claims that "Icextended health care for wounded troops who had been neglected." Wow, that's quite an accomplishment for a single Senator. The ad cites Public Law 110-181, the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act. Funny thing, though: Obama didn't show up to vote on that bill in the Senate
hillary, ME
20:50 October 21

While Obama has been campaigning, his duties in the Senate have taken a hit.

"The Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security, and Diplomacy Promotion Act of 2006," is one of his two legislative accomplishment since joining the Senate.

In the more than three years that Obama has been in the Senate, his first bill sends American taxpayer's money to Africa, under the guise of promoting democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo -- good luck with that.

His second great accomplishment -- he sponsored a bill to name a post office.

Dave, NY
18:36 October 21
I hear McCain came to a CJ volleyball game in 2000 and commented about them being a juggernaut....Just saying.
Craig, OH
Haha, nice try Craig! -Josh Gross
17:28 October 21

There are too many posts that describe how taxation works for small businesses. Regardless of whether the person owns a corporation or is a sole proprietor, they are only taxed on net income by the federal government. Net income is all the money left over after deductions (in other words expenses).
A person that owns a small consulting business that has gross receipts (sales) of $700,000 can deduct his/her house ($1,500/month - has to prove the sq ft. are used for business), car (rental, depreciation, mileage, gas, etc..), travel (so long as they can prove - pretty easy that it was for business), entertainment (only 50% deductible -so pretty much any: nightclub receipts, d ....
Thanks for breaking it down, I'll look into it. -Josh Gross
13:47 October 21
Because John McCain was in Wedding Crashers!
Vince, DC
12:56 October 21
The below Dave from NY is not me. And I'm quoting The Wall Street Journal which I prefer to think is more credible, more well-versed, and better equipped on this matter than "chron.com"
The REAL Dave, NY
12:44 October 21
Whoops, looks like I was wrong... sorry.

"Looking at all the tax filers who report any business income at all, the Tax Policy Center confirms that about 2 percent will see their taxes increase under Obama's plan."

Dave, NY
12:31 October 21
"Socking It to Small Business"
The Obama plan is an incentive to hire fewer workers.

Barack Obama declared last week that his economic plan begins with "one word that's on everyone's mind and it's spelled J-O-B-S." This raises the stubborn question that Senator Obama has never satisfactorily answered: How do you create more jobs when you want to levy higher tax rates on the small business owners who are the nation's primary employers?

Loyal Democrats have howled over the claim that small businesses will get soaked by the Obama tax plan, so we thought we would seek an authority they might trust on the issue: Democratic Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus of Montana. Here is what Mr. Baucus w ....
Dave, NY
Thank you Real Dave, NY -Josh Gross
12:29 October 21
From the Wall Street Journal. (Link Provided Below)

Obama's Fault Tax Argument

As the presidential campaign heats up, a key issue is whether to extend the 2001 and 2003 income tax cuts, which expire in 2011. John McCain wants to make the tax cuts permanent. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to let the rates rise.

Opponents of the tax cuts point to spending programs that could be financed by the extra revenues. Chief among these is Social Security. Sen. Obama's Web site, for example, argues that "extending the Bush tax cuts will cost three times as much as what is needed to fix Social Security's solvency over the next 75 years."

Such statements imply that if we return  ....
Dave, NY
This is a particularly important issue to me. Thanks for the link. -Josh Gross
12:08 October 21
Saturday, September 27, 2008
Contact: Jessica Robinson, 573-751-0290

Gov. Blunt Statement on Obama Campaignfs Abusive Use of Missouri Law Enforcement

JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Matt Blunt today issued the following statement on news reports that have exposed plans by U.S. Senator Barack Obama to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten and intimidate his critics.

gSt. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, and Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign Senator Claire McCaskill have a ....
Josh, MO
Ok, so Matt Blunt is pissed. But what exactly did Obama do? -Josh Gross
08:26 October 21
Josh, check this out.....

Why won't he just provide the documentation? Whether or not it is true, he is just being sneaking and unfaithful to the American public!


Vote McCain....otherwise prepare to become a socialism country
Melanie, DC
06:07 October 21
If you work for a mid to small business (and like your job) vote McCain. Democrats just have a history of killing small businesses with outrageous taxes. They mean good, as they think that they are taxing just the super rich, but they forget about the small business owners. They look rich on paper, but actually put their money into growing their companies (aka, more jobs).
vin, PA
00:03 October 21
There's a lot of misconception going on regarding the 250K and up tax plan as outlined by Obama and his campaign. There's also a misconception that only a small fraction of small business make that much. The truth is that small businesses include more than just the local thrift store down the block thats rent controlled.

Small businesses include, but are not limited to: independant stores, independant restaurants/bars/coffee shops, etc, franchise locations not in any way subsidised by the parent company (which includes most fast-food rests, snack and coffee locations, some gas stations, etc).

I'll focus on the restaurant and bar industry as that is what I know best out of all of these. Let ....
Richard, NY

October 20next  prev
23:44 October 20
Look at the facts Josh. You have Anti-American world leaders like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro endorsing Obama. Not just saying "Well the US is having an election this year.. I'd rather X win than Y," but ACTIVELY hoping for him and praising him. You have both the Socialist and Communist Party ENDORSING him.

He created his own seal/emblem that he is using in favor of the American flag, he puts it on his speech podiums, on his planes, and on his campaign materials. Honestly, what's next? Currency?

You have young children gathering and singing songs of him the likes of which have not been seen since Hitler's Nazi youth.

I'm sorry but the arrogance and entitlement sickens me.>
You have one bad egg after another that he's associated with. Almost every week there's a new terrorist or questionable character, or fringe group, or nutjob that he's been associated with, been friends with, campaigned with/for, etc...

He's stated plainly that he wants to "spread the wealth around" which is almost VERBATIM MARX.

And we all know that socialism and communism doesn't work.

He has a spending plan that he wants to implement in a time when most Americans want LESS spending, and a tax plan that, as others have illustrated, really doesn't help a significant portion of Americans. McCain has stated that he wants a spending FREEZE. In other words, no more frivolous government spending. Let's stop it all and examine it carefully.

Couple that with accusations of voter tampering/fraud, voter intimidation, ties to foreign funding, and his desire to sit down with leaders of terrorist states without preconditions.

John McCain is really not the answer to America's problems but he does not have these issues facing him, does not have these accusations. No one's connecting him to Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Karl Marx. These guys aren't CHEERING for John McCain like Chavez, Castro, and the Socialist and Communist Parties are. They are actively CHEERING for Obama.

Do you really need any more of a reason to NOT vote Obama than this?

What more do you need? You've seen how is tax plan will not benefit the middle class as he says it will (the posts on here with relevant cited works support that), you've seen how his healthcare plan will cost America trillions of dollars (also cited), and you've seen how as much as he says he hates the war in Iraq and wants to end it he's comitted himself to being there for another 2 years... so what's the difference between him and McCain in that aspect?

If these things aren't important to you, aren't THAT important to you, or if you just don't really care then hey... fine.. I can't make you care about them. But make no mistake.. most American's taxes WILL increase under Obama's plans, and socialized medicine WILL mandate an almost GUARANTEED 20%-30% increase in our personal taxes. That's GUARANTEED. ....
Billy, NY
18:39 October 20
A vote for Obama is a vote for a guy who has great design experience - picking swanky hot fonts with tricked out Web 2.0 stuff.

A vote for McCain is a vote for a guy who has principles backed by actual experience.
James, WA
18:36 October 20
Are you the kind of guy who likes to live on the edge and do something unexpected? Then you just might be maverick enough to vote for the unpopular guy.

You might be edgy enough to vote for a guy with actual experience getting stuff done.

Think of McCain as the guy with the great resume and job experience (his Senate voting record) who isn't doing so hot in the actual job interview (his campaign). But ask yourself, do you want a guy in office who's good at campaigning (schmoozing and yacking) or a guy who's good at working hard and getting stuff done?
Joe, CA
17:04 October 20
With regard to the tax issue I'd like to clarify that you are taxed on what you earn, NOT what you clear. I.E. A person that is salaried for say... 50K a year is taxed on that 50K. The fact that you wind up with 43K does not factor into the equation.

A lot has been made of The whole 250K thing but I'd like to point out that Obama's plan would increase taxes for the top TWO income tax brackets, which includes individuals and families earning 100K or more. It is THIS tax bracket that people need to pay more attention to as a lot more American's fall into the 100K plus range than the 250K plus range. Check out his own website:


Under his Impact section you'll notice the ....
Brian, IA
Thanks for the links -Josh Gross
16:50 October 20
First, I'd like to clear up a misconception that another poster wrote. The definition of a "small business" varies, but generally refers to one that employs less than 100 workers & most "small businesses" have incomes well in excess of $250K. The poster who said "98.8% of what is considered a small business, is a company that is earning less that $250K" is confusing the term with a "microbusiness", which is a "mom & pop" operation that employs very few, often part-time, helpers.

I own a company that is unincorporated, has 4 employees with an approximate annual gross revenues of $750K, from which I can only draw a small salary as operating expenses  ....
Kurt, SC
14:31 October 20
because 148 days just isn't enough experience to run a friggin country
Cricky, FL
13:56 October 20
Voting for Obama will not raise your taxes ore require you to personally provide health care to the employees at your small flower shop. Quite the contrary. If you make less than $250,000 annually your taxes will be lowered. Obama also would not make you pay for health care for your employees-- he will make it so they can be covered by universal health care. Please please please please check out the real facts before casting your ballot on Nov. 4.
response to Jean, PA
13:47 October 20
Josh buddy!

Don't let the liberal influences in California change were you came from. Keep an open mind. There is a lot of negative advise in these opinions. Just go with your gut. Make the decision based on what you think would make the biggest difference in the future of those two beautiful little girls and that fine young man who will someday be your nieces and nephew. Good luck and hope we see you soon. Those little girls miss you guys. See you soon!
future brother-in-law, OH
13:41 October 20
McCain has more experience. He just seems like that old man you can trust who isn't trying to be a celebrity. McCain is just trying to help the country
Jenny, MI
13:05 October 20
Greg, KS
12:47 October 20
he better
11:25 October 20
Because progressive taxation is one of the enumerated planks of Marxism.
Joshua, NC
10:58 October 20
Both parties are viable candidates and I will not be disappointed if either party wins, but I am voting McCain. In spite of the Palin-plunder, I believe he is the most qualified person for the job. Obama, while a charismatic speaker, does not have the experience I believe necessary for being the president of our country. McCain has been stated as being "liberally prone" which will hopefully ensure (as he has been stating in his debates) a direction away from the Bush administration, which has made some poor decisions during some troublesome times.
Berger, MN
10:17 October 20
Because these are the geniuses who are voting for Obama.

Chris, MD
07:47 October 20
He is the most qualified person for the job, afterall what has the House and Senate accomplish since Polosi and Reed took the Helm
05:56 October 20
because Obama Supporters vandalism my property and took down my McCain signs.
bjr, NC
04:49 October 20
bob, WA
03:52 October 20
Because Obama's supporters scare the fuck out of me.
Sarah, NY
00:35 October 20
Because McCain asks for your vote, and obama demands it. (wtf?!)

Because McCain has shown proof of citizenship, he's been transparent with his campaign financing, and he's served our country. obama has not disclosed his past nearly as much as McCain, he won't talk about his years at columbia, he won't show his real birth certificate, he has thrown his own family under the bus (hello grandma), and he's gotten a TON of money from overseas in campaign donations (which is illegal).

McCain has some legit accomplishments and has actually done some "work" while a senator, obama has been campaigning almost his entire tenure.

because obama followers continue to compare obama ....

October 19next  prev
22:42 October 19
Cause hes not a Nigger.

Save our land
Join the Klan
Mike D, PA
22:12 October 19
Frankly I'm disturbed by most of the responses to this question.

There are a lot of "facts" traveling the airwaves and for every slam on one candidate there is another issue brought up about the other.

Sifting through the crap and finding real meaning in what people do, say and think is going to be difficult for anyone.

Look at the voting records in the Senate, see if the candidate supports the things you care about. It's fairly simple, go here:

Senator Obama

Senator McCain

Look at the record, compare it with policy outlines t ....
D. Yaeger, MN
Very helpful ... thanks. -Josh Gross
22:01 October 19
One good reason NOT!!! to vote McCain!

Stan, AK
21:48 October 19
As an American citizen, do you really want a known associate of many terrorists in the White House?
Rob, GA
21:44 October 19
A vote for McCain, because he will die in office, and Saran Palin will be prez. Then she will let Alaska out of union, drill drill drill until there is no more oil or alternative energy sources, hunt deer and elk from helicopters and hire her daughter to teach abstinence to schools. She will dig up the bones of Joe Vogler and bury them in the land of the new dictatorship of the commonwealth of Alaska. Then she will nuke Iran, start Armageddon and pray that the evil liberals die in the
nu-ku-lar fallout, while she and other GOPers go to heaven (after all they are the only ones allowed in right?)
Aaron, NV
21:37 October 19
I really like Obama, but he is kind of like a pipe bomb. You think you know what will happen after you light that fuse, but you could be very wrong.
Greg, WA
Nice analogy, not potent enough. -Josh Gross
21:37 October 19
Assume youfre an owner of a company, for whatever reason you cannot run it, you need to hire somebody to do it for you. You have to options:
Option one: A man with experience, somebody you know well, he has helped your company in the past, made great sacrifices for your company even though he didnft have to. His loyalty to your company is unquestionable. He has challenged his friends when he thought they were not acting in the best interest of your company.
Option two: A man with no experience whatsoever, somebody untested, who hasnft accomplished one thing in his life, somebody who associates with people who want to destroy your company, who say that your company is evil.

conservative among libs, WA
21:20 October 19
plumber, KY
21:06 October 19
Who cares about McCain. It's all about Sarah Palin. Like John McCain, she fought her own party and won. She grew her little ole town of Wasilla by 4x and cut taxes, creating a revenue unseen by the town before. She fought her party again for the governor's race, and WON. She told big oil to take a hike, the State of Alaska wasn't going to pay to build the refinery, or the pipeline, and receive zero as a result. Instead, big oil now has to build their own refinery, at their cost, as well as the pipeline, and they have to PAY THE CITIZENS of Alaska a percentage of all profits they make.

Additionally, when her state legislature attempted to deny "same sex" partners benefi ....
Republican Who Cares, NV
20:58 October 19
Ron, MN
20:56 October 19
Because the moral, pro-American man we need to run our country is NOT Osama.....ooops, I mean Obama.
Jodi, MN
20:53 October 19
Because Obama lied about voting against FISA. If you care about the 4th amendment & your right to privacy you will not reward that kind of behavior.
Angie, NC
18:11 October 19
because you make more than 250,000 a year and you will get tax breaks.
tyler, OH
17:35 October 19
Josh-You, and/ or the site author should offer recognition or some kind of prize to the person that presents the most helpful, compelling reasoning. If you do, Lance (below) from New York would win hands down so far.

Everyone didn't take the challenge as serious as Lance and some were downright gross and/or ignorant.

I for one am not proud of under-appreiciating the challenge as evidenced by my cavalier response and weak attempt at sollicitating conversion to my side by stereotyping west coast liberals.

Even if you don't agree with Lance's conclusions, you must admit that his logical reasoning is compelling.,

By the way, it is interesting to note that you find about 10% ....
Old Dude, MI
At this point I'm not really leaning in either direction. I'm still trying to weigh the pros/cons of either candidate -Josh Gross
16:24 October 19

Remember how you felt on September 11, 2001. If you were angry Good! Hopefully you are still as angry today.

You need to cast your vote for the person you believe will do the most to keep us safe here in the US. The person who believes the war on terror will not be won with victories in Iraq & Afghanistan. The person who knows that the War on terror will need to be his focal point for the next 4 or 8 years.

After all the Presidents primary job is Commander & Chief of the military. Please think about this every election.
Evan Baker, OH
13:43 October 19
If you need this site so the masses can think and reason for you...sounds like your and Obama man all the way. Off your azz and do some of your own research or just change your name to Lemming.
Dave, IN
12:17 October 19
HAHA! The line is going stright into the elephant's and donkey's asses!! HEHHE HOOO HEEHEE HOO HOO!
FuttBucker, AK
I hope you're not old enough to vote. -Josh Gross
12:13 October 19
I'm Canadian so I can't vote but if I could, I'd vote McCain because the Democrats already own congress and the senate. With a democratic president in office, the only checks will be the ones powerful democrats get to write (in the form of pork and corporate handouts) to their biggest and favorite campaign contributors.
Rob, MI
12:11 October 19
I am appalled by all the sadistic comments about McCain's imminent death during his term if he were elected. Just exposes the moral corruption and cultish tendencies of the Obama camp. They talk about being pro-life but they are prophesizing about the death of a man who served his country selflessly.
Rich M, GA
11:45 October 19
A vote for McCain/Palin would ensure your ability to ask the question. Everyone came to the United States to enjoy Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. With Freedom and Justice for All. Not higher taxes and Utopian 'change' that never works out well for the people the 'workers' except for the MORE EQUAL (Look how Joe the Plumbers being vilified and sneered at by BHussein Obama himself,) who get to keep their guns.That's NOT Looking out for the worker, that 'eliteism' and snobbery. And, you would be trated the same way, when you ask,, "who should I vote for?"
The Arisocrat, DC
10:16 October 19
cos i said so.
dannii, CA
09:57 October 19
Obamafs Henchmen and the Rise of Commufascism
by: Shawn D. Akers, October 8, 2008
The secret to selling bad ideas is to make sure they are the only ones available. This is how totalitarian regimes take power. Whether it was Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany or Vladimir Lenin in Communist Russia, the pattern is largely the same -- totalitarian dictators come to power by enshrining themselves as cults of personality and then creating political monopolies through often less than delicate campaigns of indoctrination and censorship -- especially censorship enshrouded in the intimidating aura of state power. Ironically, these cloven-tongued leaders often rise to dominance by preaching power to those they will dominate, ....
Lance, NY
09:09 October 19
So, the rapist wasn't selfish? The sick and twisted father, raping his daughter, and impregnating her, wasn't selfish?

Rapists for McCain/Palin!

Free wombs for rapists! '08
Jesus Pete, WY
07:28 October 19
saying that its womans right to choose is basically saying it's a womans right to get away with murder. whats the difference between an abortion and someone who kills their baby or child after they're born? nothing exept the abortion was a hired hand, and somehow not illegal. why is it a woman is so selfish, she can't even carry it to term and give it up for adoption? rape, incest or whatever reason.
05:13 October 19
because obama is a baby killer and if you don't vote against a baby killer or do anythign to stop it you have blood on your hands. so are you a murderer or not a murderer.

McCain/Palin '08

October 18next  prev
22:43 October 18
John is a fuddy duddy...he doesnt know when to fudge and when to dud, for that fact he doesnt know what time of day it is...so all i can say is John....sit boy sit....beg boy beg....lol
Anonymous, SC
21:47 October 18
A woman has a right to do whatever she wants to her own body. There is no law in America that says she can't. But is it right that she can kill the body (the little baby) that is inside her her body? The Baby living inside her body is another human being only attached by any unbilical cord and using her body for protection for nine months. Wake up folks before it's too late. Talk about a holocast right here in a "civilized" society.
Susie prolife, OH
17:23 October 18
I ask you to think with your brain, and not your heart. Your heart can be used whenever you like. Send money to Africa, send money to some childrens home around your home town. Put your tax dollars that McCain will save you twords what moves you in your heart, and don't trust the government to do it for you. Trusting the government to spend your money is the LAZY mans way of charity.

I understand it is hard to decide when you have a bleeding heart for others, but your common sense tells you better. That 's how I feel about Barack and McCain. Barrack appeals to my bleeding heart and the desire to help all fellow citizens by digging in my pocket and willingly give. Yet I know McCain is the most logical choic ....
Very thoughtful post ... probably not the most popular way to look at things, but I think you make some good points. -Josh Gross
15:45 October 18
Obama is smarter. Obama has a better running mate. Obama has fairer social policies. Obama is more inspirational.

All of that being said, Obama is wrong for the country right now. When the economy is dying, you absolutely cannot raise taxes on any individual or corporation. Businesses need all that money to pay their employees and go ahead with planned expansions to grow the economy. Even Obama supporting investors concede this point.

On Iraq, do not be fooled, both individuals want to get us the hell out of Iraq. And neither individual says that they will put the troops on a plane on January 20th. That means both men know the troops must be removed strategically. For me, I trust the guy wh ....
Gorb, CA
15:31 October 18
Why would you want to work to pay for the lazy slobs who don't? Look at the Obama column, no one can come up with an intelligent reason why you should vote for Obama. Those are the dumb people you will support with your hard earned tax dollars.
Lori, PA
15:21 October 18

Before you decide, read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The Declaration, while it doesn't have the force of law, lays important groundwork for American democracy. Some salient points: we're all created equal; our rights come from the Creator, not from our government; the purpose of government is to secure our rights; and, government derives just powers from the consent of the governed. These were revolutionary concepts, indeed -- and they're still noble ideas. Throughout our history, men and women have pledged and paid their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to defend them. They're worth keeping in mind as you vote. The Constitution is the supre ....
Steve, OH
Incredibly insightful and well-written. A big help.

Thank you. -Josh Gross
14:50 October 18
I own a small florist and if I have to offer health care to my employees, I will have too shut down. While my business has slowed due to the economy and the election, part of me wants Obama to win for the fact the media will get off of gas prices, bad economy, and anything else the evil republicans are the cause of, but then if I vote for Obama my taxes will increase and with the health care, there went my business and livelihood. That is why I am voting for McCain, I believe some of Obamas Ideals are good, but the media has built him into such a celebrity, I don't think he is as qualified as a former soldier and independent. I just hope that the media will, no matter who wins, try not to doom  ....
Jean, GA
14:21 October 18
MILF 08 - Need I Say More!!!
Palinisahotti, OK
14:20 October 18
He's not a nigger
brandon, TX
11:26 October 18
listen, i dislike sarah palin as much as the next person, but i'm still voting for mccain. obama is an incredible speaker, but there's little substance behind the hype; his policies are going to mire the government further and further in our floundering economy. the truth is that we're facing the potential for massive inflation due to the involvement of the government in the economy already, and further involvement will only compound the issue. we need to get the economy standing back on its own two feet, and that won't be accomplished through increased taxation and an expanded welfare state. it just won't.
in terms of foreign policy, we all know that bush and screwed us nine times over, but mccain is a kn ....
isabella, VA
10:54 October 18
I'm sick and old. I've had 4 melanomas and am currently experiencing the onset of Alzheimers and dementia, as exhibited with my uncontrollable fits of temper.

I will bomb Iran at first opportunity.
McCain has melanoma, NY
10:19 October 18
Because sometimes it's fun to do the wrong thing.
Josh, AK
09:26 October 18
He wants to stimulate the economy by helping those who will create new jobs. ie: small businesses
He'll do this by keeping taxes low. Osama, I mean Obama, wants to reward the lazy by raising taxes on the small businesses and supposedly give to the "poor". The real effect is to make EVERYBODY POOR. Please look at Cuba!!! The more dependant on the government you are, the more the govenment can controll you!! I love FREEDOM too much to give it away!
Natalie, MO
09:18 October 18
McCain is going to steer us away from Socialistic tendencies that Obama is headed toward. He's also safer for the country regarding international affairs and attacks.
dave, TN
08:43 October 18
Obama is a talking head. He can't answer a candid question because there is no teleprompter to help. He wants to "Spread the Wealth" (ie solcialism) and cripple the economy in the process. He has no opinion of his own and has failed to vote on issues and bills 264 times!! He has lied about past votes that he feels will make him look bad in the public eye.
Renee, WY
08:31 October 18
What an odd site this is.

But, I will be voting for McCain. Honestly, Sarah Palin scares the hell out of me, and she's awfully inexperienced, but so is Obama. I would much rather have an inexperienced Vice President than an inexperienced President.
Danielle, KS
07:54 October 18
I can't believe this is even a choice for some people. I can't believe that anyone would vote for this young, inexperienced man who every week has a new scandal or dubious association ignored by the mainstream media and his flock of sheep. I can't believe how much he preaches socialism and blatantly anti-American ideas, rhetoric, and policy and how many people flock to him.

Dear GOD America PLEASE don't vote for Obama. Can you NOT see him for what he is?
Hillary, ME
06:35 October 18
Because if you were making a bunch of money and were financially stable, would you want to have to give it away to someone you didn't know who didn't have a job and 10 kids with different fathers? Share the wealth? I'd like to keep mine, thanks.
Angela S, MA
06:34 October 18
he's not a rag head! what more is there? ask ur self do you wanna get on a bus or anything else with a muslum? or one running the country?
Anonymous, TX
05:28 October 18
He is the only one
Obama, IL
01:03 October 18
As a Cuban man I can say to you that this is a crazy thing. You can not know what this is about because you were not there for it but this man this obama man is saying every thing that Castro used to say. I spent 2 weeks on a boat made of wood and rubber to make it to this country toget away from Cuba. I love my country very much but I could not stay there anymore. this obama speeks just like castro, he talks abvout communism so much that it makes me scared. he likes to talk abotu making the government incontrol of everytihingl. that scares me and scares me so much . please dont vote for him. defeet this man and let the us know that they are still for freedom.
Andreas, GA
00:58 October 18
I'm a life long democrat and I just had to speak out in favor of McCain. Obama has SOOOO many dubious connections and endorsements. It really scares me. And I thought I was scared of Bush? I am TOTALLY scared of Obama. He's a socialist.. no doubt about that one. He wants to spend more money than we have and socialize healthcare which is a huge mistake and.. I don't know.. he just really seems like Hilter to me. He has youth groups singing songs about him and hes created a presidential seal/logo for himself that's just REALLY creepy.

I know the country wants something other than Bush but really? Is this the best we could do?

I work as a waiter and as a result I hear things and talk to people. I have NEVER in my life h ....
Mary Giles, GA

October 17next  prev
23:33 October 17
I like how Obama says he's for CHANGE, he wants to CHANGE things, get away from the Washington insiders, make things different, stir things up...

And then goes and picks a VP who has been in office for 35 years. I understand that this was a political move to tag some experience onto his ticket when a major complaint about Obama was that he lacked experience but seriously... don't preach change and a move away from washington insider business as usual and then pick a guy firmly entrenched in the Senate.

Biden himself is apparently not a fan of Obama. Here's some Biden quotes courtesy of the Boston Globe:

Feb. 2007 on Obama's appeal: "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-Americ ....
Dave D, NY
23:02 October 17
This isn't so much a why McCain as much as it is a why not Obama?

No one has made race more an issue in this election than Obama has. Race need not be important, especially in today's society, yet the Obama campaign repeatedly sings his praises as possibly being the first black president. If anyone decides they don't want to vote for Obama, why, it must be because he's a black man and the voter is racist! Surely there can be no other reasons! (Note - this is sarcasm)

Moreover, even though the media has blown Obama's ties out of proportion, the fact remains that he seems to have several dubious connections with people that are so far from presidential it's scary - Ayres, Rev. Wright, ACOR ....
Calliope, PA
23:00 October 17
If you enjoy being able to defend yourself then you need to vote McCain. I'm not necessarily a strong supporter of McCain, but he is the lesser of two evils.

Obama has voted against every pro 2nd amendment action that he has ever been presented with. He doesn't want anyone to have firearms. SCOTUS recently decided on Heller Vs. District of Columbia stating that firearm ownership is an individual right. Technically, Obama can't outlaw guns, but he's proposed a 500% tax hike on ammunition.

If you enjoy firearms, then a vote for Obama would be like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

Off the firearms topic and on to his finance plans. If the U.S. was to implement all of the different fi ....
John, TX
22:54 October 17
Obama may not DIRECTLY raise taxes at first (although there have been compelling arguments for his spending plans and healthcare plans that would seem that he would have to raise taxes), but he has openly said that he would let the Bush tax cuts expire which would effectively raise taxes on a lot of Americans and not just those make 250K or more. So it's raising taxes by NOT keeping the existing tax cuts. Clever
Rich, CT
22:16 October 17
Currently going for my MBA at Binghamton. One of my classes had a discussion following the last debate (Political Science class) and our Professor told us that to socialize the American Healthcare system would require everyones taxes to increase by 25-30%. Not sure where he's getting that precise number from but he's an exceptionally smart man and I trust his knowledge. He hates the healthcare system America has right now but contends that an increase of that size would not be in his (or the country's) best interest.
Mark, NY
22:12 October 17
Obama's arrogance scares me. The man created his own symbol that he puts on his plane and podium, he has a youth group that's singing his praises (ala Hitler Nazi youth). I haven't seen anything remotely like that since Adolf Hitler. Not that Obama is necceserily as bad as Hitler but he's sure ACTING like him.
Peter, LA
22:01 October 17
The nation is in shambles...

The previous administration has led the country into an unnecessary war...

The economy is failing, and the sense of a depression fills the air...

A new leader has emerged...

He is a powerful speaker, offering hope, a fix to the economy, and a promise of change...

Raised in another country by a doting mother, he authors two books about his experiences...

His literary work propels his success...

He fills stadiums to capacity with roaring crowds; some faint in his presence...

He is an open christian, with some muslim friends...

He calls for unity and considers himself an advoca ....
Tyrone, NY
21:49 October 17

You asked for specific links to Obama lies:

Dave, NY
Thanks. -Josh Gross
21:17 October 17
Unfortunately, I think politicians of any race and any party will say (and have been doing so for quite some time now) ANYTHING to get elected... -Josh Gross

I don't disagree, however, Obama and his campaign have taken this to the hilt ( just check his changes on issue after issue..)

Also, his campaign tries to silence critics...


Visigoth, NY
Thanks for the links -Josh Gross
21:05 October 17
McCain is better at zombie dances. Can Barack Obama do this?

dancing machine, NJ
20:54 October 17
It boils down to this : People want change.., so much so, that they aren't even bothering to properly look at Obama and what he's about. They want change, just for the sake of change - the country be damned.

Obama is a SOCIALIST. Our country is a Democratic Republic. Socialism has a long history of.... - FAILURE.

Answer me this.., Who am I...::

Universal healthcare
Wealth distribution
Civic/ volunteer youth initiatives
Free education
Government programs for any and all problems

answer : The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Note the second S - SOCIALIST - and we all know what happened there.

Anothe ....
Visigoth, NY
Unfortunately, I think politicians of any race and any party will say (and have been doing so for quite some time now) ANYTHING to get elected... -Josh Gross
20:17 October 17
Because Obama has proven himself a liar, time and time again.
Emily, VA
Can you be more specific? Have any links or examples? -Josh Gross
19:59 October 17
Because the faster this country dies, the faster a new empire will rise.
New Emperor, NJ
19:38 October 17
Because unlike
<----That one. McCain doesn't contradict everything he says, and How can you trust Obama to do anything for this country in the future, if he hasn't done anything up to this point?
Sarah Palin, AL
19:15 October 17
If you haven't decided yet - you probably shouldn't vote.
You are clever ... you've posted the same thing in both columns! Congrats. -Josh Gross
19:12 October 17
He's more experienced, and more traditional. He's just overall the best candidate. He's a veteran. He cares about the country. Obama just isn't right for our country right now. I don't think our country is ready for him.
Mellissa, MI
18:52 October 17
McCain at least tells it like it is on things like health care, Social Security etc. It is somewhat amusing to read so many posts on the Obama side stating what Obama will do with no mention of where the money will come from. Do some research to check out the financials of our country.

National health care will further break the bank. The Medicaid drug benefit is unsustainable. Just look up the costs. Also note that in Great Britain people are leaving the National Health System and buying private insurance since the NHS does not work. In Canada you do not have the option of buying your way into the sysytem, no matter how dire your circumstances may be. You cannot buy a CAT scan for yourself but you can buy one for your d ....
Noita Pitsnoc on Citadel, OH
18:49 October 17
Barack Obama's top three financial advisors were all higher ups in Fannie Mae. They couldn't even keep there own companies out of the red, how are they going to fix the crisis in our country that THEY started?

Also, the US was built on capitalism, going to a socialist market would bring more problems than it could ever solve.
Chelly, MS
18:46 October 17
Barack Obama is not legally a U.S. Natural-born citizen according to the law on the books at the time of his birth, which falls between gDecember 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986? . Presidential office requires a natural-born citizen if the child was not born to two U.S. Citizen parents, which of course is what exempts John McCain though he was born in the Panama Canal. US Law very clearly stipulates: gcIf only one parent was a U.S. Citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.h Barack Obamafs father was not a U.S. Citizen and Obamafs mother was only 18 when Obama was born, which means though s ....
Dan, NV
18:34 October 17
Barak HUSSEIN Obama

gets a buttload af campain contributions from the middle east......
Independent American, NV
18:14 October 17
because Barack Obama is all about "change," but can't specify what that change is.
hannah, VA
18:10 October 17
17:51 October 17
Neither. Ron Paul 08!
Ron, TX
17:34 October 17
Because osama is a fuckin nigger!!!
whitey, TX
16:43 October 17
Okay, so if Obama wins, my father (makes $250,000) works extremely hard for money for me to go to college and money for the rest of my family. With Obama's plan, my father's income is basically given to the lazy hobos on the street who don't do shit. My Dad has to drive from Miami to Orlando each week so he can keep his job and I don't see him during the week! Now is that fair? Oh! Lets just tax the hard working people in America so we can give more money to drug dealers, SUPER!

But, either way, the country is fucked...
Common Sense, FL
16:06 October 17
Do you want a doctor that has only been working 1 year+ to surgically remove a tumor from your brain or would you rather have a surgeon with 40+ years experience do it? Exactly. Vote for Mc Cain, he ISNT Bush, he's Mc Cain and I know he'll turn things around once he's in office, completely dumbfounding the religious right that he had to bow down to. Plus I think Obama will make a rockin' Mayor in Anchorage, Alaska eh?
Katherine, TN
15:26 October 17
15:20 October 17
it's about experience... I mean don't you have to vote for the guy who is older than the golden gate bridge?
jason, NY
15:19 October 17

My dad owns a small business and if taxes were to increase for him and if he were to be required to offer healthcare, he would not be able to grow as a business because he couldn't hire any more people... It's his American Dream to run a business, but he can only do it if he's not subjected to ridiculous taxation from the federal government.

Katie, NC
15:14 October 17
They must only make those in Canada.
re: adam
15:13 October 17
Wow, Jody Maus is almost as dumb as you Josh.

Put that on your frig.
Adam from Canada
15:05 October 17
Tad, FYI honey, trickle down economics doesn't work, which is what you're describing. Helping only one group of people in this economy is something an idiot would say. Please read something. Thank you.
Babs, CA
15:04 October 17
b/c ugly people vote republican
mari, NY
14:59 October 17
Vote McCain because you clearly have no principles and have to be told what to do (if you truly are undecided at this point.)
Alex Brunk
14:52 October 17
MCain Killed My Uncle too...but he was an asshole so thanks for that
Jon, NY
14:46 October 17
Obama wants to tax anyone who makes $250,000 or more a year. These people should not be taxed any more than they already are because they are the people who will turn the economy around. The economy is in the crapper right now and the people who have the money to invest and actually turn things around are the people in this $250,000 income bracket. In addition to this discouraging people from investing who's to say a couple years later that Obama decides that people who make over $200,000 a year should be taxed? Or $150,000? If the bar gets lowered the people who will be hurt the most are small business owners and that will reduce the number of jobs.
Tad, AZ
14:37 October 17
He actually has experience in politics and government. He can also articulate his beliefs and plans for the country, rather than avoiding questions. McCain's plans are legitimate and do-able, and he genuinely means what he says. He isn't just making empty promises about some vague concept of "change" - he has concrete plans. Also, he believes in America and what it stands for and is committed to that and to us as Americans.
Kate, SC
14:36 October 17
Vote McCain becuase he'll make plumber ass-cracks bigger and larger with his tax plans.
Sydney McCain, AZ
14:35 October 17
I say vote for McCain because tons of people on his side use caps lock. Therefore what they are saying MUST BE RIGHT!
Come ON
14:35 October 17
DUH! U vote for McCain bcause he's white.
Ashley, KY
14:29 October 17
> George Bush has been in office for 7 1/2 years. The first six
> the economy was fine.
> A little over one year ago:
> 1) Consumer confidence stood at a 2 1/2 year high;
> 2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon;
> 3) the unemployment rate was 4.5%.
> 4) the DOW JONES hit a record high--14,000 +
> 5) American's were buying new cars,taking cruises,
> vacations overseas, living large!...
> But American's wanted 'CHANGE'! So, in 2006 they vo ....
Jody Maus, OH
14:25 October 17
Neil -

Get off your computer and come down for dinner RIGHT NOW!!! If I have to ask you to come down to dinner via blogpost one more time, I am taking away all your cyborg ninja GI Joe toys for two weeks. And wash those filthy hands!!! I know you've been playing with yourself again; I can hear you from the kitchen. And don't forget to put those magazines back in Dad's underwear drawer; you know he doesn't like it when you leave the pages stuck together.
Neil C.'s cyborg mom, DC
14:25 October 17
Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you. Could you make a more obvious ploy to try and be "famous". At least Obama Girl actually lip synched her song.
Alan, NC
14:23 October 17
Isn't Obama an ARAB?
Sorry but in these times those kind of people just cen't be trusted at the top.
Joe, LA
14:15 October 17
In light of the posts below, I am even more for McCain because it appears that Obama supporters have cloned me, against my permission. And while clones are cool (even cooler than impersonating people on blogs), I think we can all agree that Cyborgs are way cooler. They're half-man, half-machine! And Metal! And Electricity! Vote McCain, because Clones are just more of the same.
The real Neil C., DC
14:14 October 17
No one should decide how to vote based on 150 words. If your personal philosophy draws you to that of Obama, you should vote for him. Likewise for McCain.

These are both great candidates and America is fortunate to be in this position. The country will be in good shape regardless of which candidate wins, despite the hyperbole.

I personally am voting for McCain, both because I find myself more drawn to his philosophy and because I would like to ensure balance to the otherwise Democrat-dominated government.
John K, VA
It's nice to hear some bipartisan optimism. -Josh Gross
14:13 October 17
Joe Buck, DC
14:11 October 17
The economy is in bad shape right now, and I understand how people would be weary of another republican as president. McCain is not completely in line with Bush in this area though and the Obama tax increases will not fix this. When the business owners get taxed more they lose money. To prevent losing too much money you increase demands on labor and cut back on employment. The rich got that way for a reason, and will not just sit back and give away their money so that someone who doesn't work can get a tax break.

Even though the Economy is in bad shape at the moment, a more pressing issue in the long run is the war. McCain has Obama when it comes to expertise in foreign affairs. This is a statement of fact - not opin ....
Braden, TX
14:05 October 17
That's right Sarah from CA!!! At least McCain was born within U.S. "boarders!!" Oh wait...what?...he wasn't? Panama? I thought that was within our "boarders."
Christian, IN
14:00 October 17
He is the stronger, more qualified candidate. Plus, Obama still hasn't given proof that he was in fact born within the United States boarders.
Sarah, CA
13:56 October 17
I am voting McCain because I think the innovative small businesses that run my favorite child porn sites should pay less taxes, so that my subscription fees will be less.
Neil C., DC
13:52 October 17
Nahmeen NAILED IT! Who has more incentive to invest in bionic research? A young lithe athlete like Obama? Or an old man who could probably stand to replace a few parts? Vote for a bionic future - VOTE McCAIN!
Neil C., DC
13:50 October 17
I believe that if you work hard that you shouldn't be penalized. My dad has spent the last 30 years working to support our family - he sent all four of his daughters through college, he supported his parents when they were unable to. He has never been in debt. Taking away what he has worked for in order to support people who are irresonsible seems wrong.

Let's focus on reigning in government spending.
Elizabeth, PA
13:47 October 17
Neil C from DC is totally on-point. "John McCain would work to give you the abilities and opportunities to forge your own future. " That's right Josh!! John McCain would make sure there is a spending freeze on every government program except one to discover the technology to bionically fuse forging equipment and laserbeam rays to your body so you can literally have the ability "to forge your own future." A vote for McCain is a vote for bionic future-forging abilities.
Nahmeen, DC
13:42 October 17
If you are guy who believes in compromise and moderation, you need to vote for McCain. With a strongly democratic congress, an Obama presidency will mean no moderation, because a single party will control both Congress and the White House. Look how that worked out with Bush until 2006 - a balance of power is critical.

That's not to say a McCain presidency would simply be a four year stalemate. McCain has actual experience working with people of the other party, and taking on his own party when necessary. He has built cross-isle coalition on difficult issues such as judicial confirmations. In contrast, Obama has never disagreed with the leadership of his own party on in any issue.

Philosophicall ....
Neil C., DC
13:36 October 17
Obama voted against the sun. McCain voted for it. If Obama is elected, he would stop funding for the sun and use all that money for ACORNS for squirrels. Then without the sun, those acorn-fattened squirrels would turn into zombies. And then we would really be in trouble.
Steve, CO
13:31 October 17
I heard that if he's elected, Obama is going to abolish the legislature and have all laws written by William Ayers. I also heard Obama wants to force everyone to have an abortion, just so everyone can see what it's like. Sarah Palin told me that he frequently goes on double dates with terrorists. Then I heard that if he's President he'll make gay marriage mandatory. But worst of all, someone told me that he HATES Two and a Half Men. And that, my friends, is just un-American.
Charlie, MA
13:30 October 17
I agree with V from FL, who posted recently. Obama would not qualify to be a bodyguard or FBI agent. However, he would not qualify because he is actually an undercover alien spy from the planet Bonkroodeaon-527. Also, I heard McCain gives reach-arounds.
Craig Dingle, CT
13:26 October 17
This picture shows Obama takes joy in strangling Ohio girls. http://wonkette.com/wp-content...
Anti-Strangler, OH
13:26 October 17
It is true that Obama is a new face and is so pleasant, but that is all he is. He knows how to please people and says things that can appeal to everyone! But he can't make any decisions! He has voted "present" for countless issues rather than making a decision and losing support from those who would not agree with that decision. I want a DECISIVE president. In my opinion, obama is just saying what he needs to in order to get enough votes to get into the white house...and then who knows what his decision are gonna be? I don't necessarily like McCain either, but at least I know what he stands for, and he DOES also understand we need change. It's just not his "slogan" because then he'd be a copycat. And he's ....
13:20 October 17
Obama is so aroggent that he created his own flag that he hangs up behind up him, next to the American flag, when he gives speeches in Ohio. Look for yourself - http://michellemalkin.cachefly...
George W., DC
13:13 October 17
He has a bigger penis.
Joe the Plumber, PA
13:11 October 17
As a woman, I'm not smart enough to decide how to plan my family -- so I'm voting for John McCain. John McCain will make sure I have no reproductive rights, including if my "health" is at stake. Also, John McCain did not support the Equal Pay Act, which would have given victims of pay discrimination greater opportunity to recover from employers. I don't deserve equal pay, and I certainly don't deserve recourse if I have been discriminated against! Josh, vote for John McCain so I don't have to make decisions about my body or get the same pay as a man. Let me be barefoot and pregnant, like God wanted.
Ann C., NC
13:11 October 17
ummm. lots of racists over here.

are you people serious? or just really, really ignorant?
sloop, GA
13:05 October 17
Becaus McCain in white! Do you really want a black president?
Kim, AL
13:03 October 17
All the bigots are voting for him. Oh, and I heard Obama doesn't hate Muslims; so logically, he must hate America. And my grandma told me she got an e-mail that proves Obama is the result of joint Russian-Venezuelan-Al Qaeda 1950s research projects that created a robot baby to one day grow to become the United States President and give all our money to people poorer than John and Cindy McCain. I mean the reason he went to Indonesia was because his robotic technology needed repairs and upgrades. And the reason he does not go south of the border is because spicy foods and the magnetic pull of the southern hemisphere make him implode. I also heard Senator Obama is . . . .black.
George W., DC

But not helpful. -Josh Gross
13:02 October 17
Obama wants to redistribute the wealth? what kind of socialist crap is that? oh yes, appeal to the poor idiots that comprise most of this country by telling them that you'll punish the financially successful to feed their lazy asses. Obama has NO leadership/executive experience and wants to lead the country? Even Palin has more executive experience than Obama.
Pablo, FL
12:53 October 17
If you stand on any morale values, then you must vote for McCain. There is such a strong imorality in our country that everything is out of wack. This country was gounded on conservative morals, and when that is right, then everything will fall into place. I think if you believe in any rights for babies that survive an attmept on their life then there is only one wat to go. I think when McCain gets voted in, you will see that he is nothing like Bush.....
Teresa, WY
12:50 October 17
I do not want to live in a socialist society. Also I vote for someone based on their character - although McCain is known for his temper, he is also a true American. Obama has WAY to many question marks for me. I am voting for the lessser of 2 evils and I know that might not sound very positive but its the truth!
Jam, TX
12:39 October 17
Going off what a poster said on the Obama side, about letting woman choose....Mccain is anti abortion yes, but Obama is anti long term abortion. This means that he agrees with a mother carrying a baby to near full term where if the baby was born it would be alive and in more cases then not survive giving the mother drugs to induce labor then letting that baby lay in a room by its self till it dies. I think that while abortion done in the first 3 months is a choice for some people abortion after that is murder and should be concidered illegal. All though there are many more reasons I am not voting for Obama this one is one of the mains ones.
Tricia, AK
12:37 October 17
Look at his tongue? Isn't that hot? Wouldn't you want Sarah Palin as VP too, think of all the intel she could get while foreign policy makers are staring down her shirt?
danco, CA
12:37 October 17
ahem, *lose.
moneyries, NY
12:34 October 17
I don't want vapid celebrities to think for a second that we care what they think. Ask one of them wearing a trendy Obama shirt their thoughts on his tax policy or health care.....you'll get nothing.

McCain may not be "cool"...but he's definitely the lesser of two evils in this case.
12:34 October 17
ahem, *lose.
moneyries, NY
12:33 October 17
You'll lost LOTS of money, lose your employee-sponsored healthcare, and live in a country that's totally despised by the rest of the world, for another four years.
moneyries, NY
12:29 October 17
youre a turd
jonah, OH
12:02 October 17
It is actually a "no brainer". McCain is a long way from the ideal candidate. However, he is much more in line with the founding principles (Declaration of Independence, Constitution etc.) of our country. For example: Senator Obama believes in greatly expanding the Federal Government's role in health care (and about everything else). Sounds good but it doesn't work.

All one has to do is to take a look at Medicare and Medicaid. Throw in Social Security and those three programs have unfunded (money from future tax revenues) liabilities in the trillions. Yes, they are going and absolutely will go broke. When they do the cost will be devastating, especially to the poor. Obama also does not believe in any  ....
charlie.gross@rispaper.com, OH
11:42 October 17


Dale, WY
11:13 October 17
if you are going to state what you did "Bertha" let's see some facts to back it up. Seems difficult to accept as truth without any facts coupled with the inability to spell.
jlb, WA
11:04 October 17
Trust obama is a trader, lier, and a muslum why would you want this trash
bertha, TX
11:03 October 17
I really don't like either of them to be honest w/ya Josh. These guys seem like career politicians that are going to say what they need to in order to get into office then will more than likely turn their back on what they told us they were going to do. With that said, I think McCain has been dedicated to this country for a very long time and he's shown that. Obama seems to speak very well, but his words lack substance. He's one of those guys who could talk for an hour and say maybe a minutes worth of relevant material. Now I'm not saying McCain is any better, but I honestly think that as far as character goes that McCain has more of it.
Ryan, TX
10:59 October 17
I have two things to say in response to Anonymous in CA. First, Clinton was not the great financial president people think: his policies lead to the first recession that the Bush tax cuts lead us out of (which btw, Obama will let expire, which is a tax increase). Second, to see what effect the Clinton/Obama tax policies have, all you need to do is look at the state from which Anonymous wrote in. The governor of California is asking for billions from the federal government because his state's deficits are enormous. Businesses register as Nevada-based to avoid large portions of California taxes, driving hte state into bankruptcy. If you want businesses and jobs leaving the US at an even greater pace, go with  ....
Lee, NV
10:59 October 17
Dear Josh,

My younger, not nearly as good looking, impressionable cousin, please do not vote for McCain. Please do not vote for Obama. Please write in Ron Paul.


Thank you.
Nathan Gross, OH
Thanks for the link. -Josh Gross
10:41 October 17
redistribution of wealth from the other side. While I don't consider Obama a terrorist, his coziness with that faction concerns me. No I don't believe we will be a terrorist state, but I do believe he won't put the effort into destroying terrroism that McCain would. I also think that under Obama we would have a weaker military, Health care is cerainly an issue, but a place that the government should stay out of. I work for state govt, and at one our state govt tried to run our health insurance, let's just say that is not the governments strong suit.
chad, WY
08:51 October 17
It's not that I dislike Obama or even think that he may not do a good job. It is the fact that he wants to take the country down the road of SOCIALISM.

take from the wealthy - give to the poor

This is redistribution of wealth and class warfare. Think, if you worked hard, do you want the government to come along and say, thanks, now that you have built some wealth we are going to take MORE of it and use it how we see fit. This is just another form of WELFARE.
Personal responsibility is lacking in our country and culture and needs to be reinstated ! Handouts have never solved anything. Raising taxes on businesses will only lead to a loss of jobs and/or an increase of prices to the consumer ( you  ....
07:57 October 17
Obama thninks he is running against the republicans and George W. Bush, he keeps says how bad the last 8 years have been, its time for change. No crap! McCain knows that. However he is running against McCain, who is a libral Republican, unlike GWB. McCain and GWB are not exactly best friends, but GWB does endorse McCain.

As McCain put it best in the last debate, if you wanted to run against Bush, you should have ran 8 years ago"

Obama is clueless about a lot of issues.

He started the mudslinging. He is spending lots of money on negative campaigning, when I WANT to hear what you will do for us, not what you think McCain will do!

Do the right thing ....
Lila, CA
07:50 October 17
I do not want the goverment in control of my health care! We need to become energy efficient. We need to drill, not "look into" drilling offshore. Oh, and drilling mean make jobs, hello! We need nuclear plants for energy once again = jobs, and less reliablility on foreign resources. We need to research alternate means of energy like wind, etc = jobs for research then building the new sources. We need to continue to trade with Columbia, which Obama oposses. We need someone who doesn't not cater to the the state he is in, but has as the same message all of the time. We need to reduce spending, and Obama wants to add more special programs such as sending all kids to preschool. Most of us over  ....
Matthew, IL
07:40 October 17
If elected he will be assinated,(too many racial people, my friend, he is a dead man) and we will have Joe Biden as an president, now that's scary! That's WHY McCAIN!!!
Jennifer, OH
06:58 October 17
Very simple...you dont create jobs by taxing the corporations and small businesses that offer the jobs. Higher taxes = less profits = less jobs. Its a very simple equation. Plus, under Obama's plan about 30% of the population will recieve a check from the government, instead of "paying" thier taxes. Tax the rich to give to the poor. Thats called redistribution of wealth, aka socialism. Socialism is only good for the lazy and unmotivated. That is not the type of country we want.
Socialism sucks, IL
06:53 October 17
Sam, KY
05:25 October 17
To save our country we must have a leader that will reduce taxes (grow the economoy); And, simulaneously, reduce spending.

McCain is serious about reducing taxes. Not only on every individual and family, but capital gains and finally business taxes. Business tax cuts are most needed right now. When large multi-national companies (Exxon, GM, Haier, Samsung, Siemens, Total, Petrobras, Komatsu) have decisions to make about manufacturing (R&D, cars, washer/dryers, cell phones, machine tools, refineries, drilling equipment and heavy equipment) they must decide where can they get low costs (which we have an advantage now with a weak dollar). Additionally, they n ....
Fred, NY
05:18 October 17
Do we need a Nigger running our Country?

Look at his name!!

Do we need a muslim ruining our country...bombing our country...trying to educate ignorant niggers??

But I think the cocksucker's gonna get in...cuz we have lots of stupid fucking people in this country!!
CrazeeCarl, WA
04:38 October 17
Go back to the republican primaries and watch McCain get spanked by a true american patriot. RON PAUL !!!
04:33 October 17
Because Obama doesn't know his ass from a hot rock, and I don't want my guns and rights taken away
Jim, OR
00:30 October 17
Who Am I...

I am under 45 years old,

I love the outdoors,

I hunt,

I fish,

I am a Republican reformer,

I have taken on the Republican Party establishment,

I have many children,

I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor's office.

Have you ever heard of me before now?

I am Teddy Roosevelt.
Lisa, CT
00:07 October 17
Quotes from Jeremiah Wright:

"Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run. No black man will ever be considered for president, no matter how hard you run Jesse [Jackson] and no black woman can ever be considered for anything outside what she can give with her body."

"America is still the number one killer in the world."

"White America got their wake-up call after 9/11. White America and the Western world came to realize people of color had not gone away, faded in the woodwork, or just disappeared as the Great White West kept on its merry way of ignoring black concerns."

"We (Americans) are deeply involved in the import ....
Davis, CO
00:00 October 17
I make much less than $250,000 a year and under Obama I will pay about $4,000 more in taxes because he will let the Bush tax cuts expire and his tax increase will affect my income. Please don't fall for the soundbites of either campaign, do some independent research!
Bill C., FL

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23:56 October 16
The fact that Obama has an "Obama Youth" website and for little kids and has them singing songs of his praises scares the hell out of me. Reminds me of Hitler Youth and Crazy North Koreans singing songs of Kim Jong-Il... who Obama would love to sit down and talk with
Lori, CA
23:54 October 16
Steady bipartisan leadership mixed with a history as a reformer.
Michael M, OH
23:47 October 16
Because he is not Obama!
Truth, CA
23:41 October 16
I think you should vote for McCain for a lot of the reasons that people have already stated. I DON'T think you should vote for Obama because of the idea that "Sarah Palin is stupid and McCain will die soon." That's a HORRIBLE reason to vote / not vote for someone.

McCain's not the answer but I'd rather have 4-8 years of him than Obama. So far as Palin is concerned, she wouldn't have been my choice for VP, it was a blatant attempt to lure Hillary voters and women in general to McCain's camp but I have no real issue with her. The media tries to portray her as stupid but I don't really believe she is. And the argument that "what if McCain dies?" is Bullshit. McCain's not going to die. He's rich and moreso ....
Mitch, RI
23:40 October 16
All this talk about Obama's great health care plan is a travesty. Do some research on, say, Canada. Socialist health care is a joke. No one will ever aspire to excel as a Doctor in this country ever again! The way they will choose who gets an organ or any other type of transplant or even a flu shot will cause huge numbers of the sick to die. They'll probably have some wasteful government agency pick any disinfranchised souls who are not in prison as the top candidates. That would naturally be after they give them all of your hard earned money with the brilliant "spread the wealth" plan. I can't wait to hear who this sycophant plans to pick for cabinet and national security advisors. Might as well be some other c ....
Michael, MA
22:49 October 16
Barack Obama's voting record (www.ontheissues.org). Some of these you might agree with, but all of them I disagree with. You decide Josh.

Voted NO on recommending Constitutional ban on flag desecration. (Jun 2006)
Voted NO on $40B in reduced federal overall spending. (Dec 2005)
Voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions. (Jul 2006)
Voted NO on paying down federal debt by rating programs' effectiveness. (Mar 2007)
Voted YES on banning drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (Mar 2005)
Voted YES on allowing illegal aliens to participate in Social Security. (May 2006)
Supported granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. (Nov 2007) Proposal ultimately  ....
Jessie, NY
22:38 October 16
Who would you trust Hussein Nobama the empty suit or Grandpa McCain ? Grandpa sounds better. sure Nobama he seems fresh or new but still no real experience, again he's an empty suit. We need someone like Grandpa McCain and Palin who has been around to lead US.. Obama is going to make mistakes which we cant afford at this critical time. McCain supports our Constitution. NOBAMA IS A BAD DISEASE, dont get me wrong i dont trust any politician. Vote Smart, its your CHOICE, DONT BE A PUPPET.. Youth means nothing, fake smiles mean nothing, looks mean nothing if we get a Dummy up there. You can learn a lot from a dummy. We dont need a Dummy. This is not a popularity contest, its our future your playing with. Wish ....
Brain Brain Brain, IL
22:31 October 16
From Obama's two books:

"I ceased to advertise my motherfs race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites."

"To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists."

"The emotions between the races could never be pure; even love was tarnished by the desire to find in the other some element that was missing in ourselves. Whether we sought out our demons or salvation, the other race would always remain just that: menacing, alien, and apart."
Craig, CA
22:20 October 16
I ordinarily do not cite Youtube videos as a supportive source of information but seeing as this is from actual congressional hearings I think it's worth taking a look at. In short, Republicans tried to warn congress about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2004 but where overwhelmingly, and ANGRILY ridiculed and shot down by a largely democratic response.

David, NY
22:10 October 16
Democrats as a whole largely champion government sponsored programs for lower-income families. I.e. Wellfare, food stamps, unemployment, etc... Note that I did not say solely, or exclusively, but social programs are a mainstay of Democratic policy.

While I'm not opposed to these programs, persay they are largely ineffective , financial black holes. Systems like welfare are designed to help people who have fallen on hard times sustain themselves while they get back on their feet. Instead we have people sitting on welfare without working (or working off the books and still collecting from the federal government) for YEARS on end. That is not what the system is designed to do and that is not what it is SU ....
Greg, NJ
21:54 October 16
I hear a lot of talk regarding healthcare and Cuba and nationalized healthcare so I thought I'd add my two cents on this.

First off Cuba is a socialist republic and to all these people telling you how "great" Cuba is let's not forget the thousands of people who flee the country paddling furiously on a screen door to make it to the US. Cuban-American's who remember life under Castro are very scared about an Obama presidency because they see glaring similarities in what he's talking about and what they saw under castro.

Bare in mind that Cuba is an island nation with a population roughly equal to Ohio (11 million give or take). On that small scale their healthcare system has worked because it is infinitely mor ....
Jerry, FL
21:50 October 16
Easy, because he's not Obama. The reason the stock market is at historical lows is because wall street thinks Obama is in. Vote McCain and then buy, buy, buy !!!
Gordon Gecco, MA
21:36 October 16
RE: Amber for Obama

"Obama came from the lower-middle class and truly understands those who are struggling to get to a position where they don't have to live pay check to paycheck. <b>Joe the Plumber has accomplished that dream - good for him - now give other people a chance to realize that same dream</b>!"

We should expect that any hard working, dedicated, motivated person should be able to accomplish their goals. Regardless to the economy, if people take it upon themselves to become educated in a necessary field and dedicates the time and energy to it, they too can be just as successful as Joe.

Taxes have very little to do with accomplishing the American dream. You've  ....
Melissa, NH
21:34 October 16
Josh, I commend you on your creativity and ingenuity. You are a great example of what it means to be an American, and to think like an American. Creative, resourceful, determined. The very attributes of millions of Americans that preceded you and helped make this the greatest country that the world has ever known.

You enjoy the freedom to choose because other Americans that preceded you paid for that freedom with their lives. It may sound like a rhetorical and faux Patriotic statement, but it is, in fact, the core truth of our Nation and its Constitution.

We are once again at war, not in Iraq, but on a global scale. We are at a crossroads of history. The world is waiting fo ....
Warren Vincent, AZ
21:31 October 16
Palin is nice to look at....
Mike, CA
21:29 October 16
On the subject of the economy as a whole, Obama has stated that he wants to cut taxes on 95% of households which SOUNDS great but that 95% is impossible since one-third of those who file with the IRS are "non-payers," people who end up paying no tax or get money back which exceeds their payments. Obama plans to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and create other credits. For those for whom the credits surpass their tax obligation, those are not tax cuts, but spending
hikes or federal giveaways akin to welfare or other government assisted living programs. But even if it WERE realistic to do as such maybe you should ask how does He plan to finance the war for a further
2 years if he wants to cut taxes o ....
Dave, NY
21:10 October 16
I'd like the USA to still be a democracy in 2010. Not a socialist Nation.

Obama does seem to have the best interest of the ENTIRE nation in mind. He seems to be going solely for the minority / poverty vote. We don't need Robin hood in the white house, we need better options for everyone to work and pay their own way. The welfare system is already abused. If we try and allocate more funds into this system, where is the incentive to getting a job and working to pay your own way?
Michelle, MA
20:59 October 16
Because he is the best candidate at this period of time.

There was a toss up between bush and the man who invented the internet; then a toss up between bush and a wako. The better must win as our nation depends on it. The few freedoms we have are not fixed.

Our constitution does not allow us to bail out banks or AIG. I am surprised that no person, on either side of the aisle, or Nader, is drafting papers for the supreme court.

There was Johnson and Nixon, and Reagan and carter. Each time the better candidate won. We cant risk it. But the liberals and democrats very well will get osama into office as ACORN stuffs the ballot box.

Municipal unions, including teachers, Trans ....
e.fudd, NY
20:33 October 16
Karbon Kenny, RI
20:32 October 16
Lower taxes for EVERYONE, a real defense policy, stay on offense on the war on terror, actual experience in real government; not spending his adulthood serving on boards with admitted terrorists and hanging on a church praying for God to "damn America."
Ken, NY
20:20 October 16
Vote for McCain because Obama is lying about the circumstances of his birth. He is not even eligible to be president of the United States.


Karbon Kenny, RI
19:22 October 16
Why follow as Ass go to the Elephant and rule
dixie chick, CO
19:21 October 16
McCain Plain with my support will go all the way. we need a white to rule not some trashy black who can only talk.
concord-family, GA
It scares me that you have the right to vote. -Josh Gross
19:20 October 16
Palin has guts
19:19 October 16
i do not see any concrete proposal from OBAMA about fixing economy. I could hear him talk about it only after McCain proposed something. Thats very Lame.
haveyounoticed, CA
19:17 October 16
Drill Baby Drill

Drill Baby Drill

Drill Baby Drill
drill rant, CA
19:16 October 16
NOBAMA is only TALK no action.
McCain is no BUSH.
do not rate McCain like Bush.
Yourmama, CA
19:14 October 16
Joe the Plumber says vote McCain
Drainoland, CA
19:14 October 16
Mc Cain
mccainsuporters, CA
19:13 October 16
This is your Grandma Dear!
I am watching from above.
do u want to go back to flipping ur burgers again ? listen. Vote McCain and sweet darling Palin.
I have my eyes on You :
GrandmaCentral, CA
19:11 October 16
Josh go with the only sensible team. McCain/Palin
trust me on this one.
All the poles are vague, the folks that have decided about voting Mccain do not get to these sites at all for responding to these polls. NOBAMA is going to loose big time. go the the right side of the dial.
18:06 October 16
Because you just can't vote for OBAMA! Enough said!
Ann Coppess, OH
16:48 October 16
If you think the economy is struggling now, just wait and see what happens when you tax the crap out of the very people(the so called evil rich man) that will be the driving force behind the recovery. I love it when the Democrats claim that trickle down economics doesn't work. Please name for me any poor person you know that gave someone a job. The rich create jobs plain and simple. When they are struggling as they are now jobs are Destroyed. The liberals love to claim how the evil big bad companies are the culprit behind all the job losses. Well then who the hell do they think are going to create the new ones. The poor people? I think not. As soon as you tax people more they will do everything in their power to pay out less money which ....
Darren Watson, CA
14:47 October 16
In response to Roz in CA, here is the real story on the video of Israeli Generals.


The problem is that people will belive anything they are told without looking at the facts. Who ever you choose to vote for, make sure you understand their positions and record. I don't really care for either candidate. That saide, I'd rather go with someone who h ....
Me, CA
14:07 October 16
The reason the US economy boomed in the 90s is because of the tax cuts and policies of Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton came in and rose taxes and signed NAFTA, which is the direct cause of the job losses we see. Democratic groups such as ACORN which found loans for low income families to buy houses they could not afford are also to blame for the foreclosure problem.

Bottom line, Obama and the Democrats have given no ideas or answers for fixing the crisis because they have none. Republicans are the side of business and industry, and if we want to see America stay the great country that it is, we need that right now. What we don't need is higher taxes, more welfare for people who don't work, and socialism.>
Democrats = Socialism, and the Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew what the Dems were trying to do. ....
Brian Sennett, MI
13:50 October 16
If you're looking at health care as a main issue to help swing your vote. You should know that SarahN from MN is right, Cuba and Canada are not the only countries with free health care. The UK has it too.

I'm friends with both someone from the UK and Canada and both have had horrible issues with their health care systems. My friends cousin died from cancer in the UK because their health care system took too long to diagnose the problem. Her cousin waited almost a year for approval of a test that would tell them he had cancer. If he was privy to this information sooner, the cancer wouldn't have spread to the point of no return before starting treatment.

My other friend from Canada had to come to ....
lingle, CA
Sorry to hear about your friends. I've heard similar stories of unacceptable waiting periods in Canada. Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to check it out. -Josh Gross
13:43 October 16
sarcasm is just lost on some people
13:27 October 16
In response to Karl Marx - I find it disturbing that you choose Obama because he will take from the rich and give to the poor & that he can spin issues. How can you praise that you think he will "follow the great economic force of Cuba"? Last I checked, we were still in a better position than Cuba.

My husband and I have worked so, so hard to get where we are at today. And we're planning for where we want to be tomorrow. We've made many sacrifices to build a good financial foundation. And we live responsibly without the overhang of serious debt. Why dismiss all of those efforts and give away our money to others that haven't planned well? We donate to a variety of programs & pay our taxes, and we already work ....
Lady for McCain, CA
Great insights. Thank you. -Josh Gross
12:28 October 16
The last thing this economy needs right now is more government spending. As much as Palin in power scares the shit out of me, Obama's economic policies scare me more.

The aforementioned health care issue is just one way to rack up the national debt more. And tax cuts for the majority of the nation is not the right thing to do right now. We need to cut spending, and balance the budget. You can bet Obama will not be vetoing Pelosi's pork.
Tom, FL
11:26 October 16
You DO NOT want the Government to be in-charge of our Health Care. Look at Canada and Cuba. If Obama gets control, where is he going to get all this money to throw at the Health Care plan he's talking about. From us the tax payer. Isn't that what the Liberals are complaining about, taxing our $5000.00 health care credit.
Dave3d, MI
Government-controlled health care scares the crap out of me ... They do have a habit of screwing things up. -Josh Gross
12:11 October 16
To LLan from Ca & the middle east:

We don't need advice on how to vote from someone who never could. Please go home and pack sand.
Joe Plumber, OH
And we don't need you to be an asshole ... try putting a helpful comment up - it'll do a lot more good. -Josh Gross
11:58 October 16
Can expect more Lee Greenwood, "Proud to be an American"
Feller, KY
11:57 October 16
Obama pronounces Pakistan - (Pok - i - stan), what a goober.
Count De Monet, NV
11:55 October 16
Biden's choice of a hair transplant surgeon + his divide Iraq into 3 problems, scare me to death.
Bosley, CA
11:46 October 16
Vote for a true American Hero who puts this country first. Ok, that sounds like talking points....but he really does have a history of cutting through spending and keeping other politician accountable. It may be a time for change, but not the wrong kind. Let's not make government even bigger and give them more power and money. Plus McCain's administration would be reminiscent of Teddy Roosevelt's, and there was none cooler than Teddy and the Rough Riders. Protect the people. Protect our precious land.
McCain's a Maverick, MI
Do you have a link for more information on McCain's record of cutting spending? I'll be sure to do some looking on my end. -Josh Gross
11:46 October 16
Josh-If you were to look at historic facts, you would learn that most of the current economic problems stem from recent and past democrat politicial action.

Going back through history you will find that major influence from Chris Dodd, Barney Franks, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter were at of the root of the Fannie/Freddie problems that led to the present banking meltdown.

Many of these actions were taken with what they "felt" were good intentions. And Josh, you know what the road to hell is paved with.

When will liberals learn that "give-away programs" don't help anyone in the long term?

One could not have conceived of a more diabolical w ....
Free Willie, FL
Very helpful insight. Thank you. -Josh Gross
11:32 October 16
you sexist guys talking about the candidates' women's looks aren't doing mccain any favors. you sound like idiots...josh?
11:25 October 16
I.P.Freely, FL
11:16 October 16
being stuck on a bus with women that are easy to look at during the campaign trail is a way better idea then staring at Bidens hairplugs. Who had the better idea? hair plugs or alaskan beauty queen? just shows some thinking that goes outside the box
11:14 October 16
To IIan in California who used this as a platform to announce his disdain for politicians and mock the American voting system. No one cares what you have to say, you are not an American Citizen, shut up and go "home". You can thank the USA for making it safe for you now.
Katie, MI
11:05 October 16
you sexist guys talking about the candidates' women's looks aren't doing mccain any favors. you sound like idiots...josh?
I'm a bit behind in my responses ... see my comment on the post below. -Josh Gross
10:51 October 16
Its not my responsibility to pay for the poor choices others have made. if you dont have health care at your place of employment. if you cant get a new job go back to school. if you cant go back to school maybe you should have taken advantage of the thirteen years of school you got for free. john mccains healthcare plan is far from perfect but Obamas is much closer to socialized healthcare(like Cuba).

Competition and greed are 2 of the largest driving forces in the world. by having competitive tax rates for businesses in the US we can create jobs. if you tax them until they want to leave and go where they can make more money.

Cindy McCain is hot but I'd rather look at Sarah Palin. any guy that can get one of the  ....
Anonymous, MI
I agree with you to an extent. A lot of Americans refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and expect the government to fix/provide everything for them.

And yes, I am a guy, so I do understand that McCain has a disproportionally hot wife, and Palin does have that hot librarian thing kind of going on ... BUT THIS ISN'T WHY YOU VOTE FOR A PRESIDENT.

Please stop commenting on who's more attractive, who'd you'd rather look at for the next four years, etc. It makes us look like a nation of idiots (which probably isn't too far from the truth). -Josh Gross
I agree with you to an extent. A lot of Americans refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and expect the government to fix/provide everything for them.

And yes, I am a guy, so I do understand that McCain has a disproportionally hot wife, and Palin does have that hot librarian thing kind of going on ... BUT THIS ISN'T WHY YOU VOTE FOR A PRESIDENT.

Please stop commenting on who's more attractive, who'd you'd rather look at for the next four years, etc. It makes us look like a nation of idiots (which probably isn't too far from the truth). -Josh Gross
09:57 October 16
he didn't dance with Ellen
Feller, KY
07:28 October 16
I am not voting for McCain. VETO 2008!
UnconcernedCitizen.com, DC
06:57 October 16
1. Lower taxes. I don't want to pay higher taxes just because Obama wants to give money (tax credits) to people that don't pay any tax. Lower taxes mean more jobs for everyone. When companies pay high taxes (we are already the second highest in the free world) they cannot afford to hire people. They make our products non-competitive.

2. Experience. Obama has nver run anything. Palin has infinitiely more experience than Obama.

3. Trust. Obama has too many questionable associations. McCain had one involved with Howard Keating but he openly admitted his error in judgement.

4. Summation: If you want government to take care of you vs. taking care of yourself, you are liberal and vice reversa.
g. nydude, MI
06:15 October 16
Whenever you are voting for a President it is important to prioritize the issues important to you. Then, you assign a weight to that issue, you end up with a Political Pie Here is my recipe:

1) Taxes (weight 50%) - McCain will cut taxes for everyone, including businesses which will provide jobs and encourage competition for jobs. This in turn will raise wages for everyone. This has a dual effect of getting more income to people that want to work.
Obama wants to spread the wealth. This means higher taxes on many people. What is worse, is that he wants to give a check to people that do not pay any taxes whatsoever. That is not a tax reduction, that is welfare.

2) Strong Defense (wei ....
Mike, MI
01:00 October 16
I will be voting for McCain because he his policies actually make sense and are actually based on sound reasoning, he has show a willingness and ability to effectively serve his country both in the military and as a senator, and he has shown a willingness to lead - even when his own party isn't too excited about following.

I recognize that Obama is an intelligent and persuasive man. Unfortunately, like every other Democrat I have heard speak his domestic policy amounts to "let me help you out (by taking your money)" and "let me fix our problems (by telling you what you can and can not think.)"

We don't need more government, we need less. We don't need more centralization of power ....
Aaron M., CA

October 15next
23:19 October 15
Just reading some of the comments from Obama supporters, makes me wonder if he's a presidential candidate or cult leader. Let's tread carefully here.
Matthew M., GA
22:21 October 15
cause the world needs him
tito, CO
21:44 October 15
I'm disappointed that this poll only offers two selections. So I'm putting my advice in this column because I feel McCain needs some support. I don't think he deserves it, just needs it.

On behalf of our failing political system, I'd like to remind you that there are more than 2 parties, and over 100 candidates still pushing to the end. You may be delighted to know that there is a man named Santa Claus in the running, and horrified to know that the Nazis have a candidate. And there is always the option to write in a candidate you think would be truly qualified.

The last reason I can give for voting Republican is simply to gum up the progressive works on Capital Hill. Same party legislative and executive ....
a cynical Jac Madsen, CA
21:04 October 15
More war = more dead people = more social security for me.

More tax cuts for the oil companies = more national debt = less $$ for deadbeat socialists.
SarahP, AK
20:40 October 15
Maybe you haven't heard, but McCain is a maverick. And maverick = awesome. So you can vote for a man who doesn't have a cool nickname or a man whose name means awesome. I don't know how much easier I can make this for you.
Goose, CA
19:10 October 15
You should write-in Batman for your vote because both of these candidates are awful. If we get enough people, this might just work.

My name is Alfred Pennyworth (The Butler) and I approve this message.
Alfred Pennyworth, MN
19:09 October 15
he looked hot on "The View"
Tony, KY
19:08 October 15
he farts too much
Bill, ID
19:07 October 15
Because health care and great schools are not god given rights. Because people should choose to be charitable, and stand up for others around them in need, and not be forced to. Because raising taxes for some people and not others is not "fair", its an unfair way of punishing people who have either gotten super lucky, or have broken their back for what they have. Fair would be a flat tax. Because I don't agree that babies that could live outside the womb at the time of an abortion should be left to die for any reason the woman chooses...thats plain ole murder. Because I don't think a woman or anyone has the right to determine when a "fetus" has a soul. McCain has his flaws, so does Barack. Bot ....
Leann, MI
19:02 October 15
No, because I'll actually be thinking about what's good for all Americans, not just myself.
18:48 October 15
when you're making $250,000 within the next four years, you'll thank me.
Xavier, IL
18:42 October 15
is that what this election is about - "food and kids"? Boy has this country lost its way...
illiquid, CA
18:23 October 15
I doubt you have a hard time feeding your kids and paying for your medical insurance on $250k a year.

18:21 October 15
Dear Josh,
Since I am not allowed to vote, I am delighted for this marvelous opportunity. Thank you.

At any case, I don't like Obama. His cry for change might do good on the domestic front, but I worry his openness will lead to experiments on the expense of my home country, back in the middle east. I see Obama as an awesome individual, but a dangerous option as the world's strongest man.

That being said, I honestly cannot understand how an American citizen, living in this country, can vote for the Republican party. It just doesn't make any sense. And McCain? I don't think this country / world needs another US president who's in it just to prove his old man he's not a fuckup.
Ilan, CA
18:20 October 15
I doubt you have a hard time feeding your kids and paying for your medical insurance on $250k a year.

18:16 October 15
Because $250k/yr doesn't make you "wealthy" in NYC, LA, SF, and that segment of the population already bears a massively disproportionate burden of the tax load. The last thing we need in these uncertain economic times is a disincentive to be productive on those who have traditionally produced them most.
illiquid, CA
18:08 October 15
• Experience
• Devoted to people who work hard (Unlike Obama, who plans on taxing the rich and giving to the poor. God helps them who help themselves.)
• Doesn't plan on spending us even further out of control
• Won't bring home defeated troops

C'mon people, we all know that these are just puppets. Always have been, always will be. Just because Obama is articulate does not mean he will be any better at running this country than McCain.
17:40 October 15
People think McCain is George Bush. Well, he's not! People in the same family are vastly different and we're talking about a political party here. So let's lose all our biases and think of the issues with a clear head.
Derrick, IL
17:35 October 15
He is legally allowed to be prez!

Bryan, CA
17:21 October 15
John McCain will end the war in Iraq with victory and bring our troops home with honor. John McCain hates war. And he knows very personally how terrible its costs are. But he knows, too, that the course of immediate withdrawal in Iraq could draw us into a wider war with even greater sacrifices. I want a president who has been there and knows how to make the tough decisions. McCain will serve as president with honor and is a great American.
D. Hammond, VA
16:46 October 15
John McCain has a strong record of working across the aisle to reform how business is done in Washington. He also has experience. Ummm...how long has Obama been a senator???? Come on. Plus if you want to be taxed, vote for the other guy...
Chris, OH
16:45 October 15
Gail, MA
Clever, but doesn't help much -Josh Gross
16:44 October 15
Fuuuuuuuuuck McCain
Julian, CA
Can you be more specific? -Josh Gross
16:37 October 15
Respect your elders.
Munchie, CA
16:31 October 15
I want a president who farts dust!
Abe, MS
15:27 October 15
I think you need to understand the real issue here is that many people are just biased because Obama is new. People just want novelty, but you have to understand novelty doesn't win wars!
Jerr, AZ
15:23 October 15
Dear Josh, McCain is a true American and he has the pulse on the American people. Why would you want to vote for a foreigner?
Stripes and Stars, DE
This is America. We're a country made up entirely of "foreigners." -Josh Gross